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  1. After 47 hours of play, I'm done. I've probably got another ten hours of hordes and side quests, but I think this is where Days Gone and I will part ways, at the end of the main story. It's be an interesting, enjoyable, frustrating game. There are times when it's looked stunning, the scenery especially. Then there are times when it's felt like it needed another six months of bug fixes and updates. Given my limited gaming time, and the fact that I saw this through to the main end, I must have enjoyed something about it. The characters, especially at Lost Lake, I found myself warmin
  2. I really liked her in Bachelor Party. Looking at recent pictures, goodness the plastic surgery is horrifying.
  3. Loved this game, a great pile of fun.
  4. First seven minutes ahead of this weekend’s this release. CGI blood still far from great https://www.comingsoon.net/movies/trailers/1170160-first-7-minutes-of-mortal-kombat-released-online
  5. Might give this a go. I'm currently listening to Max Brooks' Devolution, about a bigfoot style massacre told in a similar way to World War Z. Thanks for the headsup.
  6. The audio adaptation of Sandman is really good.
  7. God, Coherence. I remember when Commander Jameson recommended it to me. I don't know what it was, but that film got right under my skin. It was just such a weird atmosphere. Well worth a watch.
  8. Timecrimes and Triangle - what a combination. Have a look for Predestination too.
  9. Apparently you need to reach a section with an arcade machine, located towards the end of the game, to unlock it. Once unlocked, it’ll stay that way. Saw someone offering a save file download yesterday.
  10. It's RetroFE if I recall correctly (not sure if that's based on Hyperspin). I really like it for the click and play-ness of it. And the fact there's a lot of packs out there, covering all kinds of games/systems.
  11. Coinops all the way for me. Nothing to configure (there are option though) - download, unpack and load the coinops.exe. Looks great too, and if you get the Diamonds version, it even looks like an old arcade.
  12. What's this then? https://store.steampowered.com/app/840390/Spacebase_Startopia/
  13. I always remember Harry's Game being very well regarded, but I've never seen it.
  14. I always wondered what a Verhoeven Running Man would be like.
  15. Let’s face it, it wouldn’t be From game if it didn’t have footage leaked
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