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  1. Since they updated the store everything I have preordered from Nintendo has arrived on Saturday or Monday. I’m hoping they’ve sorted themselves out but the lack of dispatch email is worrying.
  2. Unlike Man City’s owner they aren’t taking over a club with a brand new modern stadium with plenty of space around it to expand. If The Sports Direct Arena is in the same condition as the stores they are going to need to speed a lot of money updating it as well as buying new players.
  3. Due to Hamilton’s inevitable penalty for an engine change where I doubt he’ll salvage a second place like Max did at Sochi with the tracks coming up. I still think Max and RB are the stronger package and favourites to win the title this year, Mercedes will retain the WCC. Of course the last time a Red Bull started with a white livery was DC at Brazil 2008 so hopefully it will go better than that for them.
  4. To be fair only it’s Mercedes who shoot themselves in the foot when running a special livery. Ferrari for their 1000th race and McLaren’s Gulf livery didn’t suffer any mishaps and Red Bull have been a much more competent team this season. It would be good for the title race if the Honda engine decides to let go when it’s running the special livery of course.
  5. The same as the 3DS and WiiU. You have to add credit on Switch to buy anything on those stores and Nintendo said it was because 2FA wasn’t available on those stores.
  6. Only the ARMs Amiibo interests me from the next wave.
  7. Sprint Races, I meant Events are here to stay sadly.
  8. After watching Fernandinho get away with murder for years and KdB not be sent off for ma awful tackle in the week that was a nice bit of karmic justice.
  9. You’d think Pep would appreciate a tactical foul not being punished by a booking.
  10. Get in. The power of having an actual striker on the pitch.
  11. Lucky escape there for Milner but it was outside the box.
  12. Limited Edition up for preorder at the Nintendo store, £89.99.
  13. It looks a bit like the Bahrain circuit and I assume it’ll be a night race.
  14. Especially with the pit crew that day. He’s won at every track the modern Mercedes team has won at.
  15. Zandvoort and Sakhir as well in F1 at least.
  16. Skies of Arcadia. Every Sega game on the Dreamcast has been ported or remade since the system died yet somehow SoA only got as far as the Legends release on the GC. Give me HD graphics and the speed up options the Final Fantasy PSOne ports got and I’ll be happy.
  17. ryodi


    IndyCar coverage is terrible, cutting to the roof of a hotel for a segment and not even bothering to show the race during it and now Sky don’t run it ad free anymore which means endless gambling ads during the race.
  18. The rain has worked incredibly well for Max.
  19. Is the race director deliberately avoiding showing the overtakes?
  20. Mercedes have thrown another win away. I wouldn’t be surprised if Max finishes a place or two behind Hamilton
  21. Max is going to be ahead of him by turn three. Watching the support races this morning no one has got a good start from P4 on the grid so I expect Hamilton to drop a few places at the start.
  22. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/58690844 I mean City only managed a point at Southampton last weekend and really should have lost that game, this feels like bit of an overreaction. They should beat PSG midweek and if Liverpool defend like they did against Brentford they should beat them to but this reaction reminds me of people thinking Liverpool would win the title after they put seven past Palace last season and we all know what happened then.
  23. ryodi


    IndyCar can be random sometimes especially the Indy 500 where a full course caution at the right time puts you into position to win. As for Grosjean he's finally found a single seater series with cars strong enough to handle his 'racing is a contact sport' driving style. He's moving to Andretti and doing a full season next year so might have a chance at the title. Qualifying for Long Beach starts in five minutes. Like Monaco it's a historic course but once the first lap is over makes for incredibly boring races.
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