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  1. I liked the Star Showdowns against Darius Flynt and friends in the original Horizon games, they added a bit of personality and made it feel like an actual festival was going on. Since then the games have felt kind of empty with just the cars existing in the world. I suppose your friends Drivatars were supposed to replicate that but it isn’t the same.
  2. Almost the miss of the season.
  3. Seventh to second was pure luck thanks to the convenient rain shower, he’d just been overtaken by Alonso before it started to rain. For all the complaints about Hamilton still winning at Silverstone he still had to serve his penalty while Max parked his Red Bull on top of the Mercedes at Monza and the penalty was irrelevant because he took an engine change. The only absolutely no his fault bad luck Max had had apart from Hungary where Mercedes strategy cost Hamilton the race was Baku and then Hamilton’s brake magic meant he didn’t lose anything from that either. If Max wins its fully deserved and I think he will win it probably with a couple of races to spare. The Honda had been bulletproof and the only race they were company off Mercedes pace was Turkey and they still finished second and third.
  4. Tuesday is the traditional release day for games in the US. I’m still in two minds about buying it at release, I lost interest in FH4 pretty quickly and should probably and should probably go back and play the DLC in that before buying the new game.
  5. Fuck cancer. I always enjoyed Gunther as a character on friends,
  6. And if it wasn't for the rain shower Perez would probably have out qualified Hamilton. The cars are close but we've seen enough races this season that in Max's hands at least the RB is the fastest car and in the right conditions Perez shows up as well. Perez isn't great and is going to get the Bottas treatment next season as an average driver taking up a seat at one of the fastest teams because Max will have the weakest teammate in 2022. Hamilton still needs to take another engine, Mexico and Brazil are next so unless Max has a problem it's his to lose now.
  7. I'd say the pole record this season is a clear sign that the Red Bull is the fastest car. Mercedes FP1 pace just showed you cannot read too much into FP1 because when it came to the sharp end of the weekend the Red Bull was again the fastest car.
  8. Max has had 8 pole positions in the last 11 races, the Red Bull is clearly the fastest car. I expect him to be out of sight after Mexico. Not sure what happened to Perez, he was absolutely nowhere on race pace and at least Bottas will have some familiarity when he moves to Alfa Romeo because he won't be able to overtake in their car either. Great drive from Max but Hamilton was never really close to him after the first pit stop.
  9. Mercedes strategy cost Hamilton, track position is king and with Mexico next Max could be a race clear after the next race.
  10. Hamilton won’t be able to get into DRS, he’s stuck at 1,7s.
  11. Perez is the 'tyre whisperer' because his race pace isn't great. But he's a safe third so is probably coasting to the end.
  12. No chance. Hamilton will be on the hard tyre.
  13. Those are long stints on the hard tyre.
  14. That was good fun and it's a shame Keita had to suffer an injury before a United player would be sent off. Hopefully Ole hangs on until the City game because I cannot imagine they will be as merciful as Liverpool were after the red card.
  15. Pity the team declared at 5-0 when Keita was carried off, I wanted them to run up the score. Defence still looks a bit shaky and hopefully the injuries aren't too bad and it's always nice to win at Old Trafford.
  16. United should have had two sent off already, I thought he’d forgotten the car after the Maguire foul.
  17. United players remain immune to red cars at Old Trafford I see.
  18. United still look like scoring whenever they go forward.
  19. Should be two, great chance.
  20. City are hammering Brighton. Might be another seven nil today at this rate,
  21. Tuchel is regretting playing Lukaku in midweek so he could break his goal scoring duck when he could have been playing against Norwich today.
  22. Not sure I believe the turnaround that has Perez as the fastest driver. I still think Mercedes are favourite for pole tomorrow with Max an unknown due to him bailing on his soft tyre run.
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