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  1. Did anyone get all of the gift cars for playing the previous games? I only go the 2018 Senna from FH4 when I've played all of them.
  2. Firmino injury update Jota will fill in but Origi and Minamino can step up if required.
  3. A few of the game journalists I follow on Twitter were commenting on Howe yesterday In which case why aren’t Newcastle in for Chris Wilder who did the same or Dyche who did it more successfully. It must the blind spot football journalists have for Howe’s Bournemouth being an incredibly dirty team because they apparently ‘played the right way’.
  4. Sorry, too many tabs open. I thought I’d realised and hidden it in time. If you could delete to hide my embarrassment I’d appreciate it so it’s not sullying this nice thread On topic I didn’t play the original Tomb Raider because I never owned a PSOne so had to make do with the GBC version which was actually a very solid platformer. It wasn’t until the Crystal Dynamics trilogy I played them properly and have enjoyed all of the more recent games. It tried going back to the originals on PS3 but just couldn’t get used to the controls.
  5. Thanks for the heads up. This was going to be the first Horizon game I skip at launch but it's hard to say no at that price.
  6. Have faith Everton you play Spurs at the weekend who managed to make United look good.
  7. This and they moved away from the classic tight ovals to huge super speedways which took away the identity of the races. They also realised no one watches the four hour race so it's broken down into stages with points awarded at the end of each stage before a rolling restart with the pack back together because starts are where most of the action happens. They've also had issues with aero and cars following with their Car of Tomorrow which they are hoping to fix with the new regulations from next year.
  8. There's also talk of a Sprint Race Champion for whoever wins the most points in the sprint races. Pissing off your loyal fans to attract new ones worked out incredibly well for NASCAR after all.
  9. The Zelda Amiibo in Breath of the Wild which give you a random chance of getting the classic outfits also completely break the difficulty of the game because they give you a load of resources at the same time which can be far in advance of what you currently have in game.
  10. Jonny Evans remains the luckiest player this weekend.
  11. The last five minutes have been fun.
  12. Spurs are so bad United are going to keep a clean sheet.
  13. I hadn't paid any attention to the stats it was more my recency bias remembering that they held on to beat Brentford when Liverpool failed to do the same. they are beating the teams they are supposed to and the loss to Man City is the only points they have dropped without going down to ten men.
  14. After 120 hours I'm calling it a day. I've completed almost all of the Tickington quests but the difficult spike at the end just isn't fun. The actual quests themselves aren't amazing either and without the Divine Intervention spell the frequency of the random battles would have made me quit a lot earlier than they did. The only interesting moment in the Tickington quests is from Altar of the Heavenly Bride I can see myself playing through the PS4 version at some point just to the get the trophies after playing it through this time on the Switch. It's just a really enjoyable RPG without many annoyances once you get past the usual incredibly slow intro. Now to finally go back and complete DQ VIII.
  15. Two points dropped and reading reports lucky to get one at the same time. Chelsea are grinding out the results and we continue to drop points.
  16. Broken Sword GBA. Saving in the basement of the pub in Ireland would corrupt the save and you’d have to restart the game.
  17. I found the last two Nextlander podcasts pretty dull, the Bombcast at least has some energy to it. Abbys moved to G4TV.
  18. It can’t be any worse than the last Star Ocean game.
  19. This is one way to depress demand for PS5s.
  20. This is what happens when City don’t get their usual soft run to the final. West Ham must fancy their chances of winning it. Goal of the day from Origi.
  21. I liked the Star Showdowns against Darius Flynt and friends in the original Horizon games, they added a bit of personality and made it feel like an actual festival was going on. Since then the games have felt kind of empty with just the cars existing in the world. I suppose your friends Drivatars were supposed to replicate that but it isn’t the same.
  22. Almost the miss of the season.
  23. Seventh to second was pure luck thanks to the convenient rain shower, he’d just been overtaken by Alonso before it started to rain. For all the complaints about Hamilton still winning at Silverstone he still had to serve his penalty while Max parked his Red Bull on top of the Mercedes at Monza and the penalty was irrelevant because he took an engine change. The only absolutely no his fault bad luck Max had had apart from Hungary where Mercedes strategy cost Hamilton the race was Baku and then Hamilton’s brake magic meant he didn’t lose anything from that either. If Max wins its fully deserved and I think he will win it probably with a couple of races to spare. The Honda had been bulletproof and the only race they were company off Mercedes pace was Turkey and they still finished second and third.
  24. Tuesday is the traditional release day for games in the US. I’m still in two minds about buying it at release, I lost interest in FH4 pretty quickly and should probably and should probably go back and play the DLC in that before buying the new game.
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