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  1. I completely forgot about that. To be honest, I think I would have killed him either way... I think I'm going to stay away from towns for a while once I have a hatchet. I'm terrified of losing my stuff. I think I'm going to try to find a vehicle and then set up my tent somewhere remote and live off the land... Nice gif MacMantis. Cracked me up
  2. I just committed my first murder After my raid on Stary Sobor that resulted in me being armed with an AK, I went off in search of some matches so that I could cook my meat and get some blood back. I headed west, hitting Kabanino, Vybor and Pushtoshka. Finally, in the church in Pustoshka, I found matches. I also got spotted by some zeds and had to fight them off in a house, which used up all my M1911 ammo. I decided to go deep into the woods to the SW of the town so that I'd have some privacy while I cooked my meat. I went to get my hatchet out to harvest the wood, and saw that it wasn't there. I don't know if I dropped it or if I just never had one... I remembered seeing one in a barn on the outskirts of Pustoshka, so I turned around and headed back in that direction. Suddenly, I found myself behind a survivor. He was about 50m away, with his back to me. He was behind a shack on the outskirts of the woods, looking through his sniper scope down the hill into the town. I guess he'd heard my shooting. Now, he hadn't seen me, as his focus was purely on the town. I could have turned, left him alone, and run away. I don't know if he was just curious, or was hoping to snipe me. Honestly, I must admit I didn't care. I wanted the sniper rifle. I crept up behind him, and pumped him full of AK rounds until he went down. I tried to really quickly check his stuff in case someone else was around, but it wouldn't let me. Then I saw that I had the option to bandage him, and I realised he was just unconscious. I had a chance here to just take the food in his Alice pack and leave him. He had his own bandages and some cooked meat to sort himself out with when he woke up. But instead, I gave him a double-tap to the head. I took his Alice pack, his DMR, his uzi, and his military flashlight. Then I filled the pack with his food and drink and the AK, ate his meat, and left. I was really excited about my new gear but, honestly, I also feel really bad about it. I tried to justify it by convincing myself that he was going to snipe me and take my toolbox and AK. Then I looked at the info in the top right and saw: Bandits killed: 0 Murders: 1
  3. If you're near Stary Sobor you can have mine. I can't get the flipping thing pitched anyway, so all it's doing is taking up space.
  4. My day of survival. Spoilered for length...
  5. What server do you guys play on? I've only had a map twice never driven a vehicle,, never had a weapon better than an Enfield, and have probably only been to 5 or 6 towns... Wouldn't mind going on a raid or two with someone at some point if I'm welcome.
  6. Ah, I'm an idiot. I completely failed to notice the gauge with the jerry can symbol above it next to the status lights. The empty gauge... Thanks!
  7. So I've found a bus. Repaired the engine. Engine now green, and hull/fuel/wheels are all yellow. But nothing happens when I get in the driver seat and try to drive it...
  8. Mental note: remember not to attempt trade with Alan Stock...
  9. Aha. I wandered into a shed in Cherno, overly confident after thinking I had the whole place to myself. There were two zombies inside One took a swing at me. I panic-fired and hit him in the chest, putting him down. I legged it outside and waited for the second one to come out. He wandered out slowly and heading away from me, so I bandaged myself. Just as the bandaging finished and the gear screen disappeared, I saw that he was now coming straight for me. I knelt, stayed calm, aimed right between his eyes, and fired. It hit him in the arm. I swore loudly, but then saw that it was enough to put him down. It's a shame you can't retrieve the bolts, as I'm now completely defenceless again On the plus side, I found a map, compass, engine parts and toolbox. I've never found a salvageable vehicle though, so if anyone is near Cherno and wants the toolbox and engine parts then I'd be happy to trade them for some sort of weapon. Actually, is it even possible to trade things..?
  10. Does anyone ever use the crossbow? I've just respawned in Cherno and immediately found a map and a crossbow. I've never used a crossbow before though so I don't know if the best way to protect my map if the shit hits the fan is to shoot or to just leg it...
  11. Can anyone help? I haven't played for a few days, but I've been following all the updates on here. So today I finally got some time to play, and I downloaded the latest beta patch and dayz files. About half the servers now won't let me on though, apparently because my version is too new. I have 1.60.93616. Do I need to revert to the previous beta patch? I did manage to get on one of the other servers at the first attempt, but then there were no zombies. And I ran full pelt around Balota and then up towards Stary Stobor (or whatever it's called; I've never actually been there...) and not once did I get a single visible/audible indicator. Have I done something wrong somewhere?
  12. I was just south of the northern airfield and heard an engine. I ducked into a bush just as a guy came over a hill on a quadbike, from the direction of the airfield. He stopped maybe 40 feet away and faced me. I had the sights of my Enfield lined up directly with his head. I'll admit, the only thing that stopped me putting a bullet in between his eyes and taking the quadbike was the fact that there were quite a few zeds around and I was on 7k blood. I'm still yet to kill a survivor/bandit. 20 minutes later I was dead anyway, after crawling into Olsha, losing my bearings, and then standing up to have a look around and finding myself staring right into the face (and teeth) of a zombie
  13. ArmA 2 ArmA 2: Operarion Arrowhead I got the free version of ArmA 2 and then paid £14.99 for Operation Arrowhead, both via Steam. Haven't had any problems.
  14. Holy moly. I logged in and was on a rooftop in a town on the east coast. I forget the name. Quite far north. I was tempted to explore it and look for a compass to go with my map, but then I looked down and saw a dead zombie. And I couldn't see a single "live" zombie. This freaked me out, so I legged it for the trees, where I was able to look at my map and figure out where I was. I decided to loosely follow the road to Khelm. There was bugger all there, and I was about to leave when I saw an open house. I crept in, and found a couple of cans of coke and some chem lights. Unfortunately, a zed must have seen me come in, as it was blocking the doorway when I went to leave. I put it down with a headshot from the Enfield. The chaos that ensued lasted five minutes and left me sweating. The headshot apparently attracted every zombie within a mile radius. At first I was able to keep the living room table between me and them, and pick them off with headshots. Then they smartened up and came round the table on both sides. I went through a couple of Enfield mags and a few Makarov mags. Eventually they stopped coming. 41 killed, and down to 7k blood. I legged it to the woods and logged off. If anyone is near Khelm and has some spare blood, I'll be eternally grateful... I'm down to my last can of sardines, but I have a few cans of coke, bandages, chem lights and painkillers I can trade.
  15. What does a tent do? Is it like a locker for storing stuff, that anyone can add to/remove from? Once it's set up does it remain active and open even after the person who set it up logs off or dies? I finally found a map, and an Enfield with which to protect it, so once I find a compass maybe I'll come and check out the camp? Running around in circles in the woods by myself is getting a bit tiresome.. I'll bring some car parts too. All I ever seem to find is bloody car parts and hatchets
  16. Yeah. I was creeping round and suddenly the green arrow appeared. I couldn't see a ladder, and eventually just pressed Enter out of curiosity. It was the same animation as climbing a ladder, but it was a light-coloured pole in the middle and my hands gripping non-existent rungs on either side... I'm starting to think it may have been Elektro, because I've just found a map and am currently sat on a different roof looking at cranes on a dock. As far as I can tell by the map, only Elektro and Cherno have docks like this, and this place looks different. It's dark though, so I don't know. I have an Enfield as well now, and I'm scared of losing both so I logged off
  17. I died as well, after a few days. After being lost in the woods for ages and just about surviving on beans, I found my way back to the coast and headed north. I found my way to what I think might have been Cherno. It was a huge place, with a kind of industrial area, and a church that backed onto a square with a statue of three soldiers. I headed in, thinking I'd be safe in the dark. I climbed a drainpipe up to the roof of the church, where I found an M1911 (I found an AK once in a previous life but only fired it once before getting swarmed - otherwise this was my first non-Makarov weapon!). I also found loads of beans and soda, and took as much as I could carry. I also found a compass, a torch and a watch up there. I was especially excited about the compass, as it seemed the first step towards a future not spent running around in circles in the woods. I spent a few minutes up there, having a look around, when someone on text-chat said he was in Cherno and friendly. I said I thought I was too, and we agreed not to shoot each other if we happened to see each other. I thought about going back to the safety of the treeline with my bag full of food and my new compass, but greed got the better of me. I decided that it was safe enough to go looking for a rifle and a map, so I climbed down crawled into a restaurant across the square. I groped around in there for a few seconds when I heard footsteps outside. I was struggling to tell where they were coming from, so just aimed at the doorway and waited. After about 30 seconds, a survivor crouch-walked in, less than six feet from me. Having somehow not seen me, he walked a few feet further and was looking on the floor with his back to me. I could have shot him in the back of the head, but I froze. A couple of seconds later I typed out "friendly". Just as I pressed Return, he turned around and shot me in the face. It was the guy who had agreed not to shoot me earlier. He immediately started apologising, saying that I spooked him, and offered to give me some good loot if I respawned in Cherno. I didn't. I'm back to having a Makarov and no idea where I am. I could have killed him without him ever seeing me. He told me that I probably should have. Next time I probably will.
  18. Yeah, like this chief: http://dayzmod.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=8495 It's quite long, but quite interesting. And I'm not sure there's anything you can do about someone who pretends to be friendly just to shoot you in the back, other than hope you don't meet them. Or shoot them first...
  19. I had a good session on EUR15 tonight. Until tonight I'd never made it out of a town alive after going in looking for food (four times by zombies, once by a bandit, and once from accidentally vaulting over the railing at the top of a lighthouse and breaking my legs...). I'm still yet to find a map, so have no idea whereabouts I am other than just outside somewhere called (I think) Kamapobo. I'd climbed to the top of a building (finding no less than six dead survivors at various points on the stairwell, from whom I stocked up on food and canteens), when I saw two survivors just outside, creeping under a wall. I tried to warn them that there was a zed on the other side, but it was too late. I ran down to help them but I was too late again. I managed to kill the zeds and then legged it to the treeline, when I saw another survivor being chased down the road a mini horde. I ran over and killed them for him and then gave him a bandage. He was still bleeding though so I dropped another one for him, but he thanked me for the help and said it was too late, and that I was welcome to loot him for a bit of food. Then he died. So that was nice. But then I think I've just been lucky that I've spent so much time lost in the woods that I have hardly experienced any indiscriminate killing. I like the idea of encouraging co-operation, but it might be difficult to implement without punishing the people who enjoy the lone survival aspect. Or maybe it would just make it more realistically difficult for those people. It's a really interesting and complex issue, and I'm looking forward to seeing how it evolves. Until then, I'm not just trying to stay alive, I'm trying to stay human...
  20. How do you know how long you've been alive? I got chased into the woods by some zeds, and became completely lost. It was like The Blair Witch Project. I'd walk for ages, just to find myself back at a spot I'd previously been at. I was low on blood and water, and in desperation I ran into the middle of the first group of buildings I came across. Every single one was apparently non-enterable (is that normal, or am I being an idiot..?). Eventually I got cornered and eaten to death. I'd killed 22 zeds, seen one survivor, and found one can of beans and a hatchet. Also, how do you respawn? I'm on the "You Are Dead" screen, but when I press Esc and then Respawn, nothing happens.
  21. Ok, so I got this running on bootcamp. Chose a server at random. Spawned right by a village. I crept round the back of a house, and saw a zombie doing slow bunny hops round the garden. I crouched, took aim, clicked the left mouse button... and threw a flare at it. It then ran towards me and began hitting me, at which point I managed to throw two more flares at it. My pistol was drawn and I had Fire set to the left mouse button, so I don't know why I was chucking flares and not firing. I've never played ARMA before though, so I don't really know what's going on. Anyone got any tips for an absolute beginner?
  22. Hi I've managed to completely mess up my iMac trying to sort out boot camp. Totally worth the ball-ache though if it means I can get this game running. Is it worth playing if I don't have a microphone though, or will people just shoot me if I'm unable to answer their "friendly" call?
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