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    Manhunt banned

    A good few tv spots over here, im not interested personally. If your looking for a copy I can purchase one for you and post it to yer... D
  2. Ok, I brought this topic up a week or so ago with concerns about gameplay, although the camera angle can be a bit of a bastard i thought this game was top notch in terms of story telling. It (somewhat) finished the soul reaver trilogy completely and left legacy of kain (of which i wasnt a fan) wide open for another installment. Im half disapointed Razael lets it happen, mind you... Anyone else finish it? D
  3. Metroid Prime in its second state, when it goes invis and you have to use X RAY, looks like something out of a alien flick... And a close second, the last boss on moonwalker on the megadrive - where (from completely out of the blue) the game turns into a space sim and you have to dog fight mr big in space.
  4. you can scale walls, and i didnt notice any at any point where you have to scale a wall in the spectral realm.... D
  5. Kain killed razael knowing he'd come back as the soul reaver "to introduce free will" into the wheel of fate. As no one can control razael because he exists beyond fate. Also, Kain believes himself a part of vampire lore, the "savour" of his kind, but mobius thinks him misguided (and by looking at the murals in the vampire church) you see that it looks more like razael is going to be the savour. Their paths are inextricably linked, as is the stories. D
  6. Ok played it and im pretty impressed! the interlocking of the story seems like a good idea and the camera angles work a la devil may cry. well impressed. D
  7. in soul reaver two you could open up the time line of events in all the games up until its realease.
  8. no of course moh isnt bad taste, only in america can something like pearl harbour be "great entertainment" yet a mod for halflife about the twin towers is deemed "sick".
  9. Anyone got this, i never saw it... Scan? D
  10. The story behind the original soul reaver was captivating, how kain used the corpses of the fallen human "saints" as the vessel for his own abomination, along with the vast variety of gameplay dynamics that oipen up to you along the way and massive differences in levels (anyone remember the cathedral level where you had to ring the bells to shatter the glass??) The second one, as i said before was a bit crappy in terms of gameplay, but made up for it in continuing a good story, coming face to face with your human self to realise you werent as self richeous as you thought you may have been, and that vampires were not always monstrosities of nature. Im just hoping the third game will excell in both, finishing a good story with (hopefully) a decent game inbetween. D history abhors a paradox... et al.
  11. I've just *aquired* this game and have yet to play it cause i have to wait for a piece of hardware... Just in the meantime has anyone else played it? Im a great fan of soul reaver 1 / 2, although 2 was a bit naff without having played and completed SR1. How does this game compare? D
  12. Droo


    didnt coders spend a lot of time compressing games back in the old 1.44 days? doom was a pretty massive game spanning only 4 disks (or 5??) Is this laziness on the behalf of the programmers?
  13. i can remember something being on the news about magic carpet in regards to pentium processors, intel released a pentium overdrive (is this correct??) so people could upgrade their sub pentium mobo's (486\s)to a faster CPU and ran magic carpet as the example of speed... Does anyone else remember this? D
  14. with comments like: "The first one was great, cant wait for the second" It must be true.
  15. Non thread re;ated: haha. Thread Related: Looks pretty nifty, seems like a lot of work mind you.
  16. yeah, its pretty deadly, what star wars game to you have to fly through the deathstar at the end? i remember that taking me for-e-v-e-r... D
  17. lol, the megajets are mentioned in the magazine? D
  18. why doesnt sony bend us over and f*ck us in the arse... no online function, why ELSE would we buy it?
  19. in the paper at the week end there was an advert for the gamecube with this 'limited edition' game with it... is this news, i dont know... D
  20. forum credits, what the f*** are they?
  21. Droo


    haha, i bought it for my mum with a gameboy pocket as a pressy for her birthday, now she's never off it. she want's pac-man for xmas (is it possible to get this for the GB? D
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