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  1. Election was one of the first dvds I bought and she was brilliant in it. Such a sad loss of someone so young.
  2. ryodi

    Formula One - 2020

    David 'Jo-van-natzy' Croft definitely will.
  3. ryodi

    Formula One - 2020

    Leclerc has tested positive COVID That’s two since the season ended when only three drivers caught it in 2020.
  4. As someone who watched a lot of Football Italia Sinisi Mihajovic is the best free kick taker I've ever seen He once scored a hat trick of free kicks in one game which cannot happen very often.
  5. I've still got all of mine. Apart from the Monster Hunter Stories Amiibos which I haven't opened yet they spend their lives in tuppaware boxes and the only game I've used them with is Breath of the Wild to unlock the various outfits.
  6. Byleth, Terry Bogard and Banjo & Kazooie are up for preorder on the Nintendo store. https://store.nintendo.co.uk/amiibo/view-all.list
  7. Anfield isn’t the same when it’s empty and United seem to have found some solidity.
  8. United are going to win the league aren't they in the manner they paid Mourinho to do, grinding out wins and keeping just ahead of the pack.
  9. Twitch pays too much, GB would be a downgrade. I'm surprised Ben is leaving but Giantbomb is a career dead end, it makes me wonder how long Jan is going to stick around or since they were sold Abby and Ben will even be replaced.
  10. There’s always a market for watching rich while people complaining, look at the success of Made in Chelsea. I’ll be interested to see how they go about it because Sarah Jessica Parker is the same age Beatrice Arthur was at the start of The Golden Girls.
  11. ryodi

    Formula One - 2020

    I’d rather have Turkey instead of Imola. It feels like a waste for them to relay the track for only one race.
  12. Apologies for the very late answers. The individual seasons are discounted on iTunes occasionally, Season 1 was £4.99 recently. I watch them on the Xbox via the Apple TV app.
  13. Thanks for the reminder. It’s sold out at the Nintendo store but still in stock at Amazon. The least Brexit could have done was save us from the USK logo.
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