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  1. Just chatting online with a like minded person, both of us fondly remembering (and one of us hugging the cart of) this nes game. Brilliant top down action until you wandered into sewers / buildings when it became a 2d side scroller! But, the point of the conversation was this: "Do you know anyone who finished Turtles 1 on the nes" Neither of have, nor could think of anyone who had. I personally got stuck in the technodrome never seeing the glint of shreddars mask or krangs dodgy head/belly thing (was he even in it??). So, the gauntlet has been dropped - Have you ever completed, seen or know of anyone who HAS completed turtles on the NES?
  2. thats a wild price! i think i have one lying around somewhere, and ive definately passed up buying them in the past because i thought they were pants... Must go and buy the golden eye n64 down the road, should i! D
  3. Yeah i have a copy of lament of innocence, but aint played it properly yet. looks beautiful at first glance though! D
  4. cd\ cd\games cd doom doom.exe Ever see that anymore.
  5. I found it having a serious lack of direction. i have aria of sorrow and found myself aimlessly wandering about. Doesnt seem to flow as well as the metroid games. maybe im unfairly comparing them because of the map / screen movement. I am however starting sympony of the night on someone's reccomendation, so i'll see how that goes. D
  6. Man its sooo bad. dont bother. buy metroid instead. Its just my opinion of course. others will (undoubtedly) disagree.
  7. mortal kombat 2 golden axe altered beast
  8. They are possibly the best live band i've ever seen. Something so magical about them. If you like these guys you'll love Godspeed you black emperor. D
  9. they say you never forget the first time you hear music. ... who the hell are "they" is what i say.
  10. Some great lyrics: Whenever I fall at your feet And you let your tears rain down on me From fall at your feet, crowded house. Also: I remember you well in the Chelsea Hotel, you were talking so brave and so sweet, giving me head on the unmade bed, while the limousines wait in the street. Those were the reasons and that was New York, we were running for the money and the flesh. And that was called love for the workers in song probably still is for those of them left. Ah but you got away, didn't you babe, you just turned your back on the crowd, you got away, I never once heard you say, I need you, I don't need you, I need you, I don't need you and all of that jiving around. From chelsea Hotel #2, leonard cohen - fucking poet there are so many more. but that'll have to do for now.
  11. I said "SWAP DISK", and used a demo disk as an example of a boot disk. Its not very difficult read this site: http://www.emudek.org/saturn/model2.htm As for the games, id send them if you'd send me your address again, which i asked you to do, but you never got back to me!
  12. heres one you'd never hear... "Give me 10p for another credit" I wish it was that cheap today...
  13. How bloody good an idea was the J cart with pete sampras tennis then micromachines? Who needs a multi tap when the publishers have the ports on the cartridge! Anyone think of any other great innovations
  14. the great lack of music in the last scene was truely petrifying. you didnt know what to expect. as for her walking into the delapodated apartment building then finally into her mothers old (and still pristine) bedroom was a shock to me. Over all mind you wit was medeocre. D
  15. and the "e.x.t.r.a" you collect in bubbles... ... or was it b.o.n.u.s ?
  16. memories... Quakeworld was great. I remember downloading the quake 2 demo through my 14.4 kbs modem and being the envy of all my mates.
  17. Sometimes I just want to cry.
  18. try your local extravision (do they exist in england - im not sure) they tend to sell off old rentals, i picked up a minti mint version of amplitude for a tenner. obviously no one EVER rented it out, it was like brand new.
  19. Yes, ok. So i cant read a word of japanese but i was interested in this game. from what i can make out its like on of those books that were around when we were kids you know the type: Avalon is facing 3 skeletons, do you Stand up, dust yourself down and fight with a fork (turn to page 64) Run away, leaving the valuable fork of gold on the wooded path (turn to page 543) All with nice eeire music and pictures in the background. This kind of game is particularly suited to the GBA in my opinion and should be released in english. Anyone else had a go (im particularly interested in what japanese speakers think of the idea)
  20. Its actually a good idea what your suggesting, it coming in differenty flavours. But i think the biggest problem is getting all the artists on board. to have different editions, by defination you'd need more artists in each genre and threrefore more royalties paid out to them? I do like the suggestion though, and i agree. having to sit through slipknot is a bit pants.
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