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  1. no, it should be one per customer. they'd still have sold out. GW have been terrible for fucking YEARS when it comes to stupid selling decisions. They're not going to change.
  2. sounds like that's it for Indomitus HOWEVER the standard 40k box set should be with us in a month or two - probably cheaper and i'm guessing without the bikes or big necron thing. I managed to get the necron half and the rulebook with a friend who's splitting.
  3. id have much rather have seen a £6 a month thing with all the codex rules, game rule and suppliment rules in for all factions. If GW (and they obviously are) afraid of losing their Codex revenue stream, remodel the codexes as a "chapter tome" equivalance. Full of more lore and story, more artwork and pictures. Hell even throw in an exclusive model with your codex purchase. people would take them for them being awesome things for your army, plus get a model. If you're a tournament gamer, you may not care about all this and that's fine. but you do care about not having to buy a shit load of codexes so you can maximise your list and see what your opponents rules are - potentially legally, because you can bet this opens the gates for the end of Battlescribe.
  4. It's nowhere near that picky. https://warhammer40k.fandom.com/wiki/Omophagea hence "flesh tearers" and not "brain munchers"
  5. @The Bag thanks for that, wasn't too far off it looks great.. ive been adding a muted violet ink over my base golds on the chaos knight ive been working on recently its neat. yeah Viking gold has a lovely reddish tone to it and i find it the closest to decayed metal. dwarven is the "pure gold" as far as im concerned. and i very very rarely use Elven Gold. it seperates far too quickly and is too green for my tastes. What i have been doing lately working with gold, is doing my gold make up like above, then breaking out the really silvery gold Darkstar Molten Metal golds for final shine highlights because they're far superior in reflective shine than the scalecolours. the Darkstars are dreadful for coverage though. can highly recommend "darkstar imperial gold" and "darkstar Fine gold" for bright shiny shizzle
  6. the trim on The Bag's lovely giant Abaddon looks to be a dark metal base, possibly washed, then different metal brightnessess stippled on top. you can layer this up and up and up. layers of metal, a nice wash for the tone you're wanting, then more stipple, the wash will deaden the metal, the stipples of metal will add that lovely beaten war worn look. when i generally do this, i start with a Scale75 Decayed metal, then stipple / dry apply some scale75 Viking Gold, then wash, then more viking gold stipples and then start to add in some Vallejo Metal Color chrome in little bits as you build the colour up. Not trying to steal The Bag's thunder i just find it interesting disecting a technique then hearing how it's actually been done
  7. base acrylic work. then a lot of enamels. I rarely use oils when streaming just due to the slightly longer dry time and the more prep work than enamels for pretty much the same effect. infact i'd go as far as saying for the work i do in vehicles and machinery, enamels are often far superior with exactly the same properties of oils - for general paint work that is. If we're talking OPR techniques then having that viscosity and control of oil is undoubtedly a great boon.
  8. I painted a mini the other week. Don't think i posted it here though.
  9. @erhgiez which part? There's also the part where they can eat the flesh of their victims and absorb their memories too i think. the bio enhancements of the space marines are largely fucking stupid.
  10. i dont magnetise the waist. i just glue. That photo is just showing the separate parts. But a lot of people magnetise the waist on a knight so they can transport them easier.
  11. @erhgiez Also i stream 3 nights a week, Fri, Sat, Sun from 8pm UK time. I use a mixed media approach, so acrylics, enamels, oils and pigments. i do a lot of vehicles and a few big monsters. happy to take questions on stream. http://twitch.tv/soulwaystudios This week it's Fri - 1:24 scale Austin Mini Weathering. Sat: 40k Chaos Imperial Knight. and Sunday Bloodbowl Lizardmen/Tyranid Swarmlord depending on how i feel!
  12. runs amazing with a steam controller added through steam and launched in big picture mode too
  13. Oh and sorry for all the post spam, but i just glued my 10x1 magnets flush on the arms. you never notice it, they're never wobbly, and all you need to do, is cut off the nubs on the shoulders, flie it smooth, glue a 10x1 margnet on, then sand the other side flat on the lower arm, and glue the other magnet on there. none of the faffing around hollowing stuff and making magnet plugs etc. you literally don't notice when weatehred and painted. Here's mine at 1000x zoom
  14. infact the meltacannon / las impulsor shield plate shows you how i got around the moutable front elements. a little plasticard square
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