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  1. Depends if the gain they would make in the prize money from the constructors championship / different sponsors would make up for the amount of money Zhao is bringing in. They also don't have to wait, it's an instant cash injection that can be put towards the development of the 2022 car during the season. The hotel section still looks rubbish but the other improvements make it a more exciting track to watch from the onboard than the old layout.
  2. Red Bull did it to them when Hamilton got a three place grid penalty in Austria in 2020 after they used his 360 cam after qualifying to prove he didn’t slow down for yellow flags. RB have also been telling everyone they think Mercedes have an illegal car so they may as well fight fire with fire.
  3. I don’t think anything will happen but it’s worth a try.
  4. They’ve found the Max’s onboard
  5. Harry Maguires brilliant when he doesn’t have to any defending.
  6. It’s an XBox 20th Anniversary gift if it’s the same Spyder I got. It’s also gifted in Forza 7.
  7. The best example I read was Vettel's DQ from Hungary. The 1L of fuel is a simple pass / fail test and if there's not enough in there for whatever reason it's a fail. Same with Hamilton's DRS, the gap required is 85mm and if that isn't met it's a fail. Various other parts falling off the car like the bargeboards, front wings etc aren't tested like that so if the car finishes without them the team is allowed to replace like for like to pass the test. Or you can just crash into someone on the cooldown lap like Vettel did when hit Stroll in Malaysia and was allowed to keep his race result.
  8. That is an awful circuit, at best two overtaking opportunities at the start and end of the lap. Qualifying will be crucial and whoever is leading after lap one should win the race comfortably because it looks impossible to overtake.
  9. Nevermind https://www.mclaren.com/racing/inside-the-mtc/mclaren-group-statement-sale/
  10. Huge grain of salt of course but would this mean a McLaren Audi that’s really running a Red Bull made Honda engine?
  11. If Max wins one more race all he needs is to finish second in the other races to win the title and Bottas isn’t going to finish ahead of him again this season. But with two new circuits and the improvements to Yas Marin it could still go either way.
  12. Hamilton going to the stewards for loosening his belts on the cooldown lap. Leclerc did a whole lap with them loose at Barcelona and the stewards didn't care so hopefully it's just a fine.
  13. Watching the incident again I think there wasn't a penalty because Hamilton avoided the collision. If they don't touch and there's no damage caused the stewards don't seem to care. Leclerc forced Hamilton off track at Monza in 2019 without a punishment because Hamilton swerved to avoid it and Max did the same here. If they'd made any kind of contact like Kimi and Alonso in COTA they are forced to make a decision but if there's no contact they aren't interested.
  14. How have they still not found Max’s onboard.
  15. Black and white flag when it no longer matters and they seem to have misplaced Max’s onboard.
  16. That’s bullshit, Max didn’t even make the corner.
  17. It should be but Max isn’t gong to get a penalty for that. The fact Max didn’t make the corners means it should be a slam dunk.
  18. Hamilton isn’t going to get close enough to get DRS.
  19. Ridiculously long wait for a SC when there’s debris all over the main overtaking spot on the track.
  20. I thought he'd get to tenth place and no further due to the high top speed of the cars ahead of him which looked like it was happening when he was stuck behind Danny RIc for a few laps. But a combination of lots of old engines ahead of him with Mercedes powered cars especially suffering from performance degradation the older they get, the pack breaking up enough that no DRS train of any length formed and the fact his new engine only has to last four races instead of 6-7 means it can be turned up giving him extra power. A podium is a probably the most he can hope for today, DRS isn't active until lap 3 at which point Max and Bottas will probably be 5 seconds ahead of third place and it's going to take a lot to close that gap once he's up to Perez. Antony Davidson did a good break down yesterday of his different approaches to lining up overtakes on the cars ahead of him
  21. It's a shame they are such awful ports, it's like they looked at the mobile releases of the games and decided they cost too much money to make. I think I'll stick with the PS2 on PS3 versions I own for now.
  22. Ross Brawn has told Ted’s Notebook he loved that but it was only interesting because Hamilton was starting at the back. Apparently the six sprint races next season won’t set the grid but will form their own mini championship with points down the tenth place. Stupid idea just gets stupider, why would you waste parts on a Mickey Mouse mini championship?
  23. Horner accusing Mercedes are doing something illegal again in the Red Bull Sky F1 channel.
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