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  1. Monkey Island just launches to black screen, recent patch apparently. You can dick around with proton settings to fix it, but I might wait for it to be fixed properly.
  2. If you buy one of these on launch I reckon you’re unlikely to ride a bike
  3. Trombone Champ with the top community controls but gyro inverted is GREAT
  4. Mine's horizontal only because it's so fucking tall it won't fit vertically. I like the look of the PS5.
  5. you got this, how does it play on SD? Sounds like the controls might not be there yet?
  6. on a Facebook SD group I was on before I got tired of the guff some of the members were Windows only
  7. No mention of Valheim coming to PC Game Pass, that's the best of the lot!
  8. Conversely I have a Steam Deck and I would buy far fewer Steam games if "native" Game Pass was available.
  9. If MS give Valve a big wedge of GP revenue through steam I guess it's possible, can't see that happening personally.
  10. Can't see Valve being interested in implementing something that keeps you away from the Steam store. A clean-ish dual boot system into windows would be the best you could hope for.
  11. Yes, like all emulation I'm impressed that it runs at all, but I will stick with the more easily handled emulations I think...
  12. I had a go with playing Super Mario Odyssey on the SD with yuzu (I already have it on Switch). It's crap innit? Stuttering around.
  13. well the purpose is to play steam games, which is a smooth experience for me, there’s nothing in it for valve to streamline other stores
  14. get a usb-c hub and plug into a kb/mouse & screen to fiddle about wiht other app stores, emulatores etc, otherwise you'll be in a world of pain
  15. If they are dishing out retrospective 10s Dungeon Master should have had one
  16. Mark of the Ninja - I love a bit of stealth, and this 2d platformer plays wonderfully on Steamdeck
  17. Do you have a gaming PC and/or how much time do you spend out of the house? I didn't use mine *that* much until a recent break where it really shone. Also depends on your favoured genre, if all I played was FPS & RTS I'd have issues with the controls.
  18. That doesn't exactly say that, it could well be they're breaking even.
  19. doesn't come with the game, that's another £50
  20. This was a great game to play with my young daughter as a viewer, she got quite invested in the story (I didn't let her watch the eyeball corridor sections though).
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