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  1. Thanks man. I think that's the kind of vibe I like. I have this constant confidence crisis though that it looks how I want but it's full of a load of technical mistakes, lolz. But fuck it. I'm really enjoying it, and learning every day, and trying to stop myself rushing into buying a new lens etc! One thing I'm having a problem with though... I'll shoot in raw. Get it how I want it in Lightroom. Export it to jpg. It looks different, but ok. I'll upload it to Google Drive. Then download it from there on my phone to put on Instagram. And it looks different again. Is that normal, or am I doing stuff wrong? Cheers
  2. Creepy abandoned warehouse I found down an alleyway.
  3. Those are amazing. I've just taken up photography as a hobby. Zero experience. Bought a Nikon D3400 and kit lens. Currently watching every YouTube video under the sun. I've been thinking about going to Bank station on a Friday evening when it's like a ghost town, but I don't really know what I'm doing. Seeing photos like that is a great motivator for me to keep learning, so thanks! Anyway, here's my favourite picture I've taken so far. It took me aaaaaages to figure out how to get it how I wanted it in Lightroom.
  4. Fox

    Pokemon Go

    Is there anything I can do to get more potions? I have a hundred of each type of ball, a few revives, and a few berries. All I ever get from stops is balls and berries, even on the 7 day streak. I get on average one potion from every ten stops I visit. It's annoying because it means I can't fight at gyms.
  5. Apparently cross platform only works with quick join, not private games. Hopefully it's just a bug...
  6. Me and a mate are on Rifts. Another mate is on Vive. Me and the other Rift guy can invite each other, but it says the Vive guy isn't playing the game. All options to invite him etc are greyed out. Anyone else getting this..?
  7. Will this be in the Oculus store? I have about 30 quid Oculus credit.
  8. Yeah go ahead with Mammas_Boy, Mullo and Marnchair. If I end up playing with a couple of others later then we'll join you at 10 if that won't screw things up. I just can't guarantee I can get another team of three.
  9. Ohhhhhh. Me and the guys in my message are all PC.
  10. @Sir Mullo @mr_rmg @Mammas_Boy @Marnchair @Sponge Fancy this?
  11. Are teams randomly chosen, or do we sign up as our own team of 3?
  12. I carried on with ARK after you guys left, right up til about two weeks ago. There is SO much more in it now. And a nice unofficial server with slightly tweaked rates makes solo play viable. I actually preferred it in the end, albeit with some friendly nearby tribes to team up with and trade with. From my brief stint on Conan so far, ARK feels way more polished, as you'd expect. But Conan definitely feels like you need at least a couple of others to play with. I imagine it would suck balls trying to do it solo. I'm gonna stick with it though as I'm in a group of 6 or 7.
  13. It's downloaded and waiting for me when I get home from work...
  14. How much money do you expect to make from the trip?
  15. I've been selfishly taking hardened criminals on sightseeing trips. As soon as these lockdowns are over I'll gear up help make the Symposium great again!
  16. In the galaxy map, under Jump Data, make sure it's set to fastest route. Mine was set to economical. I'd been doing hundreds of little jumps instead using my full 30Ly range What a retard. I wasted soooo much time.
  17. If you scan the nav beacon you should get a message telling you where to go in a bit more detail.
  18. Could see if this user is still selling: Argos £32.99: http://www.argos.co.uk/product/4289418 BT £31.22: http://www.shop.bt.com/products/thrustmaster-t-flight-hotas-x-joystick-ps3---pc-4160543-59K6.html?referrerid=ZA00&utm_source=awin&utm_medium=affiliates&utm_content=ZA00&awc=3043_1483903779_4906829060ba95c11309bf9e968bea90
  19. I have the Thrustmaster HOTAS X. It seems to be about £30-35 everywhere. I only use it for Elite, but that isn't an issue for me. The amount of enjoyment I've gotten from it means it has paid for itself many, many, many times over. I found I had to go to the keyboard occasionally for a couple of things at first, due to the number of buttons available, but once I got a Rift and could open the cockpit screens by looking at them this freed up a couple of buttons and now I have enough on the sticks that I can just enjoy the most immersive gaming experience I've ever had.
  20. Those videos are amazing. Starting to wish I hadn't watched them now though. The surprise would have been amaaaaaaaaaazing!
  21. I put a screw in the wall not quite all the way, and hang them from that. Next to that I screwed in a two-pronged coat hook and the Rift hangs from that. Looks neat, and they're still to hand but without being at risk from dirt/beer/scuffs from being on the desk.
  22. This War of Mine is a survival management thing. Great atmosphere. Currently 80% off in Steam. I play ARK loads. The official servers are troll-filled grindfests, but there are plenty of unofficial servers with tweaks that are much more fun. Be aware that it's not finished yet though. It's pretty polished and has tons of content, but apparently once the developers have in all the content they want they're going to tweak AI and balancing and stuff.
  23. Does anyone have an Anaconda? I like the idea of a big tanky thing, but are you basically relying on turrets due to most other ships being much more maneuverable than you? Is that the idea? What's the general strategy when it comes to fighting with an Anaconda?
  24. Do you have a tracking number? It might tell you how many deliveries the driver has left before yours. Incidentally, I got mine from Curry's (first place I found with stock). Ordered at 1pm on Sunday, and they were on my desk at 0901 the next morning. Free delivery, too. Very impressed.
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