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  1. Here's another top ten video, this time from this week in 1989. There's some good stuff again, with the likes of Lethal Weapon 2, Batman and the brilliant Last Crusade teaser with Harrison Ford stapling on his hat. On the movie moments channel, I created a women kicking ass video, as requested by my eldest daughter. This is third version I made as the Aliens clips kept getting rejected by YT, who point blank refused to let me use them. Same with La Femme Nikita (and I opted against using the US remake).
  2. Finished this last night. It wasn't a bad mix of RE4 & 7, and the first two thirds were excellent, up there with the best of the series. But the final third felt incredibly rushed and disjointed, almost like it was made by a different team. The Duke was great, and really added some lightness to some grim moments. The weapons felt good (not RE4 good) but there seemed to be an odd balance. I think I played the game with barely a new weapon in each area, then in the last section there were three or four guns available, which would have been fun earlier in the game. The opening village was well realised and good to explore, and I enjoyed messing around in the castle, and the section that came next (some proper genuine jumps). Even the section after that had its moments, and was at least different enough to what had come before. But - (major spoilers) Yes, a really strong opening, very, very enjoyable, let down by a poor ending. But well worth playing.
  3. I'm in - I really liked that trailer.
  4. Few things I found interesting, while making both videos. There's at least a couple of scenes in the Ferris trailer that didn't end up in the final movie. The volume on the Heartburn trailer was so high it would likely shatter glass (I am hoping it's fixed now). Trying to find a Top Gun trailer that wasn't a fan edit, in HD, remastered or a film school project, was fun. The transformation video - While Robocop's isn't strictly a transformation scene, it's just a cracking section and the first footage I ever saw of the film. The Thing transformation is still horrific and brilliantly done, as is the American Werewolf part. I must admit I'd never heard of The Beast Within, but the transformation was impressive for the time. I did originally have The Faculty in there, but dropped it because of its CGI use not sitting quite right with the practical work in the other clips. I also looked at Demons, and while the film is hokey trash (but enjoyable hokey trash), the transformation scene I found was vicious, especially with the creature's teeth coming out and being replaced with fangs.
  5. Another batch of classic trailers, including the likes of Top Gun, Ferris Bueller's Day Off and Aliens. Quite funny to hear Stephen King essentially putting down Stanley Kubrick's The Shining with his less than veiled comments on previous movie adaptations of his work. On my other channel - this week's new clip - Great Transformation Scenes - Not for the feint hearted
  6. I looked this up on Wikipedia yesterday morning as it's likely I'll never watch it. The plot listed had a very different ending. When I refreshed the page, it has been edited to the one described by dumpster above. The ending that I first read - major actual SPOILERs for OLD. I was certainly 'what the HELL?'. I wished I'd have screen grabbed the page. The worst part was, I was thinking 'hmmm, sound feasible'.
  7. My kid's are obsessed with Steven Universe. Absolutely love the show, quote it, sing the songs, have desktop and phone wallpaper. I paid a stupid amount of money for the pop vinyls of their favourite figures for Christmas last. It's a very good show. They went from Gravity Falls, which they loved, on to Steven Universe. I'm pretty sure they've seen Hilda as well.
  8. Bluey is really good, and I've laughed a few times at Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom. I tell you what is very funny (and surprisingly so) is Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse. Some really good jokes, very knowing and they even reference a fair few movies. The robotic closet was quoting 2001, the young girl was playing at being The Godfather and there was even a staff of ra/well of the souls scene while Barbie tried to get into a hidden wardrobe. I've seen a few episodes of the sketch show, I'm Sorry I Haven't Got a Head, which has some great characters. The Slammer was pretty good too, from a few years back.
  9. Another bumper week, with the heavy hitting Armageddon, Lethal Weapon 4 and There's Something About Mary. Eddie Murphy continues with his family friendly fare, while Jim Carrey plays it (relatively) straight in The Truman Show. Also this weekend, I let my daughter pick a movie and I'd try and make a video based on something in it. She chose Addams Family Values. Took me a while but I remembered the Carrie style jump scare ending...
  10. For this week, I figured I'd jump into the 90s. On the movie moments channel - an 80s action supercut - Arnold Schwarzenegger Special. This one was bit of work cutting down the Conan The Destroyer clip to remove the horse tripping/falls. I managed to figure out how to add subtitles for the Russian dialogue in the Red Heat clip too (apologies about their size - still learning) Sadly, 20th Fox scratched out the Predator clip, and I had to remove it. Odd that the Raw Deal clip with Satisfaction playing, was allowed without issue. The only other one missing is Red Sonja, which didn't really lend itself that well.
  11. What a game! What a game it still is! I never get bored of watching runs or challenges or analysis. Over the last week I've been watching this guy's challenge runs. He does a pyromancy only, miracles only, bow only and even an Armour of Thorns only NG+ run (which just looked painful to do). He's a good player but I really like listening to his knowledge of how to play the game to his advantage, within the rules he's set for each challenge. Such as getting certain rings, or knowing he'd need to level up X in order to be able to get a bonus for something else. Plus, it's amazing watching him take down the likes of Kalameet or Smough & Ornstein with a bow, but getting trashed numerous times by Bed of Chaos.
  12. Such a great director, Lethal Weapon, The Goonies, Superman, The Omen, Maverick and Ladyhawke! I hadn't realised he'd directed that as well. I enjoyed most of the things he'd made and he could move between genres with relative ease. I know a lot of people revere him for Superman, and rightly so, but when I watched The Omen for the time a couple of years ago, I was blown away at how good it was. There were some superb set pieces, a great back story and a kind of tension and atmosphere that seems to pour over you without you knowing it. Really, really worth seeking out if you've not seen it. And I'll always love The Goonies and Lethal Weapon. RIP
  13. I thought this was pretty good. Nothing at all original, a good 20 minutes too long, but a couple of really good action sequences, particularly the first one. I also thought the creature design was well done, and the CGI in that first encounter worked well. But I agree with the comment above - What's odd is that it felt like a film that was too long, yet rushed at the same time in the last third. And yes But points for that first major sequence, and there were two fairly good ones after that. 3/5
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