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  1. On 11/08/2022 at 19:52, Siri said:

    No worries @bradigor, take care as best you can if something's up.


    An update about Arcade Paradise - it runs really well, but the aspect ratio lops off the top and bottom half of the screen, even with the game only recognising 720p. It's playable, but very annoying. I'm going to try and force a resolution so it tries to display it correctly before the Devs patch it (they're aware), see if that makes it behave.



    Is this fixed yet? I see it's marked as Verified now.

  2. 23 minutes ago, Jamie John said:

    Right - I started a new game on Disco Elysium and made a new save game. I then quit Disco and rebooted it and 'Load Game' was no longer greyed out. I was able to load the new save I'd just made, but none of my old saves were there to reload, despite still being in the save games folder on the drive. The new save wasn't in that same folder, however, so this means that the new save file has been created in a different directory, but I'll be buggered if I can find where that is. I've tried searching for it and sorting the folders by recently modified, etc., but nothing is coming up. If I can find where the new game has been saved then I can copy all of my old saves to that folder and (presumably) reload my old save.


    This has taken me an inordinate amount of time already. Does anyone know how I can find where Heroic is storing the saves?


    If you know roughly what the filename looks like (say blah0001.sav) can't you do something like:


    find ~ -name 'blah*.sav'


    in a terminal in desktop mode


  3. On 21/06/2022 at 02:04, dadrester said:

    Sooooo.... Our next game which we'll be announcing a release date for very soon is basically this thread turned into a game.


    It's called Arcade Paradise and it's a sort of light management sim where you run a laundrette with arcade in the back, but everything is fully playable. All built by us from the ground up and really some could be standalone games I think.


    One of the games is a side scrolling brawler, which has a pixel art laundrette in it. And you can go inside it and play a bunch of arcades...





    I've just been notified by steam this has been released, one question: does it play well on steamdeck?

  4. 14 hours ago, Gabe said:

    Software Plus in Romford! Man, that's a blast from the past. I have some strong memories of that place, I still occasionally walk past where it used to be when I go to Romford (which isn't often).


    When I made the mighty leap from Vic-20 to Amiga A500 it was superceded by LAN Computing in Chadwell Heath

  5. 3 hours ago, JPL said:

    My amp, decks, mixer, etc beg to differ! They’d look weird stood up vertically though, mind!

    what I mean is there is a 2:1 ratio on height and width. Normally consumer electronics are more like 3:1 or 4:1  when horizontal, DVD players, CD players, sky boxes etc

  6. 3 hours ago, Stanley said:

    I think Series X is fine but I don’t like it sideways, the PS5 looks good both orientations though - yeah it’s a bit fucking weird but I quite like that too. 


    I thought PS5 was weird at first but like it now, even though the fucker is too tall to fit into my cabinet.


    The Series S I admire, not due to the design (which is DULL) but how small and quiet it is.


  7. 22 hours ago, Jamie John said:

    Has anyone found an elegant way of charging their Deck on a surface, like a docking cradle or something similar? I'm not bothered about connecting it to my TV or anything; I just want to house it somewhere to charge it when I'm not using it.


    I bought one of the stands from aliexpress for a fiver (about a tenner from ebay), & one of the right angle usb-c connectors.

  8. 1 hour ago, AceGrace said:

    I've just ordered a Ryzen 7 5700g processor so that I can remove my RX570 GPU from my work machine.


    As it is on all day, hopefully this will cut the energy use because the GPU isn't used for.


    I wonder if it is probably worth buying a mini PC for work? I remote desktop into the office machine

    look at some of the mini Lenovo refurbs on itzoo. Small, quiet and low power. Fine for Remote Desktop or general office stuff.

  9. 2 hours ago, JoeK said:

    Once again, it does look like the PC version is fairly shit. Unoptimised, and considerably worse an experience than the PS5 version. Clearly this is a conspiracy instigated by nVidia to make sure you buy a 40xx series card ;)

    or a ps5

  10. 3 hours ago, cavalcade said:


    I mainly use my 3080 desktop for competitive shooters (Valorant/Apex) as I do notice the higher refresh rate screen and enjoy using mouse/mechanical keyboard. I also spent ages making sure it was quiet and unobtrusive and I'm fortunate as I play just in front of a patio which opens out onto a Marina and the sea side (so I don't feel like I'm shut in a spare room). Beyond that, I've found myself drifting to the PS5 on the couch for anything a bit more sedate as I think my days of playing 80 hour RPGS without being able to fully slump are beyond me. 


    So, apart from this being a paragraph describing just how rich I am ( :D - sorry @LaveDisco), I think the Deck does have some slumpability possibility that I will have to ponder on. A laptop definitely doesn't offer the ability to be curled up in a semi-foetal position covered in crisp crumbs eating Minstrels off your bare chest.




    I am very disappointed you haven't managed to drop in what car you drive there.

  11. 36 minutes ago, Waggo said:

    I have avoided most of the hype for this as I am not a cat person, but I guess being as though it is a freebie on PS Extra I will give it a try I guess.


    What is the actual deal with the gameplay?  Do you have to catch mice and birds & stuff?

    the main quest is about shitting on the neighbours lawn but there are side quests too

  12. 16 hours ago, bradigor said:

    Hmmm, my AnyDesk app has stopped working on the Steam Deck for some reason. Tried removing it, retarting, shutting down. But no luck. 

    Is anyone else having issues?


    you could install krfb instead - https://apps.kde.org/krfb/


    un-writeprotect your disk


    sudo pacman -S krfb


    start it up with krfb


    use any vnc client to connect to your SD

  13. 2 hours ago, wavey said:


    Nice one, same here! Apologies if this has been discussed to death, but for the UK what kind of time frame is it from getting a tracking number to delivery? (I'm not even sure which country they're being sent from!)


    I got my email last Monday, ordered ASAP and received the unit on Friday

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