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  1. They have just announced that they’ve hit $400M in funding, to date.
  2. It almost, but sure it isn't, sounds like Gymkata.
  3. Not sure where to put this, but I'm making a series of videos featuring all the trailers from a specific film series. I did Halloween a few weeks back, and this time I've gone with The Exorcist.
  4. Playing the one shot adventure, or whatever it's called. I know it's a way out yet but it seems to lack a lot of the polish that BL3 had. The world isn't anywhere near as vibrant or populated. The gimmick of being inside some kind of D&D game is quite fun, but I imagine that'll quickly get tired. It wasn't too bad in this game, and Tina doesn't annoy or interrupt as much as I thought she might. However, apart from genre tropes, and a chest or two with D&D dice, this is really just medieval Borderlands. Did I read that this did begin life as a BL3 DLC? It's fine for what it is, and I liked playing it, but it doesn't seem to build anything new into the game. Still interested enough to check out the final product though, as I really like the universe they've set up.
  5. This is the future of Duke! Duke in a Post-Brexit Britain!
  6. Not sure if it’s been and gone or mentioned here - has anyone seen Antlers?
  7. Looks amazing! Strong DS3 vibes but I don’t mind that. So open and expansive.
  8. Decided to make a video featuring a trailer for every Halloween movie -
  9. This has just been delayed by a full year, and won’t release until summer 2023
  10. Arguably the best top ten of the 1980s - though 83 and 85 will run it a very close race. Apart from the triple hits of Temple of Doom, Ghostbusters and Gremlins, we've got Romancing the Stone, Footloose and The Karate Kid. Perhaps even more incredible is Beverly Hills Cop, which had only opened in December 1984 and still made enough money to break in at number seven. It would remain in the charts long into the next year and end up being the biggest R-rated comedy for many, many years to come. Outside the top ten - The Terminator, Red Dawn, Conan the Destroyer and The Last Starfighter. There's also a huge amount of pictures that would go on to become cult classics - Buckaroo Banzai, Streets of Fire, Top Secret and The Ice Pirates. 1984 also saw the debut of Freddy Krueger in A Nightmare on Elm St. Until 1985....
  11. If you're looking forward to, or even slightly interested in the new Scott Derrickson directed Ethan Hawke film, The Black Phone, maybe give the trailer a skip.
  12. Another solid year for releases, with the likes of Trading Places, Risky Business, Wargames and Return of the Jedi. Outside the top ten we have Krull, Jaws 3D, Blue Thunder and Never Say Never Again. I miss the days of voice overs and 'Starring..'. And Ally Sheedy in Wargames is still the cutest. Feel free to subscribe - I post once a week, won't spam you with notification or anything like that.
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