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  1. Can someone? PM me if you feel up to the chore. D
  2. WOOohhhh!!! WOooohhhhh!!! What information do you need? PM ME! did i mention: Wooohhhhh whooooo!
  3. You can get THAT much? Im strill trying to pay off my mortgage on my slum...
  4. Does someone want to send me something, doesnt matter what, just discovered how to.. D
  5. What do you call the arcade game where you could pick a necromancer, dragon, sorceress etc? thats a cracker (and really really hard!)
  6. Im new too, i got a secondhand version (thanks McNeilR) anyone care to take my hand through my first few days?
  7. Droo

    Bbc 1

    Balls, anyone tape this?
  8. did anyone mention the australian one? Joke...
  9. Droo

    I Ninja...

    anyone played I ninja for the gamecube? and is it worth buying? D
  10. Funny, I was talking to a friend the other day about halo, ive never ever replayed a game on a harder setting, i've never felt that i needed / wanted too. But two player co-op halo in legendary is the bombdiggity.
  11. His Englat ist as gude az myne.
  12. The age old question: Original or Near perfect emulation...? ...Compare and contrast...
  13. My nintendo is better than your sega... .discuss.
  14. when is it being made and is there a site? aso how can we get it?
  15. Command and conquer : red alert. Fantastic game.
  16. Id quite like to see online co op's, palying through the game with a buddy in another part of the world/country/cirt would be nice. not having spilt screen co ops.
  17. Porn, my good man, Porn... good blood sugar = porn.
  18. ^^^ I'd agree with that, I believe (as many here do) that mario kart is as near perfect as it has been, but upon showing it to my friend (who noticed that on the character selection screen marios eyes arnt shown correctly) thinks it's a pile of shit. Some people, huh...
  19. Easy. chribo pressy's Nes>megadrive>playstation>ps2 (and then everything from a jaguar to a neo geo aes inbetween).
  20. MODS: Can we maybe have a sticky where people can say what roms work well with 1964? I can tell you now that: Mario 64 : OK Mario Kart 64 : OK Mario Tennis : Works but Buggy GoldenEye : BAD Killer Instinct : BAD Mega Man 64 : Works but Buggy Micromachines 64 : OK Road Rash 64 : works but buggy Star Fox : OK Yoshi's Story : Boots but unplayable Tetris 64 : BAD
  21. Droo

    Halo Multiplayer

    Im pretty sure when playing if you pistol whip someone then pump a few rounds into them you do more damage than constently keeping your finger on the trigger.
  22. frankly im glad, see you on monday!
  23. I havent noticed this yet, MArio KArt 64 seems to run at full speed, mario tennis (the version i have is jap) seems to be buggy, im mid way through downloading killer instinct, road rash, star fox and megaman, its pretty hard to find files ive noticed. D
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