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  1. Interested if those who have issues with open world games have difficulty sticking with longer games in general or it’s particularly the open world aspect?
  2. Hot wheels, sort the massive gap in difficulty
  3. Seems strange the Hall Effect sensors they mention on the Verge aren't used in any mainstream sticks.
  4. How can this be cheaper on physical on consoles than on steam 😥
  5. I'd have thought the same applies to the PS Store, the Xbox Store, eShop...
  6. I own it already on the switch, but wanted to check it out on SD - think I used Yuzu. Was fairly impressed it ran at all, but you wouldn't want to play it.
  7. This talk of Switch emulation on the SD, I've only tried Mario Odyssey and it creaked, was significantly worse than on genuine Switch. Is there some secret to make it play well?
  8. You might have a point if CoD was the only game published by Activision. But I think you know that.
  9. Not sure if you realise but that multiplatform agreement is not MS "being nice".
  10. A lot of people want a load of AAA games on game pass presumably. I’d like to see load more indie stuff on there, spend your 60bn on that Microsoft.
  11. if CoD on a Switch was a compelling prospect it would be available now
  12. you really think Nintendo & EA are keen to see this deal go ahead?
  13. Of course it’s better for Sony if they get the deal blocked rather than “upsetting” Microsoft. Timed exclusivity (which sucks) is very different to the concern here as well which is of existing franchises being taken away.
  14. or how MS continue to do it with windows 10/11, or MacOS etc
  15. MS also used to charge pc makers whether windows was bundled or not. Google is “free” so doesn’t attract the same attention.
  16. So Microsoft didn’t immediately cut all the already released games from all other platforms 😄
  17. Just read about that quartering bloke. Why does he look exactly as you’d expect?
  18. I'm surprised by the 15% figure, I wonder how many are on Gamepass via gold conversion, it's a no-brainer at that price.
  19. the main reason I got a ps5 with drive, even though with ps plus and xgp on my series s I haven’t bought many titles anyway
  20. Who actually pays £70 anyway, be surprised if it was anyone on here who is savvy enough to check hotukdeals.
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