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  1. I’m actually gonna preorder that (not the tat edition…) but I get this when I go to the site: “Site may be hacked”. I’ve never seen that before, safe to buy?
  2. Interesting aside regarding the cotton Saturn games: they’re effectively emulated. https://youtu.be/YiKBw2RGcow
  3. I’m on the last boss. so so difficult. Like, much harder than everything previous.
  4. I’m interested in this, but, and I’m sorry to be this guy, what more can be said about all this old stuff? I think I’ve read everything possible about retro stuff.
  5. And my thoughts: it’s really good, but is interrupted by the EMMI encounters.
  6. For anyone humming and haaing - £37 on eBay with sale code.
  7. So, what’s the modern equivalent of Buzz on the ps2? something that the family can play together at Christmas? Kid friendly would be good too. The kids have Lets Dance already. wanna get crap like this sorted out now, any recommendations.
  8. Dunno if you’re trolling me or not… lol
  9. Don’t know how I missed that! Cheers.
  10. Is there anywhere that has semi regular sales on downloadable codes for series s games, rather than using the Xbox store (which seems a bit pants?).
  11. When does the review embargo lift? I’ve actively not ordered this until I know it’s not pish.
  12. Still can’t do the wall jump…
  13. Pretty sure there’s a battery issue…
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