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  1. Mercedes strategy masterclass.
  2. Bottas needed all the soft tyre runners tyres to drop off before he could overtake.
  3. Did Max overtake off track, one of the Red Bulls went wide.
  4. The way the timing boards was flicking between green and yellow Masi was definitely trying to keep the track green so Max could finish his lap. However as soon as Gasly stopped I assume the marshall has to show double waved yellow.
  5. Horner blaming a rogue marshall on Sky.
  6. Three place grid drop for Bottas and five places for Max.
  7. Steve Bruce is available.
  8. What are odds Carrick ends up in charge until the end of the season?
  9. Really happy for iMinamino getting a goal.
  10. Sainz has been called fo the stewards as well at 1pm Qatar time tomorrow. Just Bottas to go.
  11. https://www.racefans.net/2021/11/20/f1-teams-not-at-risk-of-exclusion-over-new-rear-wing-tests-in-qatar/ If that’s the case I assume the FIA are only doing the tests to Horner will leave them alone.
  12. Rodgers might be available soon looking at Leicesters form. A sad way for his career to end. Moves to Barcelona to play with Messi, never does and then a heart problemforces him into early retirement.
  13. It should be time deleted plus a grid drop, three places for single yellow and five places for double. Also flags take priority over the flashing boards if they contradict each other. But nothing will happen, they aren’t even investigating it.
  14. FIA: No investigation necessary. Although Bottas didn't slow down either.
  15. Max starting on the dirty side of the track. Could be the reverse of Mexico.
  16. Perez about to get a new engine.
  17. Which Red Bull were allowed to run for several more races before the rule came in. If the same happens here you’d think the FIA would allow the same amount of time but I assume it will be an immediate ban hammer if it fails. The Red Bull wall is back, strange how Perez has no issues with his rear wing.
  18. Looks like rhe FIA are going on a Red Bull inspired fishing expedition testing Mercedes rear wing after qualifying.
  19. That must be the record for a red flag at the start off a session.
  20. It's a bit rubbish isn't it. I'm 90 minutes in and have unlocked Mystery Gift but I'm finding it hard to like so far. The evening sunset effect looks nice in Jubilife City but apart from that it's not a very good looking game and the implementation of the Poketch isn't intuitive at all. Hopefully it gets better the further I get into the game.
  21. The FIA don’t have any tests currently to prove what Red Bull are accusing it of doing but they didn’t protest in Brazil so could be bluffing again.
  22. Max Verstappen Rule 2.0. Someone is definitely getting run into the gravel this weekend which as long as there’s no onboard of the driver doing it is completely legal.
  23. Does Alonso win in 2008 or 2016 in that timeline? Although without Hamilton he’d probably have won in 2007.
  24. Are there any more obvious examples in F1 of ‘that should have been my career’ than Alonso looking at what Hamilton’s achieved. Although getting yourself black listed by two engine manufacturers is one Alonso achievement Hamilton is never going to match.
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