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  1. Live show with JC Kitchen cooking demonstrations and on-site food truck confirmed.
  2. Controversial. Bell and Bell Jr was good, blatantly ripped off by Team Farley.
  3. The Metal Gear and Xenoblade episodes are something I'll listen to a few times to get all the information and opinions.
  4. I saw some people replied at the time, but as a relatively new owner of 8bitdo sticks, thought I'd add my opinion. I've been a very unhappy owner of Switch Joycons (too small, and horrible stick drift), and of Switch Pro Controller (love the pad, but very surprised that the sticks got drift so quickly given the price), and of cheap imitation sticks (plastic-y, but surprisingly durable and no drift!). I tried the SN30+ a few months ago and love it. Very nice weight (not too heavy, not too light), feels "quality", great design of sticks/d-pad/buttons, no drift (so far). This week I added an 8bitdo Pro 2 as we wanted to play local multiplayer. This is even better than the SN30+ - the build feels even better, but I think the paddles on the back might be a bit useless on Switch - but the mode switch for changing platforms is great. So yeah.. 8bitdo pads.. 4.5 Goombas out of 5.
  5. Nicely done. In my previous game of this, I'd have tried to stun everyone and just extract who I needed. This time, I'm more your style -- blow stuff up, take people out from afar, then go in to get what I want. It's much more fun for me.
  6. Thanks. For some reason I didn't see this mode. I'll take a look.
  7. Picked up Crimzon Clover in the current Switch sale. Plays very nicely, but is there a suggested "newbie mode" I should be starting with?
  8. You said it better than I did. I know many people (myself included) get a bit cheesed off with the very long, often unskippable, cutscenes in Kojima games, but putting that aside I'd summarise the core of the game as being really respectful of the player. You don't want slow animations for regular actions. You want snappy, responsive, controls. You don't want to be given an open world and a huge toybox of gameplay styles only to be micro-managed to play the game as the "designer intended".
  9. When I first played this a few years ago I got to a mission just past "Quiet" and then parked it for some reason. I don't recall. I'm glad I started from the beginning again after the BackPage Pod MGS podcast recently. I completed MGS 1 (it was the reason I bought a PS1), most of MGS2, most of MGS3, completed (and loved) MGS4, adored MGS Acid 1 and 2, but didn't get on with Portable Ops due to the controls. So a bit of a "reset" on my time with MGS5 was required and I'm really enjoying it - in fact I can't put it down. I'm finding that I'm making much faster progress through the missions this time round. I've realised that I do like the gunplay, so being more aggressive is working well for me. I'll often snipe from a distance where I can. Move around to different locations. Blow up some base infrastructure to cause chaos. Tag and capture the valuable assets but generally aim to clean out the base if I can. I've also realised that this can make future missions a lot easier, both in terms of the soldiers in the base but also in terms of "complications" such as enemy attack helicopters (I'm assuming that my earlier work in destroying communications and radars has paid off because I wasn't troubled by a patrolling attack helicopter in a subsequent mission). It still looks great, silky smooth on vanilla PS4, amazingly polished and complex game systems. Will carry on.
  10. Aligning to the point of the thread -- what I'm saying is that once VR technology has a general appeal to the average consumer, investment in it will rapidly increase exponentially due to the market opportunity. This will drive broad, significant investment in games and other applications, as well as the surrounding technology ecosystem for VR devices. It'll snowball from there. It's just waiting for that critical mass/threshold to tip over. The NSFW example was, as you say, often used for the VCR and mobile phone.
  11. Started a new game of this after listening to the @samuelwroberts Back Page Pod episode on the Top 25 Metal Gear Solid moments, with @RichJStanton. Great episode.
  12. Everyone thought mobile phones were for nerds and suits until the general public realised you could send, receive, and download NSFW images and videos. This spurred unprecedented R&D in to high resolution, compact cameras and vibrant, high resolution, screens. This is VR's future.
  13. Robert Alan Koeneke, the creator of one of the original roguelikes, Moria, has sadly passed. https://m.slashdot.org/story/402578
  14. That was my impression as well. Is this your partner, or a pet?
  15. Surprised this isn't getting more attention here. Not just an incremental sequel to cash in on the success of the first. Really polished. More of the same, but with many enhancements and improvements. Real "can't put it down" material.
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