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    well that's annoying
  2. Don’t even need dev mode now. check the duck station thread in retro
  3. Giddas


    If you have a decent PC you could get GPU and get it on there, would probably play better with mouse + KB as well.
  4. Giddas

    Apple Arcade

    That doesn’t say all games are available on all platforms though?
  5. I have 100 hours for my 15 quid for valheim so it just shows these things are subjective
  6. yes, full whack for GPU is a different proposition but with the gold switcheroo it’s great value.
  7. there are still loads of indie games I'm tempted by, they're on PC/Steam tho
  8. “harasses women” 😄 I hope they are out of therapy now
  9. Sensi gang are too slow, just like Sensible Soccer gameplay
  10. That pad can get in the bin, get a competition pro in there
  11. seems to be available as a snap https://snapcraft.io/chiaki
  12. Where is the source for the assumption Game Pass is extremely profitable?
  13. not liking boring Loki does not equal wanting a big CGI fight
  14. Free Apple TV for 6 months if you have a PS5 apparently
  15. Let’s wait until they’re in our hands before we all start pulling our puds
  16. Hero Loki = BORING LOKI. Smash him again Hulk
  17. Well waited a bit after getting the "too many purchases" message, went back & it went through smoothly on PayPal. I note the site says "expected fulfillment Q1 2022" now
  18. Yes, I'm looking at the 256gb model as well, the centrists' choice.
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