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  1. It's absolutely ridiculous. People logging in to find 300k gold in their account, and screwing up the auction house economy.
  2. Something I loved from L4D2 was the tension from hearing a witch in the darkness but not knowing where it is, so we'd have to creep and then set up to kill it. And your plans going out the window when a jockey rode your mate off into the middle of a horde. And a tank, or even a charger, was like this big event. I only got to play about 3 hours of this B4B beta (all co-op campaign), but I didn't get any of those feelings from L4D2, apart from one giant guy showing up, which was cool. Otherwise the specials just kind of mingle within the hordes. There's no "aha!" moment like with a smoker or jockey, it's just like "oh, there's one of those things there, better shoot that too." I just want L4D2 but bigger and better. I hope it turns out to be that.
  3. Yeah, D3400. I'll take it! Thanks very much.
  4. There had better be an underground lab.
  5. Yeah, the two guys I share a village with went a bit nuts with progressing, and looking stuff up, and I've now done all the bosses. I'd lost interest, thinking I'd seen it all, but one day decided to just go for a long sail and explore, and ended up finding new stuff! Padaxes and Raane play on my server, plus another couple of groups. I think the perfect way to play it, for me and what I like, would be if there was no shout option. So like you just explore, come across other groups, trade and swap knowledge etc in local chat. Once people start aiming for max progress and sharing stuff in global chat, it ruins the immersion for me.
  6. I just logged on and found this waiting outside my house, courtesy of a neighbouring tribe...
  7. Where did you get this? I must go there. Or did you make it? In which case, where do you live? I must go there.
  8. Ironically you tagged the wrong Fox. But thank the sweet lord you did, because I've never been in this subforum before, and so I would never have seen @The Fox's incredible breakfast. I fucking LOVE black pudding with mushroom and beans. That combo on a fork is perfect. Firm handshakes all round.
  9. Do you need to have played Mafia 1 before 2? For some reason I just saw that I have Mafia 2 DE in my library, but not Mafia 1.
  10. I'd say if BioShock was too much for you then RE2 will be. The original is one of my favourite games ever, and the remake is, in my opinion, neeeearly as good, but I found Mr X to be a bit oppressive at times. Like, I'd describe it as more chest-tightening than bum-clenching. Actually, I just re-read your post. And you already described it better. It's more frantic tension. It's more being busting for a wee while being stuck on a bus, than being on a bus and Jason Voorhees gets on and rips the face off the driver and throws it at you.
  11. How do you know this stuff? I'm new to photography. I bought a Nikon D3400 and got Lightroom. But I just move the sliders around until it looks kinda like how I want it, but that if I change anything else it gets worse or "too much". I know they're my photos and it's up to me, but I have this irritation at the back of my mind that people might be looking at them and thinking "well what he's done with the shadows/contrast/temp/etc is mental, but I guess that's his thing", when actually it's more than likely that it's just me being a noob and not really knowing what I'm doing. If that makes sense?
  12. Bonus lol if you zoom in on the face
  13. The Apple Store link directs to Facebook..?
  14. Does anyone play the sequel on PC? It has online multiplayer. I'm struggling to persuade my chums to add it to the roster, so if anyone needs an extra cook, gimme a shout!
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