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  1. I didn't realise Discovery funded GB News, definitely not subscribing now. With budget cuts and the next winter games in China in 2022 I'm not surprised the BBC decided to sacrifice them to save money. The current coverage isn't very satisfying with barely anyone from the BBC actually in Japan and you wonder how much funding is going to end up being cut to lower profile sports who will no longer have the Olympics as a showcase every four years on tv showing them to a wide audience.
  2. Surprisingly there’s been no gambling adverts during her breaks in Sky’s coverage, I assume that was a decision made by the ECB. Seeing the same Cazoo every ten minutes is annoying though. I’m really enjoying the women’s games so far, the men’s matches start to remind of the IPL where they can become dull slugging matches of fours and sixes for short periods whereas the women are picking their shots and going for gap because they can’t just redirect fast balls for boundaries or yesterday’s favourite of chipping it over the wicket keeper for four.
  3. What a ride by Kiensenhofer to win the road race. The lack of radios on the Olympic road race and the women seemingly never getting time gaps made it interesting and I’m glad she could hang on. Van Vleuten thought she won as well and didn’t know about Kiensenhofer.
  4. I always agreed with Janeways decision,
  5. The reason the BBC got anything at all is because Discovery feared a backlash if it was all moved to their own free channels https://www.theguardian.com/media/2016/oct/12/bbc-olympics-discovery-rights-eurosport Not sure why the article mentions 2022 as the start date, there must be an interim deal that covers the Tokyo games.
  6. It's probably because the timezone means a lot of Olympic coverage is overnight when no one is watching so they've decided not to show it. Or because this is the first games where they are sublicending it from Discovery instead of directly from the IOC and the new deal might have restrictions. If you want to see everything there is currently a free 3 day trial of Discovery+ with a discount of £29.99 for the year if you want to try their coverage https://www.discoveryplus.co.uk/myaccount/register
  7. I really hope Sky don't have Horner on the pitwall during the Hungarian GP because he's going to be unbearable. I've also seen lots of comments about Max not being an aggressive driver and having no points on his license and I remember him spinning Perez out in Portugal last year that was somehow only a racing incident
  8. Thanks. It was shame because it was a great wicket. My other conclusion from the games so far is that Birmingham Pheonix definitely ended up with the worst playing shirts of the Hundred teams.
  9. I didn’t know about the ball needing to be below waist height to be legal, is that a rule for the women’s game or just the Hundred? I used to watch cricket in the late 90s early 00s before it disappeared behind the Sky paywall and didn’t start watching it again until the IPL was on ITV4 for a few years. My bat and ball game of choice is MLB through the MLB.tv app as background noise while I’m doing something else but the Hundred has been good viewing for me so far. It’s obviously preferable to watch on the BBV without the ads but due to F1 also going behind a paywall it’s nice addition to my Now TV Sky Sports pass.
  10. Cricket without ad breaks and not a betting sponsor to be seen is making me very nostalgic. My biggest problem with the format is the poor on screen graphics but that won’t be hard to fix the longer the format goes on.
  11. He should never have got the England Women’s team job and moving to Inter Miami only because he’s friend with Beckham is resulting in a completely predictable outcome.
  12. They are definitely to collide again in Hungary. Max always make a point against a driver who he think has wronged him as soon as he gets the chance (Ocon in Abu Dhabi after the Brazilian GP comes to mind) and you can run side by side from the start in Hungary for the first four corners. Max definitely knew he was there, Hamilton gave Max the same choice Max gave him in Spain and Max chose the wrong option.
  13. Inter's new kit ruined by a sponsor that apparently has something to do with the blockchain.
  14. HAAS could be holding out for a manufacturer to buy out his team. Depending on how the new regulations work and what’s agreed for the new engine formula the team could be an attractive purchase for someone wanting to join the grid who doesn’t want to pay the $200m joining fee.
  15. PES Universe is going to be updating eFootball 2021 forever aren’t they if this is the end of Master League.
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