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  1. I found out about this game ages ago when it came out in America and Gamespot did a big thing on it. I just can't be arsed with it because it was (and is?) online only and subscription based and only available in the USA, like FFXI but not really worth importing and setting up a foreign subscription. anyone remember Freedom Force?
  2. I think Trackmania is really really really crap, because: the simple controls, unrealistic speed and 'physics' mean that you don't feel like you're driving a car at all, more pushing a game piece around a board and that's what totally lets it down, it's like you're playing that Tomy handheld mechanical car game where the car piece rolls over the background. And so it's totally unsatisfying, it just feels totally cheap and unfinished. I was hoping it would be like 4D Sports Driving and it's more like that Big Rig game that got 1 out of 10 in Gamespot.
  3. Juria

    Paper Arcade

    You do know this was on here 2 months ago and that Edge just looked on the link on this forum and wrote the story, look at all the other stuff on the same page all from the same time and yes, it's crap that they saved them as lossy bleeding artefacted jpgs. Look, beginning of June! http://www.rllmukforum.com/index.php?showtopic=44622&hl=wayoftherodent and that was the second time it came up
  4. It's meant to be washed out and grainy like a manga or the Matrix. Listen to the commentary it's better than following the crappy story.
  5. How is Infernal Affairs? I refuse to pay £14.99 for the shitty shitty low value Tartan disk of it they should be banned from releasing stuff and HKL should release everything
  6. So it arrived today then? Returner, So Close, Volcano high, Naked Weapon, all of them are quite... well overproduced so they seem ultra camp and cheesy, that's the only thing to watch out for. edit: http://www.play.com/play247.asp?searchtype...ose&page=search Jesus, I had no idea, ordered!
  7. Bloody loads of people do. When I walk to work each day, there's a queue of 20 people waiting outside the postoffice for it to open to return things to Amazon and Play, that's just RETURNS
  8. It must have been priced up wrong. Got the receipt?
  9. You're silly, that's what that's about.
  10. Madness, loads of those are just people in plain clothes in plain situations.
  11. I played them today and I think they're both (SNES & Megadrive) really really unfair but the fact that I got anywhere at all in the SNES one meant I could appreciate what a cool game it must have been at the time, those levels are really clever and memorable!
  12. As it's nothing like Advance Wars at all and more like a 3rd person shooty thing, fans are going to be disappointed, but until you play it you won't know if they can make a good fun 3rd person shooter game do you?
  13. Chips, broadband and import sales are up more like.
  14. I don't find it THAT different apart from Goh. I like it but owning it on CDR i find it difficult to buy it. Like I said, i'll buy it at its proper USA price. I've been after a Hor i for ages but I guess I'll have to get an Xbox because that's where 99.999% of the fighting games are. Move Guilty Gear 3 and VF 5 on the Xbox please
  15. The Quiz (Excel file 450k, right click save as) sorry it's in Excel format :S thats how I was given it. I've got 24 correct out of 29 i've answered, but that's including 2, 7, 14 and 34 which i'm sure are right. I was proud of myself that I got 4, 8, 9, 13, 31 and 36 right Anybody that can't answer 47 should see that movie immediately.
  16. Nah, thanks anyway, I was just thinking I could get it at the update price it should be (did you know it started off at budget price in the USA just as it should of instead of full price?) from VideoGamesPlus in lovely ntsc format.
  17. Those games are all boring in my opinion, nothing brilliant. The only new games that i've bought this year have been import games that they've not brought out over here like La Pucelle, Front Mission and Katamari Damashii
  18. It takes an age to get any of that stuff though, I had to win 40 fights just to get some new shoes and a palette change for my character. Don't go leading Laine into thinking it's really common! I wish I had a Gamestation anywhere near me so I could pick up Evo cheap (currently have it on cdr because I wasn't gonna pay £30 for an update)
  19. Juria


    please add me instead so I know when you've deleted someone hmm, Stroker Ace is online playing, but the chicky won't play me
  20. Juria


    I'd add all of you to my friends list but all your friendslists are full.
  21. Juria


    I'll be on for a bit if we're doing this at 8pm
  22. It's so that they can ban your computer from existing for having a chip and XP
  23. Juria


    That is the most wasted opportunity ever, they should have just released it late like Pool Paradise. I'm not buying it now that I know it's not on Live. I think a lot of people will feel the same way... £18 lost, another £18 lost, another, another.. etc.. they should fire the person who's idea it was to just release it to recoup that loss out of his wages. Harsh maybe but he or she has crippled the game.
  24. Juria

    Edge 139

    send me one so I can take a picture of me tied to a banister while wearing it.
  25. you can see one of the endings 30 minutes after starting your first game I know I did.
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