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  1. I'm up to the start of the third palace now. It definitely flows a lot better than the original game and being able to go out more earlier in the game helps to even out the progress with confidents and increasing your various skills and actually having time to watch the DVDs and read the books. The seeds they've added to the palaces still feel like a complete waste of time and because they share the same design it ruins the individuality of each palace for me. P5 isnot my favourite in the series, I still think Persona 3 is the best one, but the flow of the game is a lot more enjoyable in Royal.
  2. ryodi

    Amiibo by Nintendo

    Nintendo has chosen this moment to finally dispatched my Loot Goblin Amiibo that I originally ordered last May and had completely forgotten about. It is of course being sent to work which is closed so they'll probably find it back with them in a few weeks time when it is inevitably returned because I cannot go and collect it from the sorting office.
  3. My Nook's had a pedal board if anyone wants it, drop me a PM and I'll post it to you.
  4. Thanks for letting me visit. I only buy enough to sell all of my turnips in one trip and today is the cheapest I've ever paid for them. Love your town as well.
  5. 110 bells in my town. Anyone open who as them cheaper than that?
  6. The eggs and the release of Persona 5 Royal have meant I've put less time into the game recently. I've also got about 20 cherry blossom petals with no sign of a recipe to use them on. So I'm going to dump all of my money into turnips tomorrow in the hope that I can get a big enough return to invest in upgrading the home and general improvements because everyone elses town is putting mine to shame.
  7. Every football club is going to do it if they can. The reason the players have to do it voluntarily is because unlike every other member of staff apart from possibly the manager they are part of a powerful union.
  8. I'm glad I held off now. But isn't VII the most returned game ever, maybe all of those surveys SE did returned the data that no one got any further than Midgar so that's how much they budgeted for.
  9. The only problem with the cosmetic DLC is that it isn't applied during in game cutscenes or when they are talking to each other. The Trails of Cold Steel games have a similar level of cosmetic DLC and when applied it is constant apart from the anime cutscenes. It is slightly jarring when the characters jump between the two in P5R.
  10. Some decent games on sale until 19/4 Persona Q - £8.99 Persona Q2 - £19.24 SMT Devil Survivor 2 - £13.99 Etrian Odyssey IV - £4.49 Stella Glow - £13.99 Soul Hackers - £4.49 Etrian Odyssey Untold 2 - £13.99 Etrian Odyssey Untold - £4.49 Legend of Legacy - £13.99 Culdcept Revolt - £15.99 RPG Maker FES - £15.99 Etrian Odyssey Mystery Dungeon - £13.99
  11. Those games will all be £34.99 like they are in every sale.
  12. My Able Sisters is selling the royal crown for 1.2m bells if anyone has that much walking around money already.
  13. I was surprised to find 10 Things I Hate About You available if anyone wanted a late 90s teen comedy to watch.
  14. I’m five hours in so far and working my way through the first palace. The introduction of the new character reminds me of when Dawn was introduced in Buffy, everything feels the same but is now also slightly off. I’d also forgotten how bleak the start of the game was.
  15. Australia 86 will be the full race replay on the F1 YouTube channel tomorrow. Which I'm surprised by, I didn't think they'd go that far back when there is a lot of cigarette advertising in that era.
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