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  1. Not overly controversial this one, but something happened somewhere between the Dreamcast and the 360 where a lot of the magic in gaming kinda died out for me. In themes similar to the mobile phone thread in off topic, what was once a cornucopia of originality became a bit bland and samey.
  2. The Jeff Minter games are all pants. I never understood why people love(d) him quite so much.
  3. Has anyone caught this (excuse the pun). short but really good.
  4. My eye sees almost no difference between pal and NTSC games. more controversially, I don’t think RGB is all that much better than Composite or RF.
  5. Mine: Zelda OOT and Majoras Mask are both pish.
  6. Maybe Maria and Sarah can negotiate you a discount?
  7. Haptics. But not for VR. Just so I can finally feel a Tetris block.
  8. no, but it was impressive they got it onto the SNES.
  9. no, but it was impressive they got it onto the SNES.
  10. same region machines, presumably? same serial number?
  11. Just bought serial cleaner. Hope it’s decent!
  12. Always this: Every time I hear it I'm transported back to my childhood bedroom, late at night when I’m supposed to be sleeping and instead I’m racing at dusk towards a city in the distance...
  13. trying to think of some less obvious but still very system defining games... Megadrive : Michael Jackson’ moonwalker. SNES: Doom Master System : Shinobi Amiga : Cannon Fodder. Dreamcast: confidential mission. wii: boom blox gamecube: FZero PS1: Die Hard Trilogy PS2: fantavision.
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