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  1. Help me people. I bought the switch version of Minecraft and can’t for the life of me find the “mario world” option since updating it. where has it gone?
  2. I took the headstaggers last week and picked up the associated active 3D glasses for my 2015 Sony Bravia TV, something I never bothered with at the time. Turns out, getting 3D content to work is proving harder than I expected. I do have a PS3 upstairs which I’m fairly sure outputs 3D but does anyone have any recommendations for 3D games/Movies worth having a crack at?
  3. My son (4) came along with me on Sunday for the first time. his mind was blown when he saw gu-jit-zu figures for 50p. converted immediately.
  4. we’ve also discovered the hallowe’en level with the crazy rollercoaster!
  5. we have successfully built our first house!
  6. Hello everyone! I’ve never played Minecraft in my life, and my 4 year old, via his cousins, has begged for it. we have a wii u and I’ve got a copy for him on that, but I have no idea how to play it. no doubt there are countless tutorials online, but can anyone give me a brief rundown and how to co operatively play it with my son?
  7. These 8 tracks are Far better than the first 8 tracks.
  8. I’ve just bought a 2ds with mario kart installed. Its all locked up to old owner and I want to reformat it for my son, if I do, will I lose the preinstalled mario kart game?
  9. Does anyone have any idea if these are any cop any more and what a price for the forum would be for it?
  10. I’m still miffed the eshop doesn’t work for redownloads.
  11. if you choose to flog that laptop. Id be very interested. Especially if the floppy drive works.
  12. was there anything on the hard drive? Love old stuff. also, does the disk drive work? Be careful deleting stuff because often the rubber bands etc are decayed and it’s very difficult to get stuff on and off those machines.
  13. id be interested in that motherboard, cou, ram and hdd if you’re intending on scrapping the pc.
  14. I’ve been to token. It’s a great spot.
  15. Droo

    Nintendo Switch

    from where? I loved the first one.
  16. Droo

    Nintendo Switch

    Has anyone used base.com for preorders? It’s the cheapest place for switch disco Elysium but i need it to arrive before I go on holiday!
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