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    My friend was over the other night with the headphones, the director speaks to you as you play, what a diamond idea. Somehow i can see the headphone inhanced game becoming more promenant in the future. Game seems like another rockstar hit, not to say I like it mind...
  2. Droo


    I have a belkin 4 port BB router, which i use with 2 pc's and ps2 and xbox, and although working now again, like someone said above - was a complete fucker to setup. The time it took my router to accept the connection from my NTL BB was unbeliveable. But, its working now... ...and its great. D also, nap. above is so right in saying that if your doing anything other than light browsing on your pc's it can effect performance online. although in saying that, we've successfully ran 2 ps2''s online together with no problems at all.
  3. I remember on "bad influence" they had a tv with built in snes...
  4. Droo


    same for me, i've never really been interested in RPG's of any kind, but KOTOR had me playing for hours solidly until completion. Well done indeed. D
  5. I got mine from cash converters.
  6. they do have metal slug for the psone for a tenner, i was tempted...
  7. Boxed Paper mario for the n69 in unused condition, and bangai-o for the dreamcast... Both for 5 quid! I was well chuffed, they were marked at 6 quid each, but the man said "since its christmas a fiver would do" Im so happy! D
  8. I was wandering around a local game today and noticed a woman buying a game cube (along with zelda disk) she was trying to swap it for mario sunshine, and the man wouldnt let her. I breezed up beside her and offered 15 quid for the zelda disk, she accepted. Try this approach. Also, i noticed just how many game cubes were being sold.... ... Loads. Later, D
  9. You know, I remember being at my aunt's house and her best mate got this on import, it was like "a big event" in their house. And you know, it really lived up to the hype, do games do that these days? D
  10. God, I cant remember the years I got them, but here's mine: Mortal Kombat 1 [megadrive], i remember really begging my mum to get me this, she kept saying it was too violent but when christmas day arrived she gave in, i was so happy, ABACABB anyone? Lemmings [MD] Again, after playing this on my friends amiga (and despretely wanting an amiga 600, simply for this game) I got the MD version, i even got about 4/5ths of the way through! took some playing. Fatal Labyrinth [MD] I didnt want this game, (i propbably wanted something ultra violent) but my mum got me this instead (probably based on the front cover art alone), its a pretty naff game but really, really reminds me of christmas, i actually completed it on MAME recently, for the first time. Ridge Racer [PS1] God, this was amazing, best christmas ever, sitting with my brand spanking new playstation, that lump of large grey plastic was great. Red Alert (command and conquer 2) - brilliant follow up to the amazing C&C, i couldnt wait to get this installed, although it ran at a snails pace on my old computer! and lastly, DOOM on my first pc, the reason i wanted a PC, of course the "real" reason was to "do work for school" hahaha! d
  11. hahaha he owns a n gage... hahaha stupid spainard
  12. I think you've missed my point here, can you play copied games online?
  13. Will this ever be overcome? what stops a chipped xbox connecting to xbox live? and how come the servers can see that its a chipped xbox? Yoda, make this badness go away... Will there be a solution? D
  14. IS ther eany worth while downloadable content on anygames yet? If so, what? D
  15. Droo

    Manhunt banned

    A good few tv spots over here, im not interested personally. If your looking for a copy I can purchase one for you and post it to yer... D
  16. Ok, I brought this topic up a week or so ago with concerns about gameplay, although the camera angle can be a bit of a bastard i thought this game was top notch in terms of story telling. It (somewhat) finished the soul reaver trilogy completely and left legacy of kain (of which i wasnt a fan) wide open for another installment. Im half disapointed Razael lets it happen, mind you... Anyone else finish it? D
  17. Metroid Prime in its second state, when it goes invis and you have to use X RAY, looks like something out of a alien flick... And a close second, the last boss on moonwalker on the megadrive - where (from completely out of the blue) the game turns into a space sim and you have to dog fight mr big in space.
  18. you can scale walls, and i didnt notice any at any point where you have to scale a wall in the spectral realm.... D
  19. Kain killed razael knowing he'd come back as the soul reaver "to introduce free will" into the wheel of fate. As no one can control razael because he exists beyond fate. Also, Kain believes himself a part of vampire lore, the "savour" of his kind, but mobius thinks him misguided (and by looking at the murals in the vampire church) you see that it looks more like razael is going to be the savour. Their paths are inextricably linked, as is the stories. D
  20. Ok played it and im pretty impressed! the interlocking of the story seems like a good idea and the camera angles work a la devil may cry. well impressed. D
  21. in soul reaver two you could open up the time line of events in all the games up until its realease.
  22. no of course moh isnt bad taste, only in america can something like pearl harbour be "great entertainment" yet a mod for halflife about the twin towers is deemed "sick".
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