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  1. 13 hours ago, dfq23 said:


    £70 for the basic game plus expensive micro transactions for every thing else


    Or the whole lot on GP for free including all extras or extras at a minimal cost.


    And don't forget to play online games you have to have some sort of subscription anyway on any of the consoles, so it's £70 plus a subscription or just a subscription.


    MS really do have so many options here 


    Plus under the terms and conditions for all digital downloads from Apple, Sony etc etc you don't own the item, you own the right to the licence to use it so at any time they can remove it or restrict it and nothing you can do.  Even if you buy a physical game, if they shut the servers down its worthless


    gamepass is free now? Cool.

  2. 1 minute ago, carlospie said:

    You enjoy getting your 69.99 worth by playing returnal against for the twelfth time and crying about ms whilst I go play the whole cod back catalogue, blizz catalogue, bathesda catalogue and loads of actual AAA titles with my gamepass subscription. 


    Sony have killed themselves this gem and ms have played some utter blinders. For the gamers. 

    Surely most adults on here have the money for both ps & Xbox with game pass. Won’t be playing the cod back catalogue unless MS pay me 70bn, I like game pass for the indie games weirdly.

  3. 8 minutes ago, Alex W. said:

    That’s definitely the trend and I don’t think there are any good counterexamples in gaming; you’re not wrong that mega franchises spread like weeds across every available platform, but I’m less convinced that it’s inherently necessary for success. The movie streaming industry is going through a splintering process where those with enough pull (eg Disney) are moving their content back in to their own platform, and people are following. That makes me think that Microsoft could pull people over to their platform after a move to exclusivity, if the barrier to entry was low enough (e.g. streaming).


    Yes streaming is the interesting factor here, I find it annoying and can't imagine many would pay for XGP to primarily stream, but I'm sure it'll become more popular.

  4. 2 minutes ago, dfq23 said:

    MS not making any AAA games that push systems?


    How about a simulator that allows you to fly between any two places in the entire world with near photorealistic graphics,  realtime weather and flight patterns and VR support?

    And get it to run on even the Series S!


    And give it away for free!


    It's no more niche than Returnal to the average gamer


    that took me longer to install than I did playing it 😄

  5. 1 minute ago, Alex W. said:

    Minecraft was already a global phenomenon while it was still a janky Java app on PCs. Being multiplatform is good for building a cultural touchstone of a game/series but it’s not essential, and once it is at that stage, people will go where it is available.


    Don't agree, the trend is for the mega-games to expand into and be available across other platforms, phone, tablet, cloud, other consoles, but would be interested of examples going the other way.


  6. 6 minutes ago, MattyP said:

    This is the path I was following... then... Crypto miners and the pandemic made that route economically not feasible* for me. 


    * Not that I couldn't afford to get a swanky new PC just cannot justify it to play games on - which would be the only reason for splashing out on a new one.


    I am sort of in this boat, my PC is OK but it is tempting to get a behemoth. And even better value than XGP is XGP + free prime, epic games etc.


    For anyone wondering whether to dip their toe into Xbox ecosystem, Series S is really nice.

  7. 6 minutes ago, mikeyl said:

    yeah depends how much they are losing with this loophole. Eventually we’ll be unable to stack and we will all have to pay the full price. But if they keep adding and adding IP then full price will be acceptable or people will have to make choices (see you later Apple Arcade subscription).


    I would think it would be more than the current price, or they'll have some premium tier. A World of Warcraft sub (not saying this will go on GP) is £10 / month alone!



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