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  1. nbanks

    Mario Kart 8

    Yes Doctor Ego, I got fed up in the end and stopped trying. About to have one last go.
  2. nbanks

    Mario Kart 8

    I'll be in from 8-9 tonight as a Yoshi ! Not raced in the rllmuk tournament before...
  3. I got the same email on the 13th, I'm guessing "Preship Status No Cancellations" means it's too late to cancel the order. I also got a "shipped" email late on the 17th, so now listening out for the post. Have got NSMB Wii to play while I wait tho
  4. nbanks

    God of War 3

    Pretty please ? I feel like I've got my nose pressed up against the GOW3 window, looking in at all the epic goodness...just..need..code..why oh why didn't i tick those boxes on the PSN account options !
  5. nbanks

    God of War 3

    I'd love to give this a go on any day really, but especially a wet Sunday (instead of fixing a leaky tap !) Thanks in advance !
  6. According to Wikipedia (I know, I know) LD has signed up for at least another two seasons. Based on the last season and the genius that was Leon "this is how we do's it, Larry ! this is how we do's it", I think that's a very good thing.
  7. I'll be on tonight, looking forward to playing ! tag is Ruddy Rochet
  8. Argh ! Been waiting for my Argos order of a Wii and Zelda all day, checked the helpline at midday to confirm it's out for delivery today but so far...nada. 3pm now, 3 hours left for a delivery today and counting...
  9. First day online, can't get enough !! Would be up for playing with/against some rllmuk'ers tonight... Gamertag: Ruddy Rochet
  10. A very kind person where I work managed to save me £150 off a purchase (lovely new Tag Monaco) through a friend of hers and I've found out her tipple of choice is brandy. I'd like to surprise her with a good quality bottle of brandy, but never touch the stuff myself. Can anyone offer some advice on good quality brandies in the £30-£80 range please ? Thanks
  11. nbanks

    Us Psp

    I've got one with RR, Lumines and Wipeout Pure on order from J.M.Ratkos in the Trading folder. Resigned to the fact it will be here Tuesday after Easter at the earliest, but that still doesn't stop the excitement from building...
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