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  1. Watched the first one last night, if it's meant to be a comedy it's not very funny. Hopefully it improves.
  2. It’s actually 30 mins at the start of the 2 hour pod, but still a great listen though. Anyone wanting more about Madden should hunt out the very new Fox Doc called All Madden (first shown on Xmas day), you can find it on all the usual specialist sites. https://g.co/kgs/PkYJCn
  3. Excellent, his Amiga Super Sprint conversion was fantastic, especially the YT videos explaining the process.
  4. Fantastic news @merman A port of Prince of Persia for the Atari 8-Bits is getting released on 12th Oct. It's stunning.
  5. The Theme Park article reminded me that when Demis Hassabis left Lionhead to form Elixir Studios and develop Republic: The Revolution he wrote a monthly column about it in a games magazine, can anyone remember which one? I bought too many mags back in the day and can't remember. EDIT: Forget that request, it was EDGE and just found a site with it all in a single Word and TXT file https://archive.kontek.net/republic.strategyplanet.gamespy.com/diaries.shtml
  6. This, purely because the wait for it during the run up to Christmas 1987 was unbareable. We simply couldn't wait to get that cassette with the Outrun soundtrack on it. I still have it somehwere.
  7. elyuw


    Someone has curated a whole 80s/90s YouTube Playlist to the 808/Linn Cowbell
  8. Mine has been and always will be Banstyle / Sappys Curry. I bought Second Toughest in the Infants purely because it was a special edition with a 2nd CD with a full version of Born Slippy .NUXX and Rez (which is what I wanted, this was before I really knew Underworld). However once I listened to the album proper I was hooked. Oh and for @englishbob here's a snippet of Moaner at the Roundhouse in Oct 2007, recorded on my little Canon IXUS, won the energy that night was insane!
  9. The first Ridge Racer on the PlayStation let you play Galaxian when it was loading.
  10. I still play Speedball 2 HD off of Steam once in a while. It's bascially just Speedball 2 with enhanced gfx really, but obviously it's on my PC playing in 1080P. https://store.steampowered.com/app/251690/Speedball_2_HD/
  11. Yeah easily could of been another series. I've downloaded the preceding Radio shows, of which there are 8 episodes, so clearly there were other avenues to investigate
  12. Thanks for highlighting this, I totally missed it at the time but have now watched all six episodes on YouTube (although 4th one is only and Vimeo). Great stuff!
  13. Developers have been doing this for decades, why do they persist in doing it?
  14. I think the C4 commentary thing is more about DC being at the circuit and Alex Jacques and Monger being in a studio in the UK.
  15. Get a Roku, it has apps for every one of the big Streaming services. For all Mankind looked great in 4K HDR using it.
  16. What’s the name of this documentary? It sounds interesting.
  17. Mine was a Bandai handheld called Champion Racer. Here’s me playing it 12 years ago, sadly it’s not my original from 1980 (long lost due to multiple house moves) but one I picked up eBay.
  18. elyuw

    Edge #345

    No sign of my copy yet, any other subscribers still waiting for theirs? I got the latest Retro Gamer through the post is a timely manner.
  19. All the best for the future @Nate Dogg III I used to love your Monthly Columns.
  20. The 8-Bit Guy has just done a video all about the CDi
  21. To be fair all this arguing back in the day about which 8-Bit Micro was the best was sort of pointless, the best one was the machine your parents bought that you had access to. So for me that was a Dragon 32 and like you I remember it fondly. People nowadays who are still engaged in those "discussions" and will defend the honour of the <insert childhood machine name> until the cows come home. I see it all the time of Atari Age forums where there are threads about Atari 800 vs CBM 64. Logically both have their good and bad elements, but in this enlightened era you can and should enjoy both.
  22. It could have been Pterodactyl https://www.gamesdatabase.org/game/dragon-32-64/pterodactyl Never played it myself, but as I read your post I though there was a D32 game called that. It was probably advertised in computer magazines of the time. Yeah I had that, and Cuthbert in the Mines which was easily one of the hardest games I ever played. My favourite D32 game was probably Chuckie Egg, a truely wonderful version.
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