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  1. Nice video. There were probably at least five occasions there where I would have run away crying like a wimp So you can't get a ghillie suit off a dead guy?
  2. What's the deal with zombie spawns? If I look down into a town and see zombies in there, does that mean that there's a human in there? And if I look down and there are no zombies in the town, then it means that there are no humans?
  3. I just remembered... Mammas_Boy, didn't I have a can of Mountain Dew when you blew me up? I'll be on tomorrow. Probably around 6ish. I've been having withdrawal symptoms. Been driving around Welsh country roads for a week, and everytime I see a barn or building out in the middle of nowhere my first thought is "supplies".
  4. Can't believe I'm missing all this! Won't be around til Monday
  5. I don't have any weapons anyway. Mammas_Boy blew them up.
  6. I've been a lone wolf from the start. It's been scary. It's been tense. But I've been alive. Lately I've yearned more. I've yearned contact with other humans. I've yearned to rebuild. Eventually I met Mammas_Boy. We could watch each other's backs. It felt safe. It gave me hope. In hindsight, I should have seen the signs when he shot a chicken in the face. Shit, maybe I just didn't want to see. Then tonight we met up with a larger group. I was no longer surviving, I was LIVING. Again, I should have seen the signs when I heard from Strat "shit, I just shot Plums in the face with my Barrett". Maybe I thought I was hallucinating from weeks in the woods by myself. In the space of four minutes we'd set a headless corpse on fire, danced around it, and then gotten blown up by a grenade thrown by Mammas_Boy..
  7. I'm still looking for my face and legs.
  8. Oh balls, I was following him in the dark the other night, and I'd had a few beers MB, do you happen to remember where I am..?
  9. I'll be on this evening to help. MB, are you still in the same place?
  10. There are no zombies around in that video.
  11. When is it going down? I'd like to visit The motherlode once at least
  12. Yeah, if you just run inland with no idea where you are or where you're going then you could run for an hour without seeing anything other than trees. When you spawn, I'd recommend sticking to the coast. Eventually you'll get to a big town, regardless which direction you choose. There's a high chance of death in the big towns, but it'll give you experience at least. And if you survive, you could come out with food, drink, a map, a compass, and a gun. Once you're used to it and you know roughly what you're doing, it becomes much more enjoyable to go off and explore and survive.
  13. Subtle is my middle name. I call shotgun. Probably best I don't drive. Even uphill through grass at 3 mph I managed to hit a couple of trees.
  14. Found a bus. All green. 50% fuel. Grinding my slowly through the woods with it to camp now...
  15. Just those two I just found it pretty funny when you sat on the toilet and shot a chicken in the face. I've been alone in the woods for too long I think...
  16. Yeah, when I was trying to follow you you'd disappear every 30 seconds or so and I'd have to look around for you. It doesn't help that I can't always use a mic, but still. That one we joined after was perfect for me, except for the crosshair. I prefer veteran/no CH/no 3rd person.
  17. Well that was fun. I found bugger all at Devil's Castle, but then met up with Mammas_Boy at the road to the west and we went down to loot Vybor. We pretty much filled our packs with food and drink, before going on a zombie headshot massacre. Along the way, MB blew up a zombie with a grenade, and we saw a chicken and a pig walking down the road together, like friends. It was really cute. Then MB shot them both in the face. Then we stopped while MB did a poo.
  18. Camp Spaghetti could do with some drinks. I just checked out the nearest town, but found bugger all. I then found a boar, so there are now four more juicy pork chops at the camp. Then I found a can of drink (which I had to drink immediately) and an M4A3 CCO in a deerstand. Then I went back to the camp to discover that there's looooooooads of food, but no drinks. I'm thinking I'll head over to Devil's Castle to do a bit of scrounging. I've never been there, but Rog has always been full of food and drink whenever I've been, so hopefully DC will be similar...
  19. How much stuff can you store in a tractor? Seems weird that someone would just take those two and leave your super-gun and two Bizons. Though if there's only space for two guns then I guess they could have just preferred the rifles. It's a shame vehicles don't leave tracks really. That would be a cool feature.
  20. Where did you find that?? So I kill the guy who killed you, AND I find a heli on my way back to camp, and all I have to show for it is that I lost my AKM and Uzi? And you find that thing? Bullshit!
  21. I can't believe you didn't help him. You monster! Last night I logged out in the woods near the NE airfield with my assault rifle, uzi and sack full of food/meds/drink/tools. Just now I tried to join five different servers and they all had me as a new spawn on the coast... Dunno if I should keep trying or just admit defeat and start again Edit: I admitted defeat (no will-power or patience, as usual). Sprinted towards Elektro, ran into a warehouse to the east, tried to pick up a hatchet, was told there was no space in my inventory. Checked inventory, still have all my stuff So, papalasarou, if you're around tomorrow during the day and want some help, then get on mumble and I'll escort you north away from the coastal death-traps. I've got plenty of food and medical supplies.
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