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  1. Thanks again @Flams, it was a bit of panicked rush at the end there
  2. Nah I still like playing them so it's nice to have them there, but I don't need them on display. I was thinking of getting one or two of those disc binder things to stick the PS2 games in.
  3. I've changed views on this topic quite drastically in the last couple of years. No longer do I enjoy going on r/gamecollecting and seeing people posting their "hauls" of Goodwill games, or watching Youtube videos of people showing the pile of PS2 games they "scored" at the car boot sale at the weekend, I just seem to wonder what the point is these days. I recently put all my PS2 games in a couple of big boxes and bought an ottoman to put all my Xbox 360, PS1 etc games in and it feels amazing. The wall of boring white PS2 spines that loomed over me is no more and I couldn't be happier. I still have a bookshelf full of NES and SNES games, but that's good because I love those consoles and games. I know that when I look at the shelf I'm now seeing stuff I actually like rather than things I bought just because I felt like I needed to get something.
  4. This looks really cool. Though I'm slightly worried I might get a tad addicted to it.
  5. Super Mario World. I've played it so much I don't really have to think at all when playing it, I just do it instinctively. I played it through from the beginning a couple of weeks ago and got to Chocolate Island before I died for the first time.
  6. NES. This was my first console which I got in around 1992, not exactly sure which year. I don't remember having any idea about video games being a thing until opening this for Christmas. I got Super Mario Bros and Turtles 2 The Arcade Game with it. Most of my time playing this back then was me and my mum playing Mario in her room (often with a baguette from the bakers down the road!). It's one of the consoles I still enjoy playing and buying games for all these years later. My favourite - Batman. Mega Drive was up next. I got this for my birthday or Christmas a year or two after the NES. It came with Sonic and Mega Games I (Super Hang On, Columns and Italia 90). 99% of my time playing the Mega Drive back then was on Sonic 1 and 2. Those two games are super nostalgic to me. Fun little story, I once called a friend a bitch and told him to get out my house for hogging Sonic and playing too much. We were only about 5 or 6 at the time. Favourite game - Sonic 1 or 2 Game Boy. This was a birthday present, and the day I got it my mum took me to Weymouth to go to the Sea Life Centre, so any time I play or see Super Mario Land, Golf or Tetris (the three games it came with), I'm immediately taken back to being in the car on the rainy journey there, playing my brand new yellow Game Boy. Favourite game - Super Mario Land. Super Nintendo was a Christmas present another year or two after the Mega Drive, coming with Super Mario All Stars (the one with Super Mario World). Absolutely loved this console from the beginning and it's still my favourite of all time. My mum used to take me to the gaming shop just around the corner to get games occasionally, going in there and looking through all the cartridges was so much fun. Again me and her used to play it a lot together. Favourite game - Yoshi's Island. N64. The first time I saw this was at my cousins' house. Jolly Roger Bay of Super Mario 64 and Lylat Wars are my first memories I think. It was amazing and I wanted one right away. Me, my mum and Grandma went to Curry's in Christchurch one evening and got one. I got Super Mario 64 and the SharkPad Pro controller. One of my favourite memories was being at school and being desperate to get home because my mum was getting me Goldeneye that day. Favourite game - Super Mario 64. PS1. Like the N64, the first time I saw this was my cousins'. They brought theirs over after getting it for Christmas and played Tomb Raider. My mum got mine one day while I was at school. She got Fifa 98 Road to World Cup, V-Rally and Bubsy 3D with it. I have many memories of sitting in the lounge in the sun playing Fifa. Favourite game - Driver PC. I got my first pc in 1998 from PC World and it came with a few games and bit of software. One of those games was a Day of the Tentacle and Sam and Max Hit the Road double pack. I could never get the voices on Sam and Max to work properly since I had no idea WTF I was doing with PC software. I played Day of the Tentacle quite a lot as we didn't have the internet at the time, so I didn't have much else to do other than use the same games and software over and over. I never managed to complete it until years later downloading a guide from the internet... "Put the spaghetti in the bucket of water to make soggy noodles then put it on the mummy's head and stick the fork in it", how... how am I supposed to know that. Favourite game - Day of the Tentacle. Game Boy Color. I received my purple GBC with Pokemon Yellow from my Grandma one evening on my birthday when we were out for a meal. Most of my memories of Game Boy Color was sat in the lounge against the radiator playing Pokemon Yellow and Gold. I had a few other games but the vast majority of my time was playing those. Favourite game - Pokemon Yellow or Gold. Gamecube. Again my cousins had this first and was my first experience of it. My Grandma took me to Game in Bournemouth one summer afternoon (I think my mum was ill) and I got a purple Gamecube with Sonic Adventure 2 and Luigi's Mansion. I remember the guy in there trying to persuade me to get the black one because it was "cooler". Piss off mate purple is the best, glad I didn't listen to you. Favourite game - Timesplitters 2. Game Boy Advance. I got the silver GBA one Christmas with Go Go Beckham. I like the GBA a lot, but strangely don't have much to say about it. I really enjoyed being able to play the old Mario games on it. Favourite game - Wario Land 4 Nintendo DS. A gift from my Grandma for my birthday along with Project Rub. I got a voucher for that birthday so later that day we went out to Poole where I bought a copy of Super Mario 64 DS. I didn't really get into the DS too much until after getting the next system. Favourite game - Pokemon Heart Gold or Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow. PSP. I got this for Christmas after getting the DS, again from my Grandma. It was the last thing she bought me before she died, so I've always felt a little guilty for never really getting into it that much. I played it quite a lot for a few months, but after getting into the homebrew scene and putting a bunch of emulators on it I just lost interest. Favourite game - GTA Liberty City Stories. PS2. I was late to the PS2 as I was happy enough with my Gamecube. I got it in 2006, and my first few games were Black, Driver Parallel Lines, and a few others I can't remember. I don't have much nostalgia or any particular memories that stand out with the PS2 to be honest, it was just something I had. Favourite game - GTA Vice City. Wii. This was the first console I ever bought with my own money. I can't actually remember where I got it, HMV in Bournemouth I think... maybe? I didn't buy any extra games with it at the time, but my mum bought me a copy of Scarface when she was out later that evening. I played Wii Sports loads, and still occasionally stick it on to have a go on the fitness test. Favourite game - Wii Sports. PS3. There were a few games I really wanted to try so I eventually caved and bought one with GTA IV with it. It ended up dying a few years ago, but I got a few good years out of it. Favourite game - Bioshock. Xbox 360. Bought from Amazon one day in 2009 with Pure, Lego Batman and Forza 3. The 360 ended up being my favourite out of that generation, probably helped by the PS3 dying. Favourite 360 memories is being able to go on Amazon and buy most of the games for £2. Favourite game - Batman Arkham Asylum. Nintendo 3DS. I preordered this and got it the day before the release date (thanks Amazon). I genuinely can't believe it was 7 (now 8) years ago, absolutely mental. I didn't use the 3DS as much as I would have liked, since it coincided with me getting back into buying and playing retro games, but there was some games on there I enjoyed playing a lot. Favourite game - Super Mario 3D Land. Nintendo Wii U. I was late to the Wii U, I think I only got it in August 2016 to finally play the first party games I'd been eager to try out. Only ever ended up with a handful of games due to getting it late and then the Switch coming out. Favourite game - Mario Maker Super Famicom. No I haven't put this in the wrong place. I bought one of the Goemon games a couple of years ago to play on my SNES using my adaptor, but it didn't work so I had to buy a SFC console from Japan. It was only about £15 which was nice. Nintendo Switch. I preordered this, then about 3-4 days before it was due to come out I cancelled it thinking I'd just wait a while I get one later. The day it came out I regretted my decision to cancel it big time. Everyone was talking about it and I had to have one. I placed an order on Amazon for the next batch that came in stock and got one with BOTW a couple of weeks later. I don't have any memories to say of as it's too new, but I'm enjoying it a lot. Favourite game - Zelda BOTW.
  7. Yeah and a reviewer got death threats from Sony fanboys for giving Uncharted 2 (or 3, can't remember, maybe both) a 9 out of 10 instead of 10. A list could just as easily be made about Sony fanboys (and plenty of other fanbases), but that would be a bit silly IMO.
  8. Fanboys are annoying no matter what console or company they like.
  9. That's what I thought, but what's the big white bit on the top right? At first I thought it was the cloud, but it's too big. Plus the gap to the left or Mario is smaller than in the official pic. Maybe there was a slightly different, zoomed in version for display boxes?
  10. These are bugging the shit out of me. What's the SNES one, first on the fourth shelf down? I assumed it was Mario Kart but there seems to be some small differences after looking at mine.
  11. I didn't really go to any arcades as a kid (apart from Sega World in Bournemouth which I went to once or twice and have big nostalgia memories of), but there was an Italian restaurant owned by a family we knew a few roads away, and any time we went there I'd always play the football arcade machine they had. I've never been able to remember the game that it was, but it might have been Super Sidekicks 2, that looks very familiar to what I remember. I did however go to game shops quite a bit. Total Entertainment in Bournemouth (Charminster) is the one I miss the most, it was just round the corner and I got quite a lot of my SNES games from there. It was a fun place to look around for a while. One thing I think of nearly any time I think about it was that I have a feeling the guy that was in there most of the time looked like Dave Grohl. He probably didn't look anything like him, but my memories are that he definitely did! Software Box in Poole, and also Electronics Boutique in Poole, which later became a Game, are some more that I went to quite a bit. One of my best game related memories is waiting for my mum to pick my copy of Goldeneye up while I was at school that day, I couldn't wait to get home and play it. There was also Gamestation in Poole than was a couple of years later that the others, but I went in there loads. Video Game Centre in Winton was another that was just a couple of miles away, I didn't go there any where near as often as I'd like to have done thinking back about it and seeing all the pictures from the Facebook page.
  12. Yoshi's Island is my favourite game of all time, I absolutely love it.
  13. Cool, that sounds good! I have an AMD A10-5800K. Ooh that's a good idea, I hadn't even thought of that, thanks!
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