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  1. The "Morttallllll kommmmmnbatttttt" mortal kombat 1 tv spot. Great.
  2. audition. wee wee wee wee, or whatever...
  3. For the price of a dvd and p&p ill send you a copy.
  4. Droo


    I was biting my nails, as i heard what happened just waiting for it to happen.
  5. I started playing this tonight, and although not an RPG fan am finding this a great take on the genre. The take on MMORPG's is great, and when you "log in" and "log out" there is the same feeling you get when playing games like everquest. The Front End of your desktop is also a great touch with emails and news constantly updataing as you progress. Im wondering if anyone else has had a go? I think i might actually see this one through to the end.
  6. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...&category=16157
  7. teen movie, much like the john huges collection. Boy runs into school thug, thug threatens him to a fight at "three oclock high" and comedy ensues as he tries to get home early? Anyone have it on VHS / DVD? D
  8. i started playing it yester day, its dead slow. but its great to see them talking about stuff you've just completed on the ps2 a month ago. "the heart of darkness" et al, and had i played it first time around, i wouldnt have been suprised to find it was in kains chest in defiance. Woop!
  9. i got it at a car boot sale for a quid on sunday morning.
  10. I was bloody wondering where that had got to... Awh well.
  11. FAO: Biglime I can host the file, if you send me a copy on disk. Im thinking its not goign to be any more than about 500 meg, encoded in DIVX / XVID or something else of the sort. I can host this file and get maybe 30 / 50 downloads then i'll have to take it off. But i imagine this will suffice... Also, im interested in how we should do it, Im thinking of splitting the file into 10, and if its taken off before someone finishes a download someone else can finish it for them via FTP / MSN / NM etc. Does this sound good? LMK D
  12. I had it, but wasnt there a bug that ment you couldnt build elivators higher than 100 floors or something, but you could still build condo's above... D
  13. Droo

    Sigur Ros

    yeah they are great. Ni batteri (or however its spelt) is great as in that untitled song. D
  14. because there are better alternatives? Theres this mentality that people souldnt pay for anything, and thats fine by me. but bit torrent is so poor at the best of times i dont understand why people dont fork out the 4 quid for 30gigs of bandwith on a newsserver. Its like driving on country roads your whole life and someone giving you directions to the motorway.
  15. yeah, bloody april o neil and her fuckin underwater bombs.
  16. post pics of the god damn ending. record it is possible (depending on your EMU) D
  17. well i was thinking he just sends me a dvd with the xvid / divx and i upload it ? as long as its not ludicriously large - im thinking no more than about 600meg big. Besides - Bittorrent sucks ass.
  18. I *might* be able to host space. have you got a rough estimate on how big in filesize an episode may be.
  19. Just chatting online with a like minded person, both of us fondly remembering (and one of us hugging the cart of) this nes game. Brilliant top down action until you wandered into sewers / buildings when it became a 2d side scroller! But, the point of the conversation was this: "Do you know anyone who finished Turtles 1 on the nes" Neither of have, nor could think of anyone who had. I personally got stuck in the technodrome never seeing the glint of shreddars mask or krangs dodgy head/belly thing (was he even in it??). So, the gauntlet has been dropped - Have you ever completed, seen or know of anyone who HAS completed turtles on the NES?
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