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  1. The tent was gone, or emptied? Are you able to check with Rolle that it wasn't a bug? After I left you I set my tent up in a great spot on the west edge, near Pustoshka, but then wasn't able to access it
  2. I can play at some point today. Any chance my bike is still around..?
  3. It could also have been the end of you, me and my beloved motobike...
  4. Bandits: "DROP THE FUCKING GUN" MB: "How DARE you talk to me like that!" In other news, this is what you looked like fighting that zombie with a hatchet in the barn, before he knocked you out..
  5. Subjects! In other news, is my bike ok..?
  6. Is that the LMG with the sight?? Errr, the server password has changed, and you now need a password to get to the thread that has the password in it..?
  7. I'll be on at about 1730. Just north of Stary.
  8. What he said Me/Strat/Cheeko were in Stary yesterday, and there were AK's galore. And an MP5. And a Bizon I dropped in favour of an M4A1. Strat dropped his Alice though in order to grab a Coyote, and the Alice disappeared, along with his shiny new Barrett Luckily, 2 minutes later he found a heli with a SAW in it, which he kindly gave to me after he went round the other side of the heli and found an AS50. Man, the SAW is immense, especially after the pathetic Bizon. Shooting zombies with the Bizon was like that petrol fight in Zoolander.
  9. Do you still have to save them then?
  10. What do you mean by tents working properly?
  11. I dunno, I kinda like the rules. I think. But then last night I found a tractor in Gorka. Me and MB set off towards Berezino (him running, me driving), and stopped off at the petrol station to the east of Gorka. We loaded it up, and then MB got one-shotted by a zombie. I ran back to help but didn't have enough ammo, and he got eaten I got back in the tractor and ran over the zeds and loaded in MB's gear. I drove up a nearby hill by some trees and got out to sort out the gear, as I'd made a bit of a mess doing it in a rush before, when I see a guy running through the trees towards the tractor. It was between me and him, so he probably didn't see me. Rather than risk discussing it, as well as not being able to offer him a lift and being aware of the KOS rule, I just jumped in and drove off. He immediately opened fire on full-auto with an AK, and knocked my hull and engine down to red. Now, I thought opening fire on a vehicle unprovoked was a big no-no, but then if he thought it was unclaimed and that someone had just happened to get there a few seconds before him, then suddenly the waters get a little murkier. On the other hand, when I'd driven it down to Krutoy Cap to wait for MB to come and get his stuff, I saw a guy right by me. He was unarmed and we were out of sight of the road, and he asked me not to shoot him. I said it was cool, and asked him to leave and not touch the tractor. He thanked me and left. So that was cool. Shortly after I got back on the road and drove to Kamyshovo to meet MB. I saw a ghillie-suited guy coming the other way on a bicycle, and we passed each other without incident. Then further on I saw MB and stopped in the middle of the road. But then he logged out to activate his skin before getting his stuff, in case the skin overwrote all his gear. I jumped out and his in a bush, watching the tractor (there was absolutely nowhere to hide it, and with the engine on red I didn't want to risk someone taking a shot and blowing me up). Next thing I saw a guy at the back of it, clearly going through the gear. MB says it's not him, so I told him to get away from the tractor or I'd shoot (at this point I have a Bizon and M1911, both with no ammo, and I'd left the .50 cal with 30 rounds in the tractor...). He called my bluff, saying "no". Suddenly MB's AK appeared in his hands, so I ran out and jumped into the tractor and drove off. I got a couple of hundred yards when MB said "you know there was no ammo for the AK, right?" I do now, and turned around to go and run him over. On my way, rmg said "you know he could have had an AK mag himself, right?" I do now, as suddenly the guy takes a couple of pot shots. I made it away unscathed. I drove back north and into the woods, looking for a safe place to wait for my ATV. On a little dirt track there was a guy sitting in a jeep with the engine off. He started it up when he saw me, and we moved over for each other to pass, and gave a friendly little toot of the horns. On other servers I would have assumed he would have immediately jumped out of the jeep and shot me. I found a nice place, and promptly crashed into a tree. The tractor started making weird banging noises, and I just had time to grab the Barrett and some spare matches/map/food before it erupted in flames. It's nice going into places like Berezino without feeling like you're going to be sniped at any minute. I looted all those towns in the east and north east yesterday without incident. Anyway, where are you Strat? I need to give you this Barrett asap. Don't worry about trying to find me a weapon. Just take this off my hands so I can go looking for one myself without being scared of getting mugged or eaten and losing such a good rifle
  12. You got yours then? I logged off at 2259 in readiness for the restart. It didn't look like it happened though, so I logged back in. No sign of the ATV. I had to go to bed then, so figured I'd be ok til morning. There's no sign of it though. I suppose it could have spawned and someone could have nicked it, but I was in a pretty thick little group of trees near that camp on the old server. Annoyingly, I crashed the tractor into a tree getting there and it blew up just as I'd gotten clear of it.
  13. Found another downed heli. I now have one Bizon mag. Oh and strat, I found a Barrett with 30 rounds if you want it
  14. It won't let me edit my name. Do I have to make a new character?
  15. Ha! Presumably you bastards took all the ammo..?
  16. Same. Just found one near Polana, but all it had was one Bizon SD with no ammo. Stuck it in my pack anyway.
  17. I've never played 3rd person before. I'm enjoying it. Not for any advantages it has, but because I can see my little old guy creeping around and looking about. Seems a bit more authentic, weirdly. I'm currently just running around, not really accomplishing much. I took some whacks and am down to 8k, and there wasn't a single hunting knife in Berezino. I grabbed a spare map and matches if anyone needs them though. And a tent and jerry can.
  18. I donated, and am up for giving it a proper try. I get what Strat is saying about preferring to find vehicles; the idea of being able to buy one doesn't really sit right with me. Saying that though, I never bloody find any so I'm going to treat myself to an ATV today Just a one-off though. And I'm sure Team Clusterfuck will find a way to smash it for me
  19. A few people are trying out a private server. You have to sign up at http://www.dayzrp.com/ I don't know about skype, but a lot of people use mumble. The details are somewhere in this thread. The new server sounds better than I thought it would. I started by Komarovo and headed to Balota. I found bugger all, and then got eaten by zombies. My next spawn saw me way up the other end by Solnichniy. I headed in and immediately heard shots. I crept further in, and then saw two vans driving off north. I started following on foot, assuming they were off to Berezinho, and hoped they would hang around there long enough for me to catch up and nick a van. It got too dark though and I had to log off. Strat/Marnchair/MB sounded like they had more fun though, meeting up with a friendly etc. Does anyone who donated know how long it takes for the funds to show up in the shop, and where the vehicle you buy spawns?
  20. Hmmm. So you can buy vehicles too? I'm not sure that quite sits right with me. Is it the case that ten guys could hop on and cruise around together in nice shiny black SUVs..?
  21. Ahhhh. I was on mumble last night but forgot about it. Then I was in the bathroom and heard a voice from the other room and it freaked me out. My monitor had gone to sleep, so I forgot the computer was on. Turns out it was just mr_rmg having a chat with his missus or something I didn't realise I still had it open today. I'll be playing in a minute, so I'll un-mute. It's going to be so weird not having a ghillie and all that jazz.
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