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  1. I am very disappointed you haven't managed to drop in what car you drive there.
  2. the main quest is about shitting on the neighbours lawn but there are side quests too
  3. you could install krfb instead - https://apps.kde.org/krfb/ un-writeprotect your disk sudo pacman -S krfb start it up with krfb use any vnc client to connect to your SD
  4. looks like this might fit as the pins section *might* be detachable: http://sumvision.com/product/sumvision-pd-61w-usb-c-quick-charge-gan-compact-smart-charger/
  5. I got my email last Monday, ordered ASAP and received the unit on Friday
  6. What's this MS are biffing, the gold conversion or something else? GAMINGbible: Xbox Game Pass Subscriptions Cancelled To Stop Fraudsters. https://www.gamingbible.co.uk/news/xbox-game-pass-subscriptions-cancelled-to-stop-fraudsters-20220629
  7. "Well that month was shite, maybe next month" ...3 years later...
  8. Incidentally, a SD engineer has recommended against upgrading the storage, with certain SSDs anyway: https://www.techpowerup.com/296214/steam-deck-engineer-says-ssd-mods-will-significantly-reduce-lifetime-of-the-device
  9. Doesn't sit in this, but it works apparently https://www.amazon.co.uk/Adapter-Dockteck-Multiport-Connection-Compatible-Black/dp/B08SM393WB
  10. You'd think Sony have done a fair bit of research on why their customers want PS5 / PS+ and it's not generally to play PS1 games.
  11. This is from the mail they sent a week ago, seems pretty clear to me:
  12. got the 3 month ps now top up thanks to a tip on here, quite impressed with the library tbh, helps that I didn't get returnal, etc
  13. Anyone nominally in Q2 like me still not had their email yet (512gb) 🥲 ?
  14. thank goodness this is on XGP as I'd have probably paid for this
  15. Don't have a steamdeck yet, but couldn't you duplicate the 512 card using something like usbimager onto the 1tb, then extend the partition on the 1tb so it fills the disk (not sure what partition type SD uses) using eg gparted on linux.
  16. Thanks for this. Is there a deals thread anywhere for this sort of thing - under a fiver or so?
  17. I'm 16 July 18:41 for the 512gb & no email yet so you might have a way to go.
  18. Good job my ps plus is valid until Oct 2024 😁
  19. I have never subbed to PS Now before and per this thread bought a 3 month code from g2a.com today. Applied fine.
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