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  1. Just saw it today, and its a bit crap really. anyone else seen it?
  2. Droo

    Ninja Gaiden Xbox

    I have the demo of this game and thought it looked and played keeky joe mungle. Sorry, but someone had to say it.
  3. i "won" my sega megadrive. smash hits magazine... my auntie worked there.
  4. What was special about those issues?
  5. I think it might be the sheer amount of blanket media we can enjoy at a whim on videogames. Thinking back, (and the one thing that has been on my mind since starting this thread) was mortal Kombat 2, really looking forward to it, i owned a sega power with a preview feature on it. Just reading and rereading that feature used to give me goosebumps. Having to wait upped the anticipation to unbearable levels and when i finally got it a good product satasified me. I think Today the problem may actually lie more in the internet mainly, where games are disassembled (as is music and cinema) before we, as a pal region, even get our hands on the games. I also think that Demo's may be at fault. although back with mortal kombat 2 i probably would have given my right arm for a demo, had i got it, i probably would have tired quicker and the anticipation died out. Lastly, I think we have to look at what age we are, im assuming a lot of you were at the very least living at home 2 generations ago, probably children, a lot were living at home with the launch of the ps1 and saturn and may only be moving out with the ps2. This freedom is another reason why the "magic' may be gone. When you can buy whatever game you want you start to become ultra choosy. Perhaps if you were to ask a 10 / 12 year old about games today they'd be a lot more buzzed about wahts going on. For example my 12 year old cousin going nuts over the release of the new "007" and "Socom 2" where i'm kinda going "mehhh".
  6. I got it for 25 quid a while back. But as a seller sell as high as you can, i just sold shenmue 1 for 45 quid, an atari 2600 for 75 quid. Wayyy over the top. D
  7. Droo

    Fantastic Bands

    who were playing the day after Tracer in auntie annies. who are also supurb.
  8. "and death has no dominion" - solaris.
  9. I think they could maybe do something with Puzzle games these days, every puzzle game i have seems to run on the "two pits slowly filling up" system thats starting to get on my tits.
  10. anyone going? tickets 10 quid on the door.
  11. I have a japanese ps2 game that makes my tv change channel / mute the sound. Swear. to. god.
  12. Ive just watched it and i must say im hugely impressed, the cinematography is flawless (if a little brave hearty...) and the over all flow of the story is good. I was a bit confused with the shots of the devil, esp. near the end. (im assuming everyone actually knows the plot here...). Its been regarded as anti semitic and I can see why some may think that, but the degradition of the jew's is also shown in how they are treated by the legionaires. I was very impressed and would even like to see other bible stories / koran / script stories done in this style, its a nice genre that hasnt really been touched since the 60's. D
  13. I could possibly host them. However, someone was mentioning the size of a scanned magazine, surely for them to be of good quality (and small font's readable) the res. would have to be pretty high - i.e large overall PDF's.
  14. No, i prefer for them to play themselves*. *No joke.
  15. takes aggeeesss to load on the ps2. Well, too long anyway.
  16. Day of the tenticle is acerrerrr!1!!!!!1 Beneath a steel sky is brill too. As is diskworld series.
  17. Surfing and that stupid game with the bean bag. Ace.
  18. Isnt MS giving money to apple like, say, the americans giving money to a needy country with no oil?
  19. very funny, image took ages to load - i was wondering what you were going on about... *switches on news to discover game in danryu's town has been firebombed, killing three innocents and more importantly, destroying lots of games.*
  20. Does anyone have AVI's of the original set of PS1 ads?
  21. And you didnt think of taking a picture... Shame on you. what sort of geek are you?
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