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  1. Todays switch firmware has been pulled by the way. There's a fault occuring when people try and download things.
  2. Direct just got annoucned for E3 on the 15th at 5pm our time. It specifically states it will talk about software for 2021 and some for the year after. No mention of hardware but it's been stated by insiders that they wanted to have a seperate announcement for hardware.
  3. Ha they never even showed up. Nice keepstar for us in Delve.
  4. Now go away or I will taunt you a second time! The above picture was posted to reddit about 6 months ago. It's goons in their keepstars in 1DQ and it is as true as it is today as it was sixth months ago. Little has changed since the last update, at least as far as the war goes. Test and their friends keep trying to drop citadels in 3-D and they keep failing to be successful. Just yesterday they told their people to be ready for an onlining citadel in 3-D and then go back north to kill an onlining azbel that we initiative people had dropped in the one of their capitals.
  5. Well we deserved to lose it today. Just not enough to offer in the first half and when we started to play a clumsy challenge screwed us. Our form over the last four months has been pretty bad as well. Maybe Cooper needs to move to a club that actually has directors who aren't money grabbing shit heads. Never have american owners for your teams chaps.
  6. Me buying Far cry 3,4 and 5. All I end up doing is getting a helicopter and straffing the fuck out of outposts because it makes the game end quicker.
  7. Exactly the same as the last three?
  8. I loved being the helicopter spawner on BF4.
  9. Oh glorious helicopter death will be coming to those who play against me.
  10. All grammer and spelling mistakes in the above were entirely intentional. 100 percent.
  11. Also if any magazines or game sites would be interested in me writing a load of eve bollocks for them then I can do it. After all where are you going to get such brilliant insite to eve? And the spelling mistakes to boot?
  12. Bombs Away! This right here is the moment when our enemy realise they had made a massive mistake. This is when they lost hundreds of ships to a bombing run...for the second time that day. To set the scene we need a little of the back story to the days events. Our enemy, papi, has been trying to work their way in the constellation of solar systems around the system 1DQ. Goons have been reduced to a handful of systems in a corner of the region called Delve but, and this is important, the goons have been planning for this to happen for a long time and have made 1DQ a
  13. Holy shit tech radars site is a fucking mess.
  14. Woah there! You put Fighters Destiny in there. Are you mad? Having said that it probably is one of the best fighters on the N64, largly because the others are pretty shite.
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