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  1. Any decent arcade racing games in the sale? That’s the only thing missing from the PS5 lineup!
  2. I’m on episode 5 and had a quick look at some newpaper reviews and am surprised they’re more mediocre than expected. nkt often do you get a decent sci-do tv show. This is pretty damn good.
  3. I’m not sure that’s true. I think the jump between NES and SNES was smaller than that between SNES and PS1 for example. PS4 to PS5 a larger more meaningful jump than PS3 to PS4. The major paradigm shifts I think have been (in no particular order): 2D to 3D, Cartridge to Optical media, Offline to online SD to HD Media to High Speed SDD. I don’t think HD to 4K, HD to HDR as being as meaningful.
  4. There has been diminishing returns on graphical fidelity as time has gone on. Consoles like the PS5 appear now to be making larger strides in things like frame rate and loading speeds than outright graphical jumps (RTX and HDR aside, maybe). But looking back, what do you think was the biggest single leap? Atari to NES? SNES to PS1? PS2 to 360? ive been watching videos of PS1 and PS2 demo discs. And the differences are fairly large in fidelity. We went from SD to HD next, but I’m not sure games looked all that much better.
  5. I’m not sure this has shown up before, but this is on the back of a few imported games that showed up today: News to me this one!
  6. Whilst I’m not overly sold on this, I think housemarque make amazing games and will pick it up on the strength of their name!
  7. FL in NG+ is a nightmare. summoned two others. It still ate us.
  8. Tried this last night. Started on the ice planet too. Although I must have had a reasonable character and made it through. can’t remember anything around the game though. Hard to navigate for a returning player. got some “legacy mission” stuff. But no idea how to access it.
  9. I remember playing and loving red alert 2 a million years ago, even thought I was pretty good at it. Eventually I went online and soon realised that every other person in the world was better than me. I’m more or less a solo player, or at best, co-op online.
  10. Whilst it’s been a long time since I’ve done it, I do believe that all games will boot offline from disc on first go but as mentioned may miss some fixes etc. Same with the consoles? Didn’t the original patches for the Xbox and 360 firmware actually come on discs too?
  11. Let’s say a game is around 60gb and you choose to download it at least twice during its life cycle due to hdd size limitations. Is it better or worse to own this game on disc? Its hard to find an up to date resource, one from 2015 speaking of a 9gb PS3 game claims: https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/abs/10.1111/jiec.12181 Now speeds are better, but sizes are larger, so is it a case that the download still outstrips the disc?
  12. In relation to the difficulty: whilst I owned demons souls on the ps3 my first souls game was dark souls 1 (and for some reason I went to the midnight launch of it and ended up with a book and limited edition 360 version?). I slogged through about 60 hours before the game crapped itself and mangled my save game. I reluctantly restarted and got back to the point I was at in about 8 hours and went on to finish the game shortly after that. At the time I remember explaining that whilst tough it was not all that difficult. The problem came in the old school trial and error approach. I described it like playing through shinobi on the game gear. Appeared insurmountable at the time (granted, I was about 8) but became second nature very quickly. TLDR: The souls games are closer to 90s video games than their current peers.
  13. Elaborate on that? I thought there was only two endings
  14. I’m coming to the end of the game. can someone tell me what is the point of no return? stick it in spoilers.
  15. I’m so sure I have at least one megadrive game that I’ve bought from ebay that has a York game exchange sticker on the inside of the box.
  16. chessmaster, still rocking the same title art for over 30 years.
  17. So, is there anything stopping me logging in from my laptop, remote playing my ps4, which is remote playing my PS5 all whilst all three are in the same room connected to the same tv?
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