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  1. I had a look last night and it seems you have to run it inside a virtual machine.
  2. Have you tried Aliens Extermination? I was just watching a video and it looked alright for a ten minute blast.
  3. I updated Teknoparrot and it's still show Ghost Squad as Patreon only. Ah well.
  4. The latest update makes Ghost Squad Evolution available to non-patreon supporters. In other news - Time Crisis 5 has been hacked and released onto the web. Doesn't need Teknoparrot, can be run from its own exe. Uses the Unreal engine, and while the default controls are a bit off (mouse for shooting, joypad to simulate left/right pedals), it runs really well.
  5. There's a new version of Coinops Next out, called Diamonds. It aims to recreate the arcades of old. It currently runs around 400 games and comes with near full cab artwork , with attract modes and even the background sound of other machines. It looks great and the game selection is solid. It's sorted into classic, shoot'em ups, beat'em ups and run n gun. Currently it's only available via the Coinops Discord server but I imagine it'll show up on the likes of Arcade Punks soon. You can play in game with or without bezels and scanlines and such.
  6. Pretty much did the same. This is my first ever Hitman game and I really enjoyed just wandering around and seeing what I could get away with. Seeing my rubbish plans come to fruition was great fun.
  7. Into The Breach is free on the Epic store this week. https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/into-the-breach/home
  8. The Division is currently free on uPlay https://register.ubisoft.com/the-division/en-US Check you've got it. A few people are finding they add it to their library, but it doesn't actually show up.
  9. What the actual fuck? Bloody hell, this is awful, awful news. I liked him a lot as Black Panther. That is absolutely no age.
  10. What's funny is that so far, almost all the bosses have been difficult because of the minions, not the bosses themselves.
  11. I'm enjoying this for the most part but it's also equal part frustrating. I admit, I could also be missing stuff as well. The weapons are great though, really solid, and the SMG is a fun weapon to grab early on. The biggest issue, and again, could be doing something wrong. My wife and I have just tried playing co-op and it ramps the difficulty right up even though she's a level 10 and hosting. I read that they'd fixed it so the game scales to a max of 3 above the lowest class, but this feels more like playing the early levels on a much higher difficulty. I'm level 40-s
  12. Release the 90s cut! Edit: Dammit, just seen it was posted a few ages back.
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