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  1. I can't remember where I logged off yesterday, and I won't be home til 5:30, so I probably won't get a chance to crash it as it'll probably be either gone or in a tree by the time I get on...
  2. Indeed. I'm thinking I'll hop on a bike and head up there this evening.
  3. The walled-off one SE of Polana is the one I mean.
  4. I'm steering clear of Polana and the factory. It's a death trap at the minute by all accounts.
  5. Indeed. At the start of the Chris demo I went behind the humvee while I inverted my Y-axis. While I was in the menu screen the humvee reversed into me and knocked me over. I like the idea of not pausing while in the inventory though. That adds a bit of realism for me, having to make sure I'm safe before managing my stuff.
  6. Where'd you get the L85?? I'm logged off right in the middle of Stary...
  7. I spawned at Kamenka. With hindsight, I wish I'd gone North to Zelenogorsk, but the lure of Balota and its military buildings was too great. I got there and found an M1014 shotgun with no ammo in one of the hangers. All of a sudden three guys come in and tell me to freeze. I told them I had no ammo or gear. One looked in my pack while the other two kept the zombies away. Satisfied that I didn't have anything, they told me to go prone and roll out of there, which I did, with them cracking up. When I got outside they said I could get up and leave, so I did. I didn't go far though, and stopped to get out my hatchet, with the intention of hiding til they came out and then chopping them from behind. That's when I saw I had grenade. They were outside by this point, so I chucked it at them and legged it. It seemed like a good shot, and it looked like one was down, but I wanted a gun before going back to survey the damage/finish them off. I hit the deer stands, but they were empty. Then I heard two different types of shots coming from the hangars, so just left. Went to Cherno next, and found bugger all other than armed solo players and a guy chucking grenades and flares off the firestation roof. Went up to Novy and found bugger all. Went over to Stary and found a load of player tents among the military tents, from which I got an AKM. Also found a UAZ which needed two wheels and an engine. Just then a guy turned up with an Alice pack but no gun. I considered robbing him for it, but I didn't want him to then grab a gun and come after me while I was searching for car parts, so just said hello and went off to start my search. Found bugger all. Then had to log out.
  8. It's a little island, with a few tiny islands scattered nearby. Judging by the map there's an airfield in the middle, but I never managed to get near it...
  9. I knew exactly where I was being shot from. Everywhere
  10. Yeah. It turns out I'm absolutely terrible at combat. Killed two people. Died about ten times. And one person I killed was running away from me in a straight line. The other was already unconscious.
  11. Did the same, on my second playthrough. Though I seem to remember the Good Soul bit taking exactly 100 million attempts.
  12. Ice creams! Genius. Was his name Crazy Zombie Medic? He was the guy who said hello and gave that crazy Swedish guy a Bizon ("EPIC GUN!") clip at the airfield.
  13. It wasn't the most well-oiled operation, but it was fun. They were out in the open with the bus and heli. There were only two of them at the vehicles, so me and MB charged in while the others took covering positions. It looked pretty funny, with MB telling them to leave the vehicles and them shouting back in high-pitched Swedish. Especially because we had to constantly run around to avoid the million zombies we'd aggroed. MB gave them 10 seconds to leave and when they didn't we opened fire. Unfortunately I was in 3rd person view and so hadn't noticed I'd needed painkillers until I'd brought my gun up. I got off a few shaky M14 shots before being insta-killed by their snipers, along with MB. Sounds like the rest of team clusterfuck managed to finish everyone off though. Nice work. I respawned by Elektro and grabbed some bits and bobs, but then had to log out. I'm liking this server. Other than losing the M14 I don't even mind when I die, as it's usually in a fun way like this rather than by getting shot on sight for no reason.
  14. I didn't. By the time I got there two guys told me to leave and I ran away like a girl. And then got lost in the woods.
  15. A lot of people were complaining about lag yesterday.
  16. I have the soldier skin with the red beret, and it's low-res. I had no weapon, and thought I was heading to Gorka, when a Swedish guy in a white pickup stopped and started beeping at me. We had a chat about skins and donations, and then he gave me an M1911 and a compass and asked me to drive him to the NW airfield. Turns out we were actually by Stary, so checked that out. Then I drove him up to the airfield where he found me an AKM while I sat in the car. While we were looting the hangars two guys showed up on an ATV and scrambler. The guy I was with asked if they had a Bizon mag, and they gave him one (oo err) and then drove off. My guy was weirdly excited about it and kept saying "EPIC GUN" while shooting every zombie he could see. I left him to it while I checked out the rest of the hangars. I found him a couple of clips for his DMR, but when I went back he'd gone. I guess I'd gone out of range and he'd thought I'd left him. I checked the player list but I didn't see his name, so I have no idea what happened to his truck. I ran to the barracks with the bench in the doorway and lost nearly all my blood trying to get over it, with zombies hitting me from behind. There was bugger all in there, and after I'd killed the billion zombies I legged it out of there to Vybor. If anyone is near Vybor I could do with a transfusion. And I picked up a CZ50 sniper rifle if anyone wants it.
  17. Sorry MB, closed mumble just as you said something about getting stuff off my body. If you've got room for the M14 that would be amazing. Otherwise don't risk it. Cheers.
  18. 27" iMac 2.7GHz Quad Core i5-2500S 12GB Ram Radeon HD 6770M Windows 7 64bit I have no idea how that compares! I have a second monitor, that I have the map open on. Dunno if that affects performance too.
  19. And miss out on getting killed by cows, launching zombies a mile into the air, and getting broken legs by bumping into someone on a step?
  20. This game makes me wish I had a powerful PC. I play it on a 27" 2011 iMac. Fantastic screen, but isn't designed for games I play it on the second lowest resolution on offer (dunno what it is exactly) and it looks pretty hideous. I once whacked it up to 2560x1440 and it looked incredible. Unfortunately, it was like wading through glue. It must be amazing to play it at high resolution.
  21. What's the problem? I assumed you would have fixed it and flown it somewhere else by now. Some King you are!
  22. Gaaaaaah. Why did I have to set up my computer in my bedroom? My woman wanted to go to sleep, so I had to log off. Flipping great fun, too. We all found ourselves scattered around stary, which was mental. At first MB had found a car and was looking for a wheel for it. Then a couple of guys turned up on a motorbike and kept MB away while they fixed and took the car for themselves. Then a camper van came along, which we tried unsuccessfully to rob. Loads of people were running around. It was mental. Three guys turned up in a car, and we tried to rob that too. But in true Clusterfuck style RMG and Strat ended up blowing it to smithereens, incinerating two of the passengers, and I mistakenly shot a bystander in the face. Eventually we headed off, when a guy called village jumped on mumble and said he was at Skalisty Island with broken legs, and was lying next to a helicopter. Despite it sounding like the most obvious trap in the world, we made our way there. Sure enough, there was a helicopter, with a guy lying nearby with broken legs I patched him up, and then me and MB set off on a bike to look for parts to repair a heli. Strat set off north east on foot to look too, and then five minutes later declared that he'd accidentally run north west instead, towards the airfield After several unsuccessful lootings of towns, someone (Martin?) found the main part needed. Me and MB continued looking for scrap. Then I had to log off
  23. Me/MB/RMG/Herb met up at Vybor. Killed some zombies, and grabbed some loot. We then decided to go meet Strat in Stary. First though, we checked out a barn NE of Vybor. We were standing in the road when we saw a guy on a scrambler coming down the road towards us. MB said hello, but the guy didn't stop, so he stepped off the road to get out of the way. Next thing the guy swerved right into him and knocked him flying, and then drove 100 yards further on before slowing down. MB said he'd been killed, so me and RMG opened up on the guy with our SAW and FAL respectively. RMG hit him and he drove off. RMG chased him on foot for a bit, but then realised how close to the airfield we were and ran back. We set up a tent in some trees next to the barn so that we could put MB's stuff in it for when he came back, but then shots started hitting the ground around us, and I felt a poof on the ground next to me We, being real men, immediately hid in the barn and waited for Strat All was quiet so after a while we ran up to the wall of the airfield. However, RMG got shot and had to crawl back to the barn and patch himself up. Me and Herb met Strat at the wall, and then Strat spotted the two shooters on a hill in the distance. I think at this point Strat went to the barn with RMG. Then he said he saw another two guys, who told him to get in the barn or they'd shoot him. He went into the barn and then they shot at him anyway. At this point me and Herb were on the other side of the wall, with it between us and the barn 100 yards away, and between us and the shooters. Suddenly Herb briefly spotted a guy on our side of the wall. I got up and saw him crouching. Strat said it was the guys who shot at him, so I gunned him down with the SAW. Straight away I saw the second guy sit up from prone, so opened up on him as well, and saw Herb doing the same. I ran over to check the bodies and found both guys were each carrying a DMR and MK48! I went prone while I cleared some space in my pack for a MK48, but before I could a saw a couple of sniper shots hit the ground inches from my head. I got up and me and Herb ran off in a huge circle to try to flank the snipers. At this point I think the snipers took out Strat. Or was it the other two guys? Eventually we got behind the hill the snipers were on. We were discussing the plan, when I got shot from behind, passed out, and died. A few minutes later the same happened to Herb. They must have seen us, and out-flanked us. Then the server restarted and RMG was able to log off in safety in the barn. We found out after that guys me and Herb got had complained about us, but that Strat had told them that we were with him and they'd shot at him, so that bit was all good. The guy on the bike though was saying that he swerved to AVOID MB, and the reason he'd slowed was to offer help as he'd seen that he'd hit someone. He said that once we opened fire he decided to go and patch himself up and then come back for revenge. In actual fact he recruited a couple of guys to come after us, while he logged off. RMG agreed with him in the shoutbox thing that it was all a misunderstanding and called a ceasefire, but his mates carried on attacking us anyway. That was nonsense about him slowing to help though I reckon, because he later said that we'd tried to rob him. If we'd tried to rob him, why would he care about stopping to help one of us that he'd run over while 'escaping'? Anyway. It was all good fun, though I'm mightily gutted about losing the SAW
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