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  1. I havent noticed this yet, MArio KArt 64 seems to run at full speed, mario tennis (the version i have is jap) seems to be buggy, im mid way through downloading killer instinct, road rash, star fox and megaman, its pretty hard to find files ive noticed. D
  2. Find it here... www.flamewarriors.net/~davedoe/surreal64.zip
  3. If anyone downloaded the ACTUAL XBOX file, email it to me at woodsie@yahoo.com, ill stick it online for everyone.
  4. So, where can it be downloaded for the xbox....
  5. is there a link for the XBOX version?
  6. wasnt it sonic and knuckles connected by a rubber band? or was that a game?
  7. This sounds very interesting.
  8. I played red alert. all the time. even won some compo's.
  9. Im not sure, I wasnt so keep in sonics jump to 3d in the first place. I think he should be left remembered in his 2d exploits, sega needs a new mascot.
  10. I thought Metroid Prime was pants until I got into it a few months back. Gregory Horror show also was a re=pick-up-er.
  11. DOOM Day of the Tenticle Fantavision Soul Reaver Dawn Patrol
  12. Does no one else think this is horribly sad?
  13. The Hardest game i currently own is probably Ikaruga, i still havent finished the last level on it. Most people I know cant even get past the second in normal mode. Ive pretty much masters level 1 and 2 now, thank god. still one of the best games I own, great replay value over time. The hardest game i've played however, taking into consideration not using continue's must be a shooter like 1945 or Metal Slug, dam bastards without using up a million continues. D
  14. I know it's probably been done before, but, im looking for inspiration in buying a few games with xmas money.... Top 5 Must Own Games for each format... Mine must be : XBOX: Panzer Dragoon Orta Halo KOTOR Crazy Taxi 3 Legacy Of Kain: Defiance GC Zelda Collectors ED. Metroid Prime Ikaruga FZero GX Viewtiful Joe PS2 Socom Navy Seals Hardware Online Gregory Horror Show ICO GT3 Anyone else Care to share theirs?
  15. Droo


    the worst thing about those headphones is that the wire comes from the USB slot in the PS2 itself, XBOX got it better with the earphones coming from the controller.
  16. ... and then destroyed it.
  17. Just wondering, did anyone use Wireplay from BT back in the late 90's? It was the first (to my knowledge) game server in the UK. I used it to play Doom2 (4 player, yeah). command and conquer, and mud2. Just curious if anyone here used it. D
  18. Droo

    Soul Calibur 2

    I was really looking forward to this game, got it, played through the mission mode once, then gave up. There was something special about the first, the second seemed to lsoe that certain sparkle....
  19. Droo


    My friend was over the other night with the headphones, the director speaks to you as you play, what a diamond idea. Somehow i can see the headphone inhanced game becoming more promenant in the future. Game seems like another rockstar hit, not to say I like it mind...
  20. Droo


    I have a belkin 4 port BB router, which i use with 2 pc's and ps2 and xbox, and although working now again, like someone said above - was a complete fucker to setup. The time it took my router to accept the connection from my NTL BB was unbeliveable. But, its working now... ...and its great. D also, nap. above is so right in saying that if your doing anything other than light browsing on your pc's it can effect performance online. although in saying that, we've successfully ran 2 ps2''s online together with no problems at all.
  21. I remember on "bad influence" they had a tv with built in snes...
  22. Droo


    same for me, i've never really been interested in RPG's of any kind, but KOTOR had me playing for hours solidly until completion. Well done indeed. D
  23. I got mine from cash converters.
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