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  1. It was good, I saw it in the cinema when it was released not having a clue what it was goign to be about, which heightened the experience and shock of it all. And is the second one been captioned into english already? Where can it be bought (cough / downloaded)
  2. Me too, every last legacy of kain / soul reaver, including defiance.
  3. RE: Seventh seal: You know, For a production project during film studies I had to remake the first chess playing scene between Death and Block. I never want to see this movie again, ever, in my life. I do recomend it, however. D
  4. Someone said north by northwest, its crap, dont bother. Mine are, none of these are particularly obscure and easily available: 70's Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex * But Were Afraid to Ask 80's Any John Hughes, particularly Ferris Beulers Day Off. Weird Science more 80's: Three O'clock high flight of the Navigator
  5. Damn... beat by a few seconds.
  6. He fancies you. and wants to convince you over live he's really a 17 year old girl hot for you.
  7. Hell they all sound really good...
  8. Bubble Bobble is great... Good find.
  9. Not really spoilertastic, but dont read if you want a virgin zero experience. *** I have to agree with Julia, I finished the game in 2hrs 40 minutes with a 60% pickup rate without even breaking a sweat. Apart from the nice nes version of metroid and gallery I got it seemed too short. When I got to the mother brain i was thinking, is this how short the original was, i dont rememeber that... And what is the craic with the yellow doors? theres only about 5 of em... *** Overall however, it wasnt a bad game could have been a bit longer. D
  10. Droo


    Streets of rage one. Best. Bosses. Ever.
  11. Im thinking fusion had a better mix of style. the computer rooms etc. the colour coding on the maps. That thing that looked like you... what was it called again. (its been a whole year since i finished it...) ZERO aint half bad though. D
  12. Or Socom/Hardware on the PS2?
  13. Im a second hand man... .. that sounds soooo bad.
  14. recomend me some, im a speccy virgin.
  15. Someone fancy emailing me 10 / 15 decent speccy games to try on the gba emu? PM me if interested.
  16. Ive got a copy, does anyone know what it links with? Options>>Link mode. Another Zero? Prime? Fusion?
  17. Yeah, and send me back my controller you swine.
  18. haha. Thats quite funny
  19. The first thing I did was play the turtles arcade game, brillient!
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