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  1. Played the open beta for an hour or two this evening and it seems ... okaaaaay I think. The last snowboarding game I put any time into was SSX Tricky (because it was immense) and this is nothing like that, not that it's trying to be. There are some nice touches, I like the music winding down when you crash and winding back up when you get going again, and the snow depth effects are nicely done. The wing suiting is really enjoyable provided you can find a suitable jumping off point (that should be made a little more forgiving) and it's awesome that you can jump straight back to whe
  2. When I moved earlier in the year I had to buy a TV of my own so went for a 4k (non-HDR) Philips as it was reduced at Argos - this one. No idea what the response rate is but it has been fine for my use with the Xbox One. It does a lovely job of upscaling blu-rays and games come out looking great so I'm pretty happy with it.
  3. I've been playing this more or less non-stop since it came out on Xbox, never played it before on PC. Still working on ball control when flying, also dribbling but having watched a ton of tutorials and guides they have definitely taken me a long way in a short time; especially in terms of passing, shooting and defending. It can get pretty demoralising being in matches with people who seem to think that getting the most number of touches is the aim of the game, rather than actually looking at what the opposing team and their teammates are doing and trying to work together. S
  4. Depends on how big a plane, if you make one small enough you could make it part of the final stage of your rocket, on top of a lander and enclose it in a fairing for take off from Kerbin.
  5. So I've gotten my Warlock to lv40, mostly through Crucible and am now playing through the Taken King content. I've gotten two legendary items from Crucible, but pretty much any blue items dropping now aren't upgrades. What's my next step?
  6. Picked this up a few days ago for Xbox as it was cheap and I'd always been a bit curious about it. Must say, I much prefer it to Halo for gameplay, especially the multiplayer which I'm surprisingly not total dog shit at. In a lot of ways it fixes what I always found extremely irritating about Halo multiplayer (granted, the last time I played was Halo 2 or 3, that's how badly I was put off), people jumping everywhere all the time, camping and the inability to contribute to a match unless you were a crack shot. I really like the Battlefield style points system and the radar is the perfect balan
  7. mprice

    Just Cause 3

    Spent pretty much the whole day playing this, maxed out grapple strength which makes literally pulling bases apart much easier. Still really enjoying the whole experience, swapping between story and random destruction/liberation of towns and bases is keeping things fresh. I can't argue that the story is a classic, but it's not as bad as a lot of people are making out. At worst it's pretty silly, but that's kind of the point. At best I've had some proper laughs at the dialog before tethering fighter jets together while wing walking on a cargo plane; which made me grin like a loon. It's not go
  8. mprice

    Just Cause 3

    Been playing all evening on Xbox One and happily haven't had many issues. Playing longer than an hour didn't cause the physics to go nuts nor did it noticeably increase the load times. There is some definite slow down around large explosions (particularly the petrol stations) but its generally brief and hasn't spoiled the experience for me. The missions have been pretty enjoyable, though the one where you have to find some detector device was too difficult, so I cancelled out of it, destroyed the base and then did it. It's nice to have the choice of doing something like that. The environment(
  9. mprice

    Just Cause 3

    I've preordered the Xbox One version and despite some of the negative feedback on the framerate/physics engine I'm still feeling pretty positive about it. Just Cause 2 ran like ass in places on the 360 but it didn't spoil my enjoyment at all, hell even on PC in places there was pop in and frame drops, it's still one of my most played games on Steam, though. My only real concern is the load times, especially if the game is as much fun as it looks.
  10. I've just finished the cave sequence where you take on the first Wild Hunt guy and it has pretty much taken until now for me to fully grasp the combat. Coming in from Batman I was very hacky-slashy and was convinced that there was a tutorial or something I'd missed. Now that I'm taking my time with the combat a bit more and applying some intelligence to fights rather than just swinging away like a drunken knight, things are going much better. I haven't checked, but I assume there is some way to turn off the HUD in the game? I'll definitely be going on some photography adventures at some point
  11. I'll take an invite too if anyone has one spare, cheers. mprice86 is my tag
  12. Picked one up today, trading my 360 and some games against it in the process. Walked away with the console, two controllers (one with a play and charge kit), Arkham Knight, Witcher 3, Ori and the Blind Forest and Back to the Future on Blu-Ray. Oh and I added a preowned copy of Fifa 15 outside of the deal. £284. Maybe I'm nuts but that felt like a pretty good price to me. Anyway, the UI takes a bit of getting used to, but so far I like how it all works. Enjoyed what I played of Arkham Knight and was impressed with the step up in quality in Fifa; all in all, a very happy boy.
  13. I've come back to this again, now that I've gotten a computer capable of playing it. Quite enjoying the new content; I'm definitely reading a lot more of the quest text this time around. The story seems much more cohesive, or at least the story within the expansion. I have absolutely no idea what is actually going on in the grand scheme of things. The start of the game is the present and then the dark portal which previously went to present day Draenor now goes to past Draenor before shit got wrecked? Was it the Iron Horde that messed the place up before TBC? Are we trying to prevent Draenor
  14. mprice

    Just Cause 2

    Think of it like rowing a boat, that's what the motion always reminded me of. It still kills me that you can't 100% this game, I'm on 99% and it's the one bastarding water tower that doesn't spawn in game that I'm missing. I still go back to it from time to time on the PC, some of the mods, especially the superman mod and the longer grapple hook are awesome and really add to the exploration. If JC3 is anything as good as this I'm going to lose weeks to it.
  15. To me the ending just felt like a missed opportunity... in Serenity, in that they were rushing so fast to tell the story that the audience hardly had time to grieve and neither do any of the characters... It strikes me as totally bizarre... this was supposed to be the woman for Ted, the one who changed everything, who gave him his perfect life with two kids and the house and everything he spent his adult life wanting. I know it's supposed to be 6 years since she died, but for the audience it was about 30 seconds and all of a sudden he's back knocking on Robbin's door... either way that jus
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