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  1. Another shocker of an away game in Europe. But five games to go so no need to panic.
  2. That was a soft penalty.
  3. I doubt Oracle games will ever see the light of day, like the cut sections of Wind Waker that didn't return in it's HD release ideas and dungeons from that game will have been rolled into later Zelda titles.
  4. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/49733568 Can Phil Foden play in defence because it's the only way he'll get a game at City this season.
  5. Juventus have preferred free transfers (Can, Ramsey) since they signed Ronaldo because his wages are so high they don’t have the funds to buy anyone else. Buffon returned on a free and they spent the summer trying to get rid of Dybala, Can, Higuain and Khedira to free up some funds and reduce their wage bill and were unable to shift them. Until Ronaldo leaves or they can move some players on they just don’t have the money to fund a big money move for de Gea. They’re going to be paying the transfer fee for de Ligt for the next five years on top of his wages and Serie A tv money is pitiful compared to the Premier League so they can’t use that to plug the gap.
  6. He’s out of options now isn’t he. Courtios has taken the spot he wanted at Real Madrid. Barcelona have ter Stegen, Neuer isn’t retiring anytime soon and Juventus don’t pay large transfer fees. He form at the World Cup and last season didn’t help either and he’s no longer the best goalkeeper in the league that he was a couple of years ago.
  7. There’s a lot of fake DS carts on eBay so be careful when you buy there
  8. Mane can look at Can and Coutinho if he wants a cautionary tale of what can happen if he leaves.
  9. ryodi

    The BTCC Thread

    I'm sure he's a great guy he's just completely uninspiring to watch. He's the BTCC equivalent of Jenson Button, boring but effective and gets the job done. It's just a shame that he took the title last year when it really should have been Ingram who has been nowhere this year. Jordan got taken out when avoiding a Subaru that was blocking the track in race three which means Turkington now has only a 10 point lead at the top and Dan Cammish is somehow only one point behind Jordan. Only two race weekends to go so any of those three could win it.
  10. ryodi

    The BTCC Thread

    Not that I’m still bitter about it but karma for last season when he punted off Jelley has caught up with Turkington. There was never enough space for the overtake by Butcher was going for that resulted in him being punted off so he was the innocent victim but it’s keep the championship interesting.
  11. Who would have thought a Man City without Laporte at the back would be shakier at the back than a Liverpool side with Adrian in goal.
  12. Norwich City just have no fear and the most important asset a Premier League can have, a decent striker.
  13. City are a lot more fun to watch when their defense is awful.
  14. 2-0 Norwich against City. You’ll be shocked to hear Kyle Walker was at fault for the second goal.
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