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  1. I don't know about that but the Wii and DSi multiplayer servers were on Gamespy and when it shut down so did they.
  2. I used deKay's guide and have been running a 128GB in my 3DS with no problems https://lofi-gaming.org.uk/blog/2013/10/updated-how-to-upgrade-your-3ds-sd-card-to-64gb-and-beyond/
  3. Who could possibly have seen this happening.
  4. Also Yokai Watch Blasters Red Cat Corp and White Dog Squad have separate updates listed on the eShop as well so make you download them if you are thinking about playing the games at some point. I've got Bank and Transporter downloaded already after subscribing since it came out so I'm hoping it will still be functional when the eShop shuts down. Also all of the Atlus games have paid DLC which is all still full price bu is worth checking out as well.
  5. ryodi

    Nintendo Switch

    Mine have arrived as well and the quality makes me annoyed that I didn’t order the N64 posters when they were in stock.
  6. Lewis has also claimed the RB19 is the most dominant car he’s ever seen which is getting the predictable response.
  7. ryodi

    Nintendo Switch

    NES and SNES controllers are back in stock at the Nintendo store https://store.nintendo.co.uk/super-nintendo-entertainment-system-controller-for-nintendo-switch-000000000010002877 (SOLD OUT) https://store.nintendo.co.uk/nintendo-entertainment-system-controllers-for-nintendo-switch-000000000010000562
  8. Or maybe not That’s a real ‘any doesn’t mean all’ argument but it precedent means it shouldn’t be penalised because it hasn’t been before.
  9. Hours after the race and we still don’t know the final standings, some things about F1 never change.
  10. If it was that I think race control would have said something already. Maybe it is the jack touching that Brundle is talking about.
  11. Who was that last radio message for, I couldn't see it due to the stupid QR code.
  12. To be fair is also happened often enough in Hamilton’s favour like in Imola a few years ago.
  13. The other nonsense is Alonso serving a time penalty under safety car conditions. Just as ridiculous as the safety car to favour Max.
  14. That was not a safety car, Stroll parked it perfectly.
  15. Max is going to get a safety that is so lucky he's going to think he's racing at Yas Marina.
  16. It’s too early in the season for RB to dump a load of new parts on the car and have him start from 20th place isn’t it?
  17. It’ll be more of a challenge than last year because the two ATs will start behind him.
  18. Alonso hype train begins.
  19. Hamilton thinking about moving to Ferrari to try and win an eighth title From the free practice sessions Max is going to win this easily and will be complaining about gear shifts the entire time. Perez will be second and then it's beween Alonso and the Ferraris for third.
  20. Ferrari have changed the ICEs in both their cars as a precautionary measure. Which means they are both going to fail during the race.
  21. Real Madrid v Chelsea Man City v Bayern Milan v Napoli Inter v Benfica Interesting draw.
  22. Crystal Palace have sacked Vieira.
  23. ryodi

    Nintendo Switch

    " 600 Platinum points and £1.99 for delivery.
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