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  1. i rememember doign this with pac man years ago, i must have only been 8 or so, strange what kids do to their toys...
  2. I think you all need a bit of an open mind, your thinking about games that run on a single screen, theres nothing to stop them developing "dual screen" games (albeit i cant think of a single one) In saying that now, i bought my GBA / GC conection lead hoping for some GBA related usefulness for my GC, how wrong was I... the best i've seen with it so far is the NES games from AC on it. Anyway, keep it real, keep it streetwise, keep it burbury. Later, D
  3. The GP32, why arnt they recalled and upgraded? or is half the fun trying for fit a big game onto it? or what? D
  4. yeah mod chip is the only way, and saturns are notoriously hard to mod (coming from yoda's mouth - as i know nothing about this). The swap disk method might sound longwinded, but its the only way (for me) to play the lieks of Radient Silvergun and PD saga without forking out 100 quid. It should also let you play your jap game problem free... I suggest trying it. d
  5. Droo

    Game Rage

    tower of dawn, how many times i made mistakes going up there... and the bit near the end when you lose the *thing* and you cant do the *thing*... was a pain too, great game though... D
  6. 49 hours on metriod prime, seriously? wow? why? D
  7. here's a thought: Open up your saturn, tape off the "cd open" switch. copy your game to ISO change the region with saturn country code converter which i've hosted esp for you here. change the country code to PAL burn the game to CDR Run the game using the swap disk method found here easy! (ish) But you shouldnt get a sound problem! D
  8. I think we (well I anyway) still love ridge racer is because it was my first glimpse at a true 3d racer in my home. I didnt have enough money to buy a PS1 at launch, but i did rent one. i rented it with air combat, battle arena toshinden and demo 1. The two full games were ok, but on demo 1 was the pearl, RR. I still remember playing that lap demo today, it was sheer magic.
  9. I didnt understand why they just didnt use the sony memory sticks. Seems more slick to me than those chunky 90's looking memory cards. my prediction, they'll start using the memory sticks in the next generation. D
  10. House of the dead is good too... Sega Rally, Sonic jam sega ages, theres just a few i play regularly. D
  11. I wouldnt mind one of everything except a coconut and a pear. im David from Clocks. Also, is there any rule for planting tree's? where do they grow etc? D
  12. Julia (its Julia, isnt it?), Yeah, ill take you up on your offer, PM me with details of what i have to do! Let me know, D
  13. will they work on any console? if not im: David from Clocks
  14. Yeah i have soccer. If i send it to you, i lose it forever though, do i not?
  15. RARE: sonic the hedgehog 1 - 50 quid mario NES - 50 quid. I happen to have about 4 copies of both im willing to part with 30 quid per copy. Im such a gent it hurts. D
  16. And now to the point... care to send me any? LOL D PS. they're just brill on the GBA.
  17. Im engulfed in AC nes mayhem, how many titles in total? D
  18. I have bubble bobble / rainbow islands for the saturn if anyone wants to make me an offer?
  19. no help with the other problem then ?
  20. Probably not a big deal for a lot of you, but im playing soccer on my GBA and the novelty value aint worn off yet! I want More, More More! Any way, apart from that, the wishing well is telling me there isnt enough tree's in certain areas, but when i plant tree's there, he still complains, anyone got any ideas as what to do? Later. D ps, who would have thought, when nook closes his sohp it wrecks your routine.
  21. horrible aint it *waves memory backup unit* hahahaha
  22. Paper mario n64 - 30 quid Radient Silvergun - saturn JAP - 70 - 80 gaurdian heroes satusaturn bomberman - 20 / 25 shining force 3 - saturn - ???
  23. I was in game in belfast today too, i smirked at the amount of crappy GBA games there too... Same with gamecube, notice they only stock shit gamecube games? Oh, and by the way - any decent DC / Saturn games come in there, they're mine, i've got "the dibs" on em... be warned. lol D
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