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  1. Hi guys. 

    I’ve been playing my old ps3 super slim recently. Today it just cut out dead as if the electricity was pulled. 

    upon trying to restart the power light goes from off to red. Push it again and it goes green for about a second. Then turns off entirely again. 

    anyone know this issue?  How it might me resolved?


    it’s in excellent shape. I’m surprised this has happened. 


  2. Does anyone know a reputable source for repro box art / manuals? 


    I have some disc only games like rapid reload which it would be nice to have a box for, but there's not a hope I'm paying hundreds of quid for a replacement full copy!

  3. I took the headstaggers last week and picked up the associated active 3D glasses for my 2015 Sony Bravia TV, something I never bothered with at the time. 

    Turns out, getting 3D content to work is proving harder than I expected. 

    I do have a PS3 upstairs which I’m fairly sure outputs 3D but does anyone have any recommendations for 3D games/Movies worth having a crack at?

  4. 1 hour ago, fattakin said:

    I think the Wii U version supports split screen.  It should also come with some Mario content.

    Create new World, set it to creative and just start mucking about building houses and digging holes.  In creative you have access to everything so just move items to the hotbar, cycle between them and build.  You can fly etc when double tap jump.


    Survival worlds you start with nothing and have to survive the night, will be fun once you both get to grips in a year :)

    Go into the marketplace, maps and sort by free, loads of pre built worlds you can explore.  Same with skins.

    we have successfully built our first house!  


  5. Hello everyone!  I’ve never played Minecraft in my life, and my 4 year old, via his cousins, has begged for it. 

    we have a wii u and I’ve got a copy for him on that, but I have no idea how to play it. 

    no doubt there are countless tutorials online, but can anyone give me a brief rundown  and how to co operatively play it with my son?

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