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  1. Once buildable structures are in it, I'm going to get me a heavy coat, a wooden hunting rifle, and a cabin in the woods.
  2. I was just reading that loot only spawns on the restart. Is that what you found? I'm not sure how I feel about that. On the one hand it could end up being a dirty NWA camp-fest at restart. But on the other hand I love the idea of stuff being actually really fucking scarce, and it being really difficult to survive.
  3. Are you sure you didn't load up the mod by mistake..?
  4. You're all bastards. I'd give my left nut for the day off tomorrow. See you at 5:15 tomorrow. Save me a Lee Enfield.
  5. What's happening? Fucking hell, updates please!
  6. OH FUCK. I'm at my shitty IT dept Christmas do! Nooooooo. Nooooooooo. Arrrrghhhhj. Jddjdnjddj
  7. I felt genuinely bad the first time I murdered a player. Really guilty
  8. If I'm in the middle of a game and then turn the console off via 'Xbox, turn off', then when I come back the following day am I supposed to be able to resume the game instantly? Or is that only for the current session? Also, if I'm watching TV and then say 'Xbox, go home', the tv carries on playing in the main tile on the home screen. I don't want it to do that. Do I have to open an app and then go to the home screen again?
  9. That looks amazing! I'm back in hype mode again
  10. I do. I thought the whole voice thing might get tedious, but I actually quite like walking into the room and saying (I've never had to shout) 'xbox on' and having it all on by the time I get to the sofa. For an irritable, impatient bastard like me, it's a big plus. And I like being able to switch over to a game during the ad breaks. And the picture quality seems the same to me. My TV is only 32" though, which might have something to do with that.
  11. Another update: http://forums.dayzgame.com/index.php?/topic/153415-another-quick-update-5-december-2013/
  12. Hopefully he'll stick a big warning at the top of the Steam page to discourage the plebs.
  13. What does that MEAN? At first it sounded like they were still nowhere near release. But then the last couple of paragraphs sounded like it's imminent. I wouldn't get it straight away if I were you, Strat. It sounds like it's going to be exactly the sort of thing that will make your head explode with fury
  14. Stop doing this to me Spork, I've got work to do!
  15. Decider - Agreed. It's mental that they thought that was fine as the way to view achievements as they come in. I find everything else to be so fast and fluid, that it feels so incredibly tedious just to check a flipping achievement. They must be working on getting that snappable. They must be.
  16. It's not "utterly broken". I've never had a problem with it. This morning I went downstairs and turned it on from the other end of the room. Then, from various points in the room, including facing the floor while tying my laces, went to Netflix and coninued watching Heroes. Then turned it off. At no point did I turn the controller on or have to shout or repeat myself. And the instant switching has never been anything other than perfect for me. Very impressive. If there's an issue with it handling voice with multiple/unrecognised/new people in the room (since your mate said it was fine up til then), then that's a bit rubbish but will get fixed. It's a bit shit for you that your first experience wasn't as sexy as other people's, but using that to claim that the whole thing is utterly broken is a bit extreme. I'm absolutely loving it.
  17. Fox

    Dead Rising 3

    I'm loving it. If you have Kinect connected, you can say "change clothes" at any time to immediately change back to the default outfit. You can also shout at the zombies to attract their attention, if you're into that sort of thing. I guess it could be useful in co-op, to create a diversion. I definitely found it a little overwhelming at the start. Like, DR1's opening twenty minutes or so were about directing you to what was going on, and making it super clear that you were on a clock. DR3 felt kind of like "bosh! There you go. Bajillion zombies. Collectibles all over the map. Have fun."
  18. I got mine this morning. I'm absolutely loving it. I've played a fair bit of Ryse, The combat is Batman-esque. In a good way. I had a period where I saw that the executions could become tedious, but then it introduced Focus and the fact that there are like a biliion gajillion executions and double-executions to unlock. And javelins and shit. And it's just a really nice world to be in. Just mad, riotous killing. Then I played Dead Rising 3. The first thing I did after the "intro" bit, was combine a toy robot with a box to make a lethal jack-in-a-box. If I didn't already have a girlfriend, Dead Rising would be my girlfriend. Then I played FIFA. It was good I guess. I don't have any negatives at all, it's just that I only ever usually play FIFA/Evo with mates in a room. Plus points go to it asking what accent I have, first option being 'cockney'. While playing FIFA I said "xbox, snap tv". TV snapped. It was there. I said "fullscreen", and it went fullscreen. I said "go to FIFA", and it went right back to FIFA. I said "go to Dead Rising 3", which was still the game I had in the drive, and it went to it. Right where I fucking was. Then I felt a bit too sexy and stopped. It's fucking wicked. I tried to test Skype, but I don't have any Skype friends, and my test ended with my woman saying "I'm not going upstairs to the PC to sexy-Skype you. Stop drinking.". Efforts continue. Full report to follow.
  19. Fucking fuck fuck. Just went to pick up Xbox One from the guy who bought it for us. Hasn't been delivered yet. Checked tracking number. Says they tried at 11am but nobody was in (which he wasn't) and that they hadn't been asked to leave it with a neighbour (which they fucking had, because he knew he'd be at work). So now it's back at the depot. Gaaaaaah. Was stocked up on beers and looking forward to killing zombies all night. This is currently me:
  20. Can you be signed into Live on the XB1 and 360 at the same time? I have Ryse and DR3 on disc which, by the sounds of things, will take at least a couple of hours to install..? Would be nice to play GTA online while I wait.
  21. Tom is currently sick to the balls of carrying xboxes around all day. Tom is approximately 17 minutes away from you. Tom is approximately 21 minutes away from you. Tom is approximately 30 minutes away from you. Tom is approximately 60 minutes away from you. Tom's whereabouts are currently unknown. Lee has been assigned to your delivery. Lee is currently making delivery number 71. You are delivery number 184. Lee is approximately 7 hours away from you.
  22. Mine has arrived. And I am at work until 8pm. Mostly doing something like this:
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