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  1. the main reason I got a ps5 with drive, even though with ps plus and xgp on my series s I haven’t bought many titles anyway
  2. Who actually pays £70 anyway, be surprised if it was anyone on here who is savvy enough to check hotukdeals.
  3. Very strange they don't directly address any of the claims with their "full and complete documented evidence", which they definitely have.
  4. I've been playing through Tsushima and enjoying it... it's quite Assassin's Creed-esque.
  5. I recently bought a Mister from AliExpress (RetroCastle Store) fully configured for £365 all inclusive. Ordered on 27 October & received on 12th November.
  6. Some deals on PS+ have popped up: https://www.hotukdeals.com/search?q="playstation plus"
  7. Giddas


    Well that escalated quickly
  8. Thank fuck the ridiculous height of the PS5 meant it didn't fit into my shelves and so I had to go horizontal
  9. No one is specifically buying a ps5 for this come on. If Sony have any sense they'll offer some back compat patches / chea upgrades too. As I got my PSVR for £120 I don't think I'm in the target market tho.
  10. I'm not paying that either, although to be honest I'd probably only have gone to £300 or so which was never going to happen
  11. WIth you on Deathloop, although I am comparing it to my favourite games (Dishonored).
  12. I like bosses where there are multiple ways to "defeat" them
  13. First person and strategy mouse, rest controller. I’m terrible at fps with a controller.
  14. I'd suggest focussing your energy somewhere else, Linehan is skint now, his wife left him and he's still a twat. However, I can appreciate the ally side of things and not "supporting" her, I just don't believe it will cause Rowling to moderate her behaviour at all.
  15. Yeah, boycott this game to feel good about yourself, I'm sure JK won't be able to afford her broadband connection any more and will stop. I won't be buying it anyway but it's not because I'm on some futile moral mission.
  16. I'm not sure there's a direct connection between buying a plastic wand and the stuff she comes out with, she's just copied that line off Gervais anyway.
  17. ooh just noticed FPW World is included in PS Plus Extra (no use for this thread I know)
  18. Not sure if you can although only used it a few times so can't remember the order of things. Might have just pulled the xbox cable.
  19. Bye Xbox, can get it all & more on PC anyway. BUT without MS competition for Sony & vice versa might end up with £800 consoles 😄
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