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  1. Argh - thought I'd fixed it by resetting Minecraft, but a few hours later the issue has returned. Dammit.
  2. We're having a right game with my daughter's laptop and Minecraft Windows 10 edition (not Java). Up until recently it ran fine - it's an older laptop but has a dedicated graphics card and has no issue running the likes of The Sims 4. My other daughter has an old Dell Optiplex with Intel on-board graphics. She can run the game at close to 60fps with almost no issue. The laptop begins like that, then slowly gets choppier until it's an unplayable 5 frames a second mess. Sometimes it rights itself, other times it just continues on like that until you quit. Altering any graphics option has no effect, the fault is still there. Happens on single player or if she is in multiplayer. Seems this is an issue with Minecraft W10 edition, but no one actually knows what causes it or how to fix it. We've updated the graphics drivers, turned off updates being pulled from other sources, turned off hyperthreading optimisation and ensured Minecraft is using the dedicated card to run. Still no joy. All those were solutions offered by various forums across the internet. I think my next step is repairing/resetting Windows back to a fresh install. The problem doesn't affect any other game she plays. Frustrating for sure.
  3. The Dark Knight Rises (2012) (2012?! What the hell) Batman comes up against a most formidable foe in the guise of Bane, who threatens to destroy Gotham and its people. I honestly don't know why I never got round to seeing this at the time of its release. I caught a few clips on Youtube recently so set out to watch it properly. It's a strange creature of a film and while I enjoyed parts of it, it left me disappointed and wondering how they'd gone from The Dark Knight to this. After a great opening, the film spends so much time establishing the players and it felt like not a great deal happened for the first 45 minutes or so. I don't mind Bale as Batman/Bruce Wayne, but here it felt like he got sidelined for Tom Hardy's Bane, whose almost jaunty voice really undid a lot of his character's menace. I thought Anne Hathaway was wasted as Catwoman, and while she looked the part, she barely got anything to do. I think the movie could have removed her character and not suffered a great deal for it (and that's not to knock Hathaway). Joseph Gordon Levitt was fine, but it felt like the film was trying too hard to set him up for the future, and at points it seemed like he was in his own movie. Marion Cotillard is a great actress, yet she essentially got to play a love interest for a bit, vanish for most of the movie, then suddenly show up for the end. Shame there wasn't more of Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman, the former throwing in some solid work. Good to see Gary Oldman back as well, but he too was reduced to running round the streets. The plot didn't really work and I think in part that was because they spent so long focusing on Bane. Batman got to go up against him twice - and it was one on one fights, there was no figuring things out, trying to stay one step ahead. In fact, Levitt's character was more Batman-Detective than the caped crusader himself. I was actually quite surprised at how little Batman was in the film, and I did begin to wonder if Bane had more screen time. Hardy's presence in the role was strong, and his initial fight scene with Batman was every bit as brutal as it promised to be. His actions later were just as vicious. The annexing of Gotham had potential, but everything got explained or shown while Bane was giving his speech. The passage of time was handled weirdly too - and at no point did it feel like 50+ days had passed before Batman's return because everything was so compressed - and yet the film ran for over two and half hours. There was good stuff here, the fights were more grounded and brutal, the return of Batman was well handled. And while it didn't make a lot of sense, I did get goosebumps when the symbol lit up in the sky towards the end. The film looked great but much of it left me disappointed and looking for a smaller, more tightly focused story. Perhaps it would have worked better with less characters and things going on. Maybe it caught me on a bad day.
  4. How interesting would it be if they gave it to John Carpenter and he went the route of In the Mouth of Madness!
  5. It'll never happen, but I reckon hand it over to Richard Stanley.
  6. Popstar for certain, as well as Black Dynamite. Not strictly comedy, but The Nice Guys is excellent. I really enjoyed Role Models as well. If you want to try another Adam Sandler movie, you can't go wrong with The Wedding Singer.
  7. About six months ago Aldi here in AU were selling the Streetfighter one. Started at $499 (about £275) then almost immediately dropped to $399, then $300. About a month later, if you were lucky, you could find them for $149.
  8. OK, so version three. We've made some edits and removed a large number of cards after playing with family on Christmas Day (they seemed to really enjoy it, or gave a good impression of enjoying it). I got this set printed (70 sheets back and front) for $14, which I think was wrong given the previous ones cost $28. I also got them to cut the borders. If I could get a set produced to this level, for $22, it suddenly become a bit more viable. What's odd is that last time I got it printed on 250gsm paper. The black cards were great, but the white had an odd matt finish. This time, despite asking for the same paper, both the white and black are really glossy and smooth, and they flow against each other really well.I think my aim is to get a few sets completely made and finished. Not to make money or shift them, but just to produce something. I got a quote from a card company in the US. They had no issue with it being a near clone of CaH, and just said I couldn't use words like Disneyland or Harry Potter etc. However, a completely produced set was going to cost around $50aud without shipping. The lot below I got printed by Officeworks. I've also got a great little curved corner cutting from Amazon, which was made and shipped from Japan. (Excuse the blurry image).
  9. Goose


    Tower of Time is currently free.
  10. Hello Neighbour is free today, and there's a Yooka-Laylee game free tomorrow.
  11. Goose

    Uncut Gems

    Yes, cracking movie!
  12. Goose

    Uncut Gems

    The one thing I didn't get -
  13. Uncut Gems (2019) Howard Ratner is a New York jeweller and gambling addict, convinced that his next score will be the one to get him out of debt. It's been a while since I sat and watched something new - in fact I think I've seen six movies this year, compared to the 365+ last year. No idea why this one intrigued me enough to find the time to watch it but I'm glad I did. Adam Sandler plays Ratner, a New York jeweller with mounting debt, an estranged wife and mistress, and a large opal he hopes will turn everything around for him. He's constantly playing side against side, in an effort to get more money to make bigger bets in hope of an even bigger score. It's a messy life and gets a lot worse when NBA star Kevin Garnett (playing himself) takes a fancy to the huge opal that Ratner has imported. Made by the Safdie brothers, who made the excellent Good Times, this is a film that starts tense and never stops ratcheting things up. Sandler's Ratner is an awful person, with next to no redeeming features. Everything is about the bet, the score. He's slimy, conniving and over confident, yet manages to charm (or annoy) enough people to stop them killing him. It's a difficult role and Sandler plays it with 100% commitment. It's incredibly frustrating to watch him continually sabotage his wins in search of an even bigger one. The portrayal of addiction is very matter of fact, allowing the audience to judge (and perhaps gasp) at the lengths Ratner goes to. There's a solid supporting cast too, with Eric Bogosian, Lakeith Stanfield and Idina Menzel, who plays the long suffering wife. Julia Fox is also very good as the mistress. Despite not being an actor, Garnett makes the role work, and a cameo from The Weeknd doesn't take you out of the film. There's also a series of great incidental characters. But this is Sandler's picture, and he's in most scenes. Along with Punch Drunk Love, this might be his best role - however it's hard to tell thanks to how unlikable the character is. That's one of the few flaws in that it's hard to sympathise with anyone in the picture. The tension is incredibly well maintained, from encounters with heavies, a tense school play and an awkward Passover dinner. You start to get stressed when Ratner gets a text or phone call, and you're on edge as he takes one thing from one person, pawns it for cash, then uses that cash to make a bet - hoping that he'll make enough money back to regain the thing he pawned. I found myself annoyed with the character - every time things look to be on the up, his addiction rears its head again. There's a fantastic scene where Ratner switches from utter despair to top of the world within seconds that is played to perfection. My only minor gripe was the wrap up. While it worked well within the context of the story, it felt a little rushed, leaving a couple of ends loose. But it's a minor thing and takes little away from the film. A note must be made too, for the excellent synth score - which runs through the entire emotional journey the character takes. Well worth a watch.
  14. Goose

    Uncut Gems

    Really good film, tense as all hell and Sandler plays slimy and pathetic really well - yet the get the impression his character doesn't see himself as either of those things. It is exhausting and frustrating in equal measure - and I mean that a compliment. There's barely any let up in the tension, and even quiet scenes or seemingly incidental ones, hold something to keep you on tenterhooks. There's a couple of fantastic moments with characters switching from one thing to another. I agree with Harsin too - excellent score.
  15. Today is Shadow Tactics, with tomorrow being The Talos Principle.
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