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  1. It was a ridiculous decision. The Champions League was more entertaining tonight compared to last night.
  2. Henderson doesn't score very often and when he does they are never tap ins.
  3. Season 2 is on All4 for two more weeks and I found it massively underwhelming compared to the first. It might be because the shock value isn't there anymore but it just felt directionaless and the bad guys were completely forgettable compared to the first season.
  4. The start to the second half hasn't inspired confidence in a come back.
  5. I've only completed the 3DS remake of Superstar Saga and it's the same as the GBA original. It loses a bit of it's charm with the graphic update and the map on the bottom screen makes navigation easier but that's it, if you've already completed SS there are no surprises in it. I got bored of Sticker Star and Mario + Luigi & Paper Mario very quickly the latter because it's a lot of tedious 'find the toads' missions which are no fun at all but my tastes are different from yours because while it looks and sounds great I thought Dream Team was too long and poorly paced and gave up on it as well.
  6. Bayonetta 3 is a weird one, I thought that was a Nintendo only game like Bayonetta 2.
  7. It’s a good point, he is unique. 18 months at Torro Rosso and then the number one driver at the main team as soon Danny Ric left and Red Bull is one of the most unforgiving environments on the grid. He’s also a Dutch superstar and not one of many drivers of the same nationality like Hamilton so his countries focus is always on him. It’s funny that if he does win it this year he’d only be a few months older than Hamilton was when he won his first and did it the first time he had a car capable of winning it.
  8. Before the wheel gun would automatically send the signal to the traffic light that it was done which is seen as too much automation. Now ad far as I know little light appears on the gun when the wheel is tightened up which means the mechanic presses a button instead to confirm which adds the human factor. I think muscle memory failed him in this pitstop.
  9. Max has been in F1 for nearly seven years and is one of the most experienced drivers on the grid, he’s not in his early days anymore despite his young age.
  10. The orange kerb Max launched off has been there forever so he knew it was there which means it was also a ‘someone could get hurt’ incident like Silverstone, landing on top of another car is just as dangerous as the oft repeated 51g impact. Max never backs down and expects the other driver to do so as Lewis has done in the past and did on the first lap of the race today. Personally I thought both were racing incidents with two drivers not backing down but if Silverstone was a penalty so stewards were always going to give one here. Overshadowed by the crash but is this the first time Max has lost places at the start this season, it feels like a long time since it last happened.
  11. ryodi


    That’s the worst IndyCar start I’ve seen in a while. None of the top three made the corner with cars spinning behind them when the pack brakes for the corner.
  12. Update from Lewis although my main takeaway is who managed to lock up during a safety car behind him in the photo. As for why Max didn't check on him I'm guessing because he'd have shown the same level of concern Russell did for Bottas when they crashed.
  13. Elliot has a dislocated left ankle so I assume that him out for the season.
  14. The Sprint isn’t going anywhere is it.. They may as well do a grid draw by pulling numbers out of a hat if that’s what they’re looking for.
  15. Same but I assume Ox is about to get a run in the team due to Elliots injury. AFCON in January means he’ll need to step up.
  16. Perez doesn’t think his penalty was justified He hasn’t got a leg to stand on with that complaint. Busy week for Albon ahead.
  17. I hope this isn’t as bad as it looks.
  18. Max won’t be happy with the penalty but I expect him to get the engine change in Sochi and start from the back anyway.
  19. Away from the incident I’m very happy to see Danny Ric winning again, Monza with the driver redemption story for the second year in a row. Great drive from Bottas as well who might have to give up another win at Sochi to Hamilton this year if he keeps up his demob happy form. Lando had a great race as well and was never going to get first place.
  20. That was a scary overtake from Norris partially on the grass.
  21. That should be a racing incident if their clash on the first lap was.
  22. Bad time for the Danny Ric Monaco special from the Red Bull team.
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