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  1. Am I being mad? PS4 God of War Ragnorok and now Splatoon 3 do not appear to be available to buy as physical games from Amazon? Is it maybe to do with the fact I’m in NI?
  2. It’s immortality. thanks!
  3. I was flicking through this months magazine and it appeared there was a joint number one game (of the year, maybe?) but I remember thinking I’d not heard of it. Now I can’t remember it! Can someone tell me what it is?
  4. It is sitting somewhere it's always sat and not much else has changed to be totally honest. I will attempt moving it later today just to test this though. Upon some reading there's talk that it might be the wifi chip in the gamepad being worn out (not impossible), but I cant seem to source a new gamepad / this chip easily / cheaply.
  5. Does this work on the switch? Also, My kids too small to play this on any other format at this point. My main concerns are: Keeping it deeply walled in, I don't want him interacting with strangers on line. Allowing his cousins to log in when he's not online (preferably) Free (preferably) or as cheap as possible There's really only three of them who will use this, and two consoles. Bonus points if I can log in and wreck it from time to time in badness.
  6. Dunno if this is the correct place to put this query, but my wii u's gamepad has started being really really choppy with it's connection to the wii u. Has anyone had this issue before? Is there any way to fix it?
  7. you’d think. I’m not a complete novice at buying stuff online, but the Nintendo/Microsoft/Minecraft trifecta is so opaque it’s unreal. having a kids account, and somehow linking that to an adults account and whether or not I need to pay for Nintendo online is just baffling me.
  8. Does this cost money? can they be made secure so only the kids can get online. Do not want them online, as such.
  9. Hello! quick query from someone who has no idea how to play Minecraft. I want to setup a server my son and his cousins can log into and play on. they play Minecraft on the switch. can anyone help me?
  10. Sorry to ask again, but before I bite the bullet and buy it new; Anyone want to flog the ps4 version?
  11. My kid wants some Minecraft add on content. he has a switch account with his worlds saved to it. if I buy the add on content under my name, and I associate a Microsoft account with it, will it all work under his switch account? And should we buy a new switch, remain available to him? this is another one of those “it’s impossible to understand the convoluted nature of accounts and systems on a ducking child’s console”. any prompt help would be very helpful.
  12. I got it for the game gear, and it was pish! Might have been a birthday present. later, it was bargain bin stuff on the pc. Think it was £1/2 per disk copy and it spanned a lot of disks. I think i bought a couple of copies to format the disks!
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