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  1. Just in case anyone doesn't have them yet, I have steam keys for Trine 2: Complete Story and Eets Munchies going.
  2. I was wondering about that. I found myself almost constantly looking through the camera, because it made it feel more realistic for me, like I was actually trying to document the whole thing. It'd be cool if I could watch it back after, and notice a face in the corner or something that I hadn't seen the first time around.
  3. Saw it on Steam. Looked good. Decided to wait for a price-drop, due to backlog. Found this thread. Read thread. Bought game. Turned off lights. Put headphones on. Started game. Climbed up scaffold and in through window. Lights went off. Thought "heh, nice." Took out camcorder. Turned on night-vision. Let out involuntary, weird, guttural noise. Closed game. Went downstairs to the lights of the living room. "What's up?" "Nothing." "How's the game?" "Didn't start it yet. What you watching?" "Mean Girls." "Sounds good. I'll watch it for five minutes. Or til morning." "Really? But Lindsay Lohan is in..." "YES I'M FUCKING SURE." I'm such a little bitch. I didn't even see anything with the night-vision. Like, a bed or something.
  4. But you're not being critical. You're being tedious.
  5. Fox

    Dead Rising 3

    Hang on... You can cancel the animations after changing clothes?!?! Finally!
  6. Nah, it's official. It could be faulty I guess, as it occasionally de-syncs for a few seconds. I can't decide if that's more annoying than the hassle of trying to get a replacement four weeks after buying it though. In other news, and in case there is still anyone interested, I have keys. All Origin except for Crysis: Crysis 2 (Steam) Dead Space Burnout Paradise Medal of Honour Mirror's Edge PM me if you want any.
  7. When I plug it in, it shows up as "unknown device" I then have to install the driver by picking it from a list. I went through it all yet again, and it wasn't working. I turned off the pad, and decided I might as well charge it while I look for a solution. As soon as I plugged it in, it turned itself on and synced automatically. It's a standard wireless pad with a standard play & charge cable... Bizarre. So, all good. I really wasn't looking forward to playing Burnout with the keyboard,.. Thanks for the suggestions.
  8. Apologies if this isn't the place to ask, but does anyone use a wireless 360 controller with Windows 8? I have a wireless dongle. I have downloaded the software and installed it, and the dongle shows up correctly in Device Manager. However, the controller won't sync with it. The light on the dongle flashes for a while and then gives up and goes back to steady, and the 360 light just spins. What am I missing..? (please don't let it be something retarded)
  9. I have a Crysis 2 Maximum Edition Origin key if anyone wants it. Edit: Gone to MechE
  10. I'm loving the great advice in here. I'm ashamed to admit I've never gone particularly deep into the game before. I like the militaristic side of it, so have always just gone the 'kill everyone' route. After finding this thread though, I'm now spending much more time on things such as luxuries. And I now have a noob question... What am I missing with trading? When one of my cities demands silk or whatever, I try to trade my own luxuries to get it. But 90% of the time, the AI refuses any deal other than one that involves me giving them basically everything I have. All luxury and strategic goods, money, etc. Is it simply that they don't need anything I have, so that's just hard luck for me, and I need to find it from somewhere else?
  11. I have no idea what's going on. I basically just run around trying to spear people from behind (ooo errr). Steam name is bigheadfox. If you fancy getting speared from behind.
  12. I bought it in the sale, too. It's mental. I jumped into MP after getting battered in the tutorial, and the first thing I saw was a severed head rolling down a slope towards me. I let out a battlecry and ran towards a couple of guys who were fighting, when another guy came out of nowhere and cut me down. Amazing.
  13. You have spent approximately $64.53 USD in the store since the sale began. Arf. Those £3.74s really sneak up on you
  14. Damn this thread. I hadn't given that game a second glance. Then I read this. Then I watched the trailer. Then I bought the game. This sale has just made me realise that I have no willpower. The only time I play something other than DayZ these days is when I play Borderlands 2 on the sexbox, so I know I shouldn't be buying games (seven, so far). But then I see the prices and know that I should. The other thing that makes me feel disgusted with myself is how I keep checking how much the sexbox versions are, because I have an irrational desire for sexbox achievement points. I've gone from pre-sale ignorance and happiness, to not knowing about a game > not having any particular desire for said game > feeling price of game makes it too good to pass up > considering more expensive version. This is a low point. A disgusting low point
  15. If anyone was interested in trying DayZ but was put off by the cost of ArmA2: CO, it's currently £5.77 in the Steam sale.
  16. Sheeeeeeeeit. Fallout 3, NV and Portal 2 today. £3.74 each! It'd be rude not to. Is Nazi Zombie Army any good? I haven't played Sniper Elite before.
  17. My journey: 1. Buy FM2012. 2. Ask "what the hell is Steam? Why do I need that?" 3. Play FM2012 for a year. 4. Laugh disbelievingly at the chaos caused by sales. 5. Pity everyone. 6. Say "oh ok, I'll see what all the fuss is about." 7. Instantly buy Hotline Miami and L4D2, despite owning L4D2 on XBox. 8. Follow this thread and sale countdown obsessively. 9. Read up on every game recommended here, to see if I should buy it. 10. Try not to buy anything.
  18. Surely they've got to make all that kind of shit opt-in though, right? Right..? I flipping hope so. http://www.oxm.co.uk/54819/xbox-one-kinect-wont-be-used-to-spy-on-you-camera-can-be-switched-off/
  19. Yeah, as fun as it can be running around with a SAW in your hand and DMR in your pack, I want to be excited when I find a rickety old Lee Enfield. And I want my brain to melt when I find a piece of military gear. I want to find an old hunting rifle under a bed in a cabin. I don't want to find an American assault rifle with scope and underslung grenade launcher in the middle of the floor in a firestation.
  20. - Zombies got too easy. For me they've become an annoyance when I'm trying to do my thang without getting shot by some dick with a sniper rifle. - Every other server now seems to be called "Server name - OMG 250 HELIS, START WEAPON, MAX VEHICLES". I want minimum stuff. I want to start with fuck all, and be terrified. And since people got fed up of being sniped at Stary or meeting at least 5 hostile players at the NW airfield, admins started adding military spawns all over the place. - Everyone turned side chat back on. It's so difficult to immerse yourself when you're scouting a precious crashed heli when you suddenly see "PaRiS_HiLtOnS_FlApZ: hey guys, there's a crashed heli south of Gorka. I took a ghillie suit but left some guns" broadcast to the whole server. Fucking fuck off. - The feeling of entitlement and wanting to get tooled up asap ahead of any other objective, coupled with the ease of doing so, means that 99% of people shoot you on sight. I reached the point where I'll leave a fully-working vehicle I find if I have decent stuff, because I KNOW someone will shoot the shit out of me on sight rather than ask for a lift. I still play it though
  21. It's a surprise now when it happens, rather than being something that you're always expecting to happen sooner rather than later. Whitelisting and global ban lists have cleaned it up a lot in my recent experience.
  22. Just finished my first playthrough. Amazing. The last section, in particular, felt epic. I went through that place like shit through a goose. My aim at first was to be stealthy and only knock out people in my way and kill people who needed to be killed. But then, at the party, Did anyone else find themselves over-using/over-relying on Dark Vision? I had that thing on 50% of the time
  23. Well that was interesting. Me and Herb logged in at the camp. We hopped on the quad bike to meet Strat, when he suddenly said he could see a guy getting chased by a zed. He decided to help the guy by killing it, but he missed and gave up. It turns out the guy was part of a group of bandits, who then tried to rob Strat after thinking he'd been shooting at their mate. It sounded like they were being dicks about it, so Strat got annoyed and started shooting at them, but was killed Me and Herb then drove to the trading post to repair the quad bike, when suddenly all the bandits turned up in cars and jeeps. We waited for them to leave, and then left ourselves. We headed north on the road, and found they'd set up a roadblock. I did a quick 180 and headed south. Suddenly, more of them came out of the trees and told us to stop. Happy in the knowledge that Herb, riding bitch on my quad bike, would soak up all the bullets, I sped on. They opened fire, but some quick thinking from Herb saw us go off-road and escape unharmed. We parked up and then doubled back to try to kill them. We found them, but there were loads of them, so we watched from a distance for a while. Deciding that we couldn't take them, we headed back. Mercifully the quad was still there, and we made it back to camp in one piece. Pretty tense/exciting stuff. At one point when we were watching those guys, another guy came creeping through the woods right by us. At one point he passed 2 feet from me, without spotting me as I was lying in some tall grass. Shat me right up
  24. After our attempt at a roadside ambush saw a jeep, a range rover, a motorbike and a lone man on foot go straight past us unchallenged ( ), Strat logged out and me and Sponge began to starve to death. We looked in the nearby town, where Sponge got knocked out by a zombie in a building. I ran in to rescue him with my Mk 48 light machinegun, which attracted every zombie in a billion-mile radius. See image. Mercifully we made it out and to Prud, where we killed a pig and a goat. Then I had to log out. Strat, we also found another wire-fence kit in the town.
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