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  1. What a let down, I agree with https://www.polygon.com/22577181/loki-episode-6-recap-season-finale-kang-the-conqueror Sacrificing the story to set it up elsewhere
  2. I think that list is a bit outdated, look at https://www.protondb.com/ More concerned with how well the controls work.
  3. Yes, Proton will run a lot of games very well. Shame it's not WiFi6 though. And running GOG or Epic store games might be a bit tricky.
  4. Bizarre I'd never heard of this until a facebook ad popped up for it just now. And you can get RetroArch on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1118310/RetroArch/ I'm very tempted
  5. he's a robot, can just fold up transformers style
  6. Just rip off Deus Ex please and give Robocop previously unknown stealth abilities
  7. I have thought about this and my response is: nah. And what school lets kids bring Switches in?
  8. What sort of promotion do Steam do / offer? Or is just it is easier to cross-promote steam games with keys, links etc and the marketplace is so much better than the consoles? The PS webstore and mobile apps are crap IMO.
  9. What sort of xbox install size are we looking at?
  10. Just imagine how excited you'll be when they actually come out some time late next year!
  11. Grapple hook looks good. Gameplay doesn't look as good as Tribes 2.
  12. It's not currently "browsers, TVs and basically anything with a screen", that's the point, of course it would be usable on those devices.
  13. Looks like the sort of game there are hundreds of on Steam for 3 quid
  14. Really, how many people do you really think are going to pay for a pass with the screen size, lag and control issues? Maybe you can design games around those issues, but then you've just reinvented the appstore.
  15. Maybe there is a market for people who want to pay £10/month to play Desperadoes 3 on a 6" touchscreen, but I'd be surprised.
  16. No one's getting Game Pass to stream games on a phone or tablet, it's just a nice value add. A well performing PC or browser app is a different matter though.
  17. That would be the ideal scenario for me but would be a lot of sales they are ignoring, I'd happily pay £50 for it on PC.
  18. By the time the next gen Bethesda games are out I doubt there'll be much in it, and I personally much prefer first person games with M+KB, but Xbox is getting better with that.
  19. Of course GamePass with the gold trick is fantastic value. Not as good value as PC gaming though where there's actually competition amongst stores.
  20. But that copy would have been sold to someone else if you'd have bought digitally, not like it was DRMed to you.
  21. My mate has done 1500 hours on Skyrim according to Steam & nearing 500 on Valheim... so £70 probably would be worth it for either of those for him
  22. I got GamePass relatively recently. Problem is the majority of the games on there I'm interested in I've already played on PC. I've installed Outriders and it's all right, I'll probably play it for a few hours. But if I'd paid £70 for it I wouldn't be happy... it feels generic.
  23. Yes, I know I can't sell digital purchases, I doubt anyone who buys digital on console at full price is seeking value however. Game Pass is free now, wow MS are really going for it Don't get me wrong I like Game Pass, particularly covering PC even if I have no interest in 90% of the library. If the Xbox gold upgrade stops working and they jack the price up the value proposition changes.
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