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  1. Nicky

    The Man Utd Thread

    i think the saying is "pick that one out"
  2. Nicky

    The Man Utd Thread

    Christ that was awful.
  3. So what we're saying is, it's worse than Mario kart
  4. proper cleaning you'll be fine. i get paint in mine all the time, as logn as you look after them when you're done you'll be okay. get some Masters Brush Soap and clean regularly.
  5. out of the factory they have some starch on the bristles to keep them pointy. i suggest a good clean and gently rub some hair conditioner through, leave for 20 mins, then rinse off thoroughly. then try to make a point just like you're trying.
  6. He's also a bit of a cunt. my mate was supporting him on patreon and when he had to pull his money support, Link went fucking crazy at him.
  7. haha merc's fucked it. dickheads
  8. if you clearly watch the replay and watch maxs car and the 2nd red bull they're completely different lines. Max was all about pushing ham out. so it's fucking deserved the dirty little cunt.
  9. Nicky

    The Man Utd Thread

    you'd think they'd put some cushioning on that surround of bricks or something at least
  10. Nicky

    The Man Utd Thread

    you could pick a million team selections and never come up with whatever that team is. this should at least be interesting
  11. DRIVER OF THE DAY!!!!!!aaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahaaa
  12. deserved time penalty. fucking have it you little shitbag
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