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  1. Does anyone use an HDMI switch? It's a pain having to go under the desk to switch cables round every time I want to swap between the Rift and the second monitor. I can see a load on Amazon but I have no idea about image quality etc. Does anyone have an recommendations? Cheers!
  2. Also. I'm loving the Viper MkIV. I kitted it out for fighting but then made enough money from that that I could afford to add some cargo space, a business class cabin, and an FSD that gives me a 19Ly jump range. So these days I ferry people around. And laugh like a weird crazy child as I willfully submit to interdictions to show them what a mistake they just made. I've been at 'allied' with the Symposium for a while, and still do all the missions I can to raise influence, but is there anything else I could be doing to help the cause? I'm not averse to the idea of a bit of illegal shenanigans.
  3. It's because your ship's jump range is too low. It can't find a route that your ship can handle. I had that at the start as well. I also had the tutorial fury as well. I was getting killed by the BEGINNER combat tutorial ship. I tried and gave up at the tutorial stage a couple of times, a few months apart. It all felt overwhelming and like nothing made sense. Third time, two weeks ago, was the same. Except this time, instead of giving up, I got on TeamSpeak with Strategos. It was way more helpful. I skipped the tutorials and went into the main game. He answered all my questions and I realised it all actually does make sense. Within an hour I was flying and landing and exploring and upgrading to a Hauler with its bigger jump range (you could also go to Outfitting at a station and get a better frame shift drive, but that brings a whole new bunch of questions about power management and such, though Strategos answered all those too!) and on my way to Mukhang. Now today it's all second nature and I've upgraded ships a few times, done different roles, love exploring and bounty-hunting, and am completely addicted. So yeah, it really is infuriating on your own at the start. So if you can, play a session with someone who has already done all that and can explain it better than the tutorials. I play on PC, but if you can get on TeamSpeak on a laptop while you play on Xbox I'd be happy to talk you through a few things. Or, even better, I'm usually on there with Strategos and Sponge, who would be even better for that.
  4. Are we able to influence which system we expand to?
  5. Me and 7 or 8 other guys from here play KF2 every now and then. We're hardly experts but we do ok. It's more for a bit of a laugh. You're more than welcome to join if you like.
  6. Fox

    Pokemon Go

    Whaaaaaat? How much money are we talking?
  7. Fox

    Pokemon Go

    My friend's Wigglytuff has an interesting moveset...
  8. I've arrived at Mukhang. I'm a massive beginner and don't really know what's going on, but me and my shitty gunless and shieldless hauler are here to help!
  9. Fox

    Pokemon Go

    I caught a CP 1500ish Vaporeon in north London a few days ago. Later that day I hatched a CP 1000 Jolteon and evolved a CP 1500 Flareon. My first of each. Basically the best day ever. I transferred an amazing Slowpoke so that all three of my beauties would be on the same row. It looked amazing. Since then I've caught two more Eevees. Unheard of where I live. I used them to power up my Vaporeon. Just now I was looking through my Pokemon and clearing out dead wood and checking there wasn't a cheeky evolve opportunity I'd missed. Looked at my Vaporeon and saw I had three candies. I powered up. And it disappeared. And then I saw the message about successfully transferring it to the professor. I'd transferred it. By accident. On autopilot from all the motherflipping Pidgeys and Drowzees I'm always getting rid of.
  10. Fox

    Dying Light

    If you hold left, right or back and press jump, you dodge the same way they do. Apart from that all they can do differently is block, When they're blocking constantly, just kick them or let them take a swing and then dodge/counter it.
  11. Cool, thanks.
  12. I just tried to buy Watch Dogs from the US store. I changed the location and restarted, then added my existing PayPal account to it and my American chum's address as the billing address. Tried to buy, but it said "Your purchase can't be completed at this time. Please try a different payment method." what did I do wrong?
  13. Can you hack their phone and block/intercept the call? That would be sweet. Has anyone tried this on the Sexbox One with the Smartglass app? Seems cheaper and better looking on PC, but a groovy Smartglass app would tip me towards the Sexbox version.
  14. I tried on King difficulty at the weekend, after only ever playing for fun on Warlord. In both of my first two games, I kept myself to myself, away from the civ on each side of me. Spurned the odd request to trade their horses for my gold, etc. Suddenly, bosh, they both simultaneously declared war on me. In the third game, I decided to go with the Zulus and tool up straight away with archers and walls, hoping it would make my neighbours go and pick on someone else. Sure enough, I soon had a declaration of friendship with Ethiopia, and some nice trading going on with Spain. All seemed well, and I decided I fancied going for a science win, when bosh, Spain and Ethiopia both simultaneously declared war on me. I managed to keep them at bay and then push them back with hastily-researched and bought Impi, but by the time they came looking for peace I was in a right state and probably miiiiiiles behind everyone else. What can I do to stop civs suddenly going from 'friendly' to stabbing me in the back? Is it because I refuse their endless requests for an embassy or to trade their horses for my luxuries? They never seem to be willing to make fair trades. Nine times out of ten, whenever I want a luxury off them, they want all my luxuries, an embassy, open borders, and gold per turn in return. For a bit of salt or whatever. Grrr.
  15. O3H7FE-D4NFO0-F0LIGK gives 20% off. Making Thief 12 quid. Worth it? I never played the original ones, but I like stealthy stuff like Splinter Cell and Dishonoured.
  16. Amazing. Nope, still haven't got it, so would be happy to take it off your hands if you don't want it...
  17. Where are the best places generally to buy Steam keys? I'm pretty new to PC gaming, and so far I've just been building up a collection via pretty much just Humble Bundles and Steam sales. I suddenly had a craving to play Portal today, having never played it, but found I have Portal 2 but not the first one I was just going to get it through Steam, but is there a better idea?
  18. Fox

    Papers, Please

    It's half price on Steam for the next 5 hours... http://store.steampowered.com/app/239030/?snr=1_614_615_baftapromo_616_10
  19. Yep, all day. The application says "cannot connect", and the website says my login details are wrong...
  20. Does anyone know when the update of FTL is due? I finally got the Crystal ship a few days ago, and it was one of the most happy, tense and exciting moments I've had in gaming. Words cannot describe how much I love that game. And I still need the Rock and Mantis ships. Good times. Also I have a spare copy of Payday 2 if someone wants.
  21. I have the following up for grabs from the Sid Meier's bundle. I only bought it for the two Civ 5 DLCs. Sid Meier's Civilization III: Complete Sid Meier's Civilization IV: The Complete Edition Sid Meier's Railroads! Sid Meier’s Ace Patrol Sid Meier’s Ace Patrol: Pacific Skies Sid Meier's Civilization V
  22. Spork just wants to skip around in his Hello Kitty backpack and pick berries. I might log on this evening and head over to the new town and get killed.
  23. No idea. I was hoping people would be talking about it on here by now. Is the patch even out yet?
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