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  1. Which’ is also the natural trajectory of pop culture, kids tend not to like what their parent like. Lego are still making new sets for the series every year like they do with Star Wars and I imagine that will continue until it becomes unprofitable.
  2. He's lasted roughly 10 days longer than he did at Real Madrid. A shame because I wanted him to do well. Hopefully they hire Big Sam again to get the fans back onside.
  3. Without doubt the Joytech controller I got bundled with my launch GameCube when I bought it from Comet. The GC controller isn't perfect and this was worse in every way. Flimsy, uncomfortable and the most 'Player 2' controller ever to be produced.
  4. PEGI 18! I expect the LE to be around £90.
  5. ryodi


  6. Play one match and try to get beaten as quickly as possible is my strategy for these distributions.
  7. A full strength side, I thought Kelleher would at least keep his place.
  8. United live as always but at least Kidderminster and Borham Wood are on tv as well.
  9. We’re going to get an announcement that everyone misunderstood the situation and Masi did nothing wrong on March 18th.
  10. ryodi

    Nintendo Switch

    Only ACII is on the cartridge. I'll probably pick it up when its cheap, the trilogy is good for pick and play due to the relatively small size of the world. Hopefully it runs OK.
  11. Which is still less interference that the offside player had for West Ham’s first goal at the weekend which VAR said was completely fine.
  12. Falling out with and then selling one of Everton’s better players to a team managed by a former Liverpool player will do wonders for Benitez’s popularity.
  13. Eddie Howe didn't come with the club. Everton are absolutely shocking again.
  14. He’s costing less than Barkley did in wages apparently and can’t be any worse than him or Drinkwater I hope he does well but he hasn’t played consistently since his loan to Bayern a couple of years ago.
  15. Not surprising they must be haemorrhaging money and their constant offers means almost no one must be paying full price for a subscription.
  16. Not if he goes to Mexico.
  17. Karius last chance of a game before his contact expires has gone.
  18. Liverpool have asked for the game to be postponed https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/59872772 I expect this request to be rejected because everyone wants to get the league cup games out of the way.
  19. He won La Liga with them last season and Athletico are on a downward trajectory. It’s close to the end of his career and this would be his last big contract so I can understand why he would.
  20. Petition to change to title to ‘Miracles Happen Here’ or ‘It’a called a motor race’ until the a new controversy happens on lap one in Bahrain.
  21. You could save at any time in the DS games by pressing the Start button. It only prompted you to do so at the end of each chapter and I assume this game works in the same way because the 3DS version lets you save anywhere as well
  22. To be fair that can be quite amusing sometimes, every time Liverpool scored in the 5-0 at Old Trafford they both sounded like their dog had just died. But lets face it Tyler is the only one who is going anywhere anytime soon, unless Neville suddenly ends up in charge of United he along with Carragher is going to be part of the Sky coverage for decades to come.
  23. He's also as far as I can tell the first former City player to transition successfully to broadcasting in the Premier League era (McManaman doesn't count) breaking into the former Liverpool / United / Arsenal / Chelsea / England captains players turned pundits who dominate UK TV coverage. Jermaine Jenas at least sounds happy to be there as well which puts him one up on Murphy although considering his career trajectory I'm not entirely sure how he ended up with such a high profile on the BBC.
  24. Amazon are the only ones who get the coverage right. Apart from the European Goals Show BT Sport is terrible for former players commentating on their old teams and Sky’s awfulness has already been listed. It makes me wish it was still easy to find an NBCSN stream which was always better despite employing Lee Dixon on most games.
  25. When VAR is working correctly and not operating as the 12th man like it did against Arsenal. No Salah, Mane and Keita for next few weeks due to AFCON, just need to stay in the top four until they get back.
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