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  1. Never a penalty, defender barely touched him and if he’d stayed on his feet he’d probably have scored.
  2. Rashford has had quite the turnaround in form this season. The keeper should have done better and I think that’s the first direct free kick scored at this World Cup.
  3. ITV putting Netherlands walkover of Qatar on the main channel and relegating Ecuador Senegal to ITV4 has the same energy of them inevitably picking Man United as their live FA Cup game in January. All square now, Senegal showing why teams don’t have someone on the post at corners.
  4. Hopefully Mercedes are on the pace next season or it’ll be another Max walkover with Ferrari in transition again and maybe it’s time to accept that the Schumacher years were the exception and not the rule when it comes to success at Marinello.
  5. https://football-italia.net/all-juventus-board-members-including-president-agnelli-resign/ Juventus are about to get busted for dodgy accounting,
  6. Ronaldo is going to be very unhappy when he finds out FIFA have given it to Bruno.
  7. https://liverpooloffside.sbnation.com/2022/8/1/23287411/2022-23-premier-league-rule-changes-a-primer-liverpool-offside-handball So it’s only handball if it’s deliberate or the player who scores is the one who handled the ball.
  8. A good example or that now as Jonathon Pearce and Dion Dublin discuss Ghanas opening goal forgetting that the rule about handball in the lead up to a goal changed at the start of the season.
  9. Lovely Poborsky finish by Aboubakar and now it’s level.
  10. The last 10am kick off is the best game at that timeslot so far.
  11. Yes it’s two kick off times per day from Tuesday onwards.
  12. The two teams on the end of the biggest defeats in the first round of games have won their second game. Dreadful game overall but Costa Rica took their chance.
  13. There is going to be so much injury time.
  14. Incredible double save from Szczęsny
  15. That's the way I played them and they give you enough information about the previous games that you know what's going on. I completed Cold Steel IV on PS4 last night. I did try playing it on Switch but it doesn't run at all well on that system. By far the longest games in the series for me taking 95 hours to complete. I ignored everything related to the Vantage Masteers and Pom! Pom! Party minigames and as with every other games in the series managed to miss a few chests so I didn't get the trophy. It did start to drag a little at the end and the number of characters could get overwhelming at times but it was nice to play a series where the characters age in each installment again, I can only think of the Ezio Assasins Creed trilogy as the last time that happened in a game series I have played. My romance choice for Rean is the same as it was in every game I've got Zero and Azue and Reverie are preordered but I'm going to try play through the Sky duology on PSP first.
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