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  1. The analysis stated just one factor in Activision's difficulty in bringing CoD to the Switch is the install size is 125-175gb... we're not talking about slightly fewer polygons or dropping the framerate a bit here.
  2. What million other factors, issues and opinions are you thinking of? And have you informed Activision of these as they are leaving money on the table?
  3. You're finding fault with the statement Fortnite is "free" so that's a disingenuous comparison. It's in Epic's interests to put it on every platform. If the case for £60 CoD on Switch was so compelling it'd already be there.
  4. tell me you have no concept of how public offerings of shares work without telling me.
  5. Could be worse, could be "I already have an expensive PC & VR headset and don't have a PS5".
  6. On the bright side when MS lay them off 2 years post acquisition they'll have union representation.
  7. the SD in its case in a backpack and all the other stuff in the backpack
  8. Giddas

    PSVR2 - out now!

    If not doubt you'd lose much by flogging it
  9. 90 minutes battery life!? I'm getting Atari Lynx flashbacks
  10. Imagine the possibilities, you could go round his island day one on gamepass?
  11. Surprised there isn't an Xbox headset in the works given Bill G's trips with Epstein
  12. Giddas

    PSVR2 - out now!

    let's get to what's important here, don't you bonk your head on those shelves when sitting down?
  13. Giddas

    PSVR2 - out now!

    This thread is hilarious
  14. I hope there's a bulletpoint on their support for unionization
  15. Do you really think many people will buy a switch to stream game pass?
  16. They'd have to sell some "switch access to gamepass" add-on, or they will lose out on the vast majority of (non eShop) access.
  17. What's in it for nintendo to do that, unless they give them a ridiculous amount of wedge?
  18. The makers of the Miyoo Mini also do not have an issue with the takeover.
  19. So who is boycotting Nintendo then, or was the thread just to express surprise that some rich fucks can buy shares in publicly traded companies?
  20. Not in the sale currently but I just noticed "The Spirit and the Mouse" which is also SD verified... anyone played this?
  21. Yes the New Labour part tells me the author is sad about Corbyn getting the boot and so with a massive reach is pulling that in.
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