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  1. This just arrived from Amazon. Though not DR3 yet. Now I just have to hope that the console doesn't get delivered til after my chum it's getting delivered to is back from work...
  2. From excitement to fury in three minutes I was the same. The guy who ordered mine for me told me yesterday that he won't be in to receive it, and didn't seem confident about getting the address changed to my workplace
  3. Crimson Dragon: 71 Dead Rising 3: 84 Forza: 91 Killer Instinct: 72 Ryse: 80
  4. I'm still getting it.
  5. Hasn't he always said that he wants it to be harder and more realistic, i.e. more shitty Soviet-era rifles and fewer/less high-powered western guns/gear. I get the impression that he's desperate to make a super-difficult, realistic survival sim, and not something where dudes are running around in ghillie suits with sniper rilfes. Don't worry, it will be great
  6. I don't want my copies of Battyman AC or Scribblenauts. PM me if YOU do.
  7. I've just ordered Ryse to go with Dead Rising 3, and even reading all the wanky, childish bullshit in this thread hasn't stopped me from feeling so excited that I might die
  8. Fox

    West Ham United

    Big Sam's reaction to Chico Flores diving. Amazing. Watched it about 20 times
  9. Yeah, I was trying hard to avoid sounding ungrateful I've pre-ordered Dead Rising 3 and Watch Dogs but, you know, free Forza...
  10. Quick question about the Day One versions. Soooo, in what I can only assume was a period of severe mental breakdown, a friend of my woman's family told us back in June, before all this free game business, that he'd pre-ordered us an Xbox One as an early wedding gift. He apparently paid a £20 deposit at Game. Does that make it a Day One/free game version? If so, how would it work with choosing between FIFA and Forza?
  11. I completely forgot you could get DayZ on Arma3. I think I'll try it. rmg said it was a big improvement a while ago, IIRC. Arma3 wasteland is nice.
  12. Best case scenario: in an hour we'll all be on mumble saying "my download is going at 17kb/s" and "really? mine is 0.7kb/s" and "mine just crashed again". However, that's not stopping me from leaving work immediately to go home and excitedly stare at twitter and steam until my eyes bleed.
  13. I'm somewhere in between. If I subscribe to a free service that uses ads to pay for itself, fine. Small price to pay and, like you, I just zone them out. I don't like ads being everywhere though, especially when they're from people who think that the best way to persuade me to make a serious financial agreement with them is with a fucking talking dog, or Stuart Pearce kicking an opera singer, or by offering me a free fucking meerkat toy. But it's generally fine, as I usually sky+ anything I want to watch and can then fast-forward the ads. SIMPLES. With the XB1 though, there's now this very real thing of advertisers wanting to collect information about me that I don't want to give them, and very possibly wouldn't even realise I was giving them, in order to try to sell to me more successfully. I just don't like the idea that they can do that, and that MS are actively promoting and developing that. At all. It's weird and shitty and intrusive. I'm not freaking out about it though, because they've said I don't have to opt-in to that. So I won't, and I'll just go on ignoring the little tile in the corner advertising Die Hard 6 or whatever and continue to ignore any ads if I ever get around to watching TV on the thing.
  14. For me it's the level of targeting. Like, Netflix is a specific service I've opted into. It giving me a list of films based on my viewing habits is good for me. It's taking my viewing habits, and nothing else, and offering me more things to view that it thinks I might like. Targeted, but not personal or intrusive. But the idea of this incredibly powerful tool reading my subconscious/involuntary physical reactions to something they've shown me provokes more than a naive sense of ickyness in me. By all means show me games for sale based on my gaming habits. But like, "TWIX? HEARTBEAT AND TEMP RISING, ANGRY FOX NO TWIX, SHOW PEPSI" is too personal and intrusive. I don't want advertisers to have that level of information about me. I'm waffling. It's difficult to explain. Maybe it is just a naive sense of ickyness. Plus, I love Twix. And I have AdBlock, so I have no idea what Facebook is trying to advertise to me. Either way, I'll just play games (DR3, woooooo), ignore the ads, and not opt-into the targeted-ads feature.
  15. http://www.engadget.com/2013/09/30/vorpx-beta-launch/ You can use it with Bioshock, Mirror's Edge and Dead Space?!? Oh dear. Oh dear oh dear oh dear. I'm a "Bioshock is amazing on it!" comment away from ordering...
  16. It's just them saying "We have all our great exclusives, plus all the biggest games from other platforms", right?
  17. Fox

    Google Doodle

    Christ. I literally just got 182, and it felt like the perfect game.
  18. Fox

    Google Doodle

    Suuuuuure. Something wrong with your Print Screen button today Cheeko..? Damn you. There goes the afternoon.
  19. Fox

    Google Doodle

    Grrrrrr, There goes my morning (172). Edit: gg
  20. I have an unused Steam copy from a 4-pack if anyone wants to buy it. £18.75 it comes to.
  21. I have a copy of Payday 2 for sale if anyone is interested. £17.99. Part of a Steam 4-pack that didn't get used. Or should this be in the Trading thread? Apologies if so...
  22. Just in case anyone doesn't have them yet, I have steam keys for Trine 2: Complete Story and Eets Munchies going.
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