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  1. Epicness. That is what is going on. Learn it and you will love it.
  2. Hmm... tricky. Also mining is proper EVE. Anyone who tells you different is wrong. EVE is what you want it to be. Some people just play for the market trading stuff alone. AFK mining is something I'm not well versed on. But there is Planetary materials stuff that is risk free and as AFK as skills really. You would do well that have a look at that. As for combat sites and exploration well they can make you a nice chunk of money but I have little expertise of exploration or wormholes. Combat sites in 0.0 can be pretty AFK if you have the right ships I usually run Serpentis Forsaken hubs and you can just use a simple Ishtar, orbit a rock and let your drones kill everything with you being largely afk. You can make about 25 million isk per site doing that and it only takes about 1/2 an hour.
  3. And it has indeed been replaced with a shiny new one. They only cost a few billion isk which is chump change to our alliance.
  4. Oh things have happened! We seemed to have taken a bit of a day off today and the enemy took advantage. They have finally killed the D4KU Jump bridge. Which is something I would have expected to happen sooner than it did. They also managed to entosis a number of our systems so we have a bunch of timers to defend over the next few days. However, while the loss of the Jump bridge is bad, it's not the be all and end all. There is little to stop us putting up another one in the system tomorrow (unless the enemy stop it of course). TBH they outformed us today by quite someway. Something we expected to happen pretty much all the time. So not a good day for us but nothing that cannot be reversed. Swings and roundabouts and all that. As someone on reddit put it "The D4 Jumpgate is dead. Long live the D4 Jumpgate!"
  5. I agree. Everyone of the big AAA games they produce feels exactly the same. It is just the same thing in a slightly different setting.
  6. Bloody quitters! Try losing them for nearly 15 years.
  7. Eve is a harsh mistress. It takes time to make money in the game and make enough to buy anything half way decent. Say I buy a normal battleship for around 150 million isk, well that represents quite a few hours put into the game to get that kind of money. I live in some of the best space in the game for PvE and can generally net about 40-50 million isk per hour if I can be bothered too. So about three hours work would get me a battleship. For others in other regions of the game it takes a lot longer. Many, many years ago it took me what seemed like weeks and weeks to gather up enough to buy a battleship. But that's not the half of it. You see your ship needs modules to do things like tank more damage or weapons to defend yourself. A fairly crap set of Tech one modules could add about another 50 million onto the price. Tech 2's might double that. Really fancy stuff can become insanely expensive (pimp fits we call them). Now you can insure your ship so that if it does get blown up then you will get some of the cost back, but insurenece costs money of course. So a 150 million isk ship could cost say 30 million to insure and then you will only get a percentage of the actual ship cost. Also that insurence runs out after three months. So if your a very careful player then maybe insurence isn't worth the cost. On the other hand it only takes being careless once and that's a chunk of money gone. However you never truely die in EVE as the pilots are immortal. They actually pilot the ships from inside metal pods we call...pods. Imaginative huh? If your ship gets blown up then your pod emerges from the wreck and you can run back to a station. Or they can target the pod and kill it meaning you end up back in your home station. While this sounds pretty much the same as just running away there can be a cost involved if your piltos happens to have implants installed. Implants allow a pilot to perfrom certain skills and tasks better than they would normally. One implant may allow the pilot a five percetn chance of landing a good shot on someone. It may allow them to fly their ship faster etc. But implants cost money and if you get podded then that can be money lost. Sometimes a lot of money. Some peoples pods can be more expensive than the ship they are flying. Early on in EVE it used to be a far harsher game than it is now. Before if you got podded then you would arrive back at your home station but would be in a clone body that, if you did pay the money to keep it up to date, would actually lose you skill points. It was brutal. You might lose say half a years worth of skill points if you really messed up Now it's not so bad. All you lose is your implants, if you had any in. The lose of a ship though still hurts. All that money on those modules is gone. You don't get that back. So you go to either rat, mine or get involved in market trading. Then again your ming ships or PVE ship could get jumped on and die. It's really all about risk and reward.
  8. Propaganda... Eve players like their propaganda and basically talking shit about their opponents. It happens a lot on reddit within the reddit.com/r/eve subreddit. There both side post and awful lot of hurf and blurf about their opponents. Most of it extremely crap but with the occasional good one. The above is a good one and the story behind it is interesting. Earlier on this evening the enemy tried to mess us around in the D4KU system again. They had reinforced the Jump bridge again and we had some other things coming out of reinforcement as well. So they went into the system and waited for the timer so they could attack it. We formed up with a few fleets of ships to defend it. Anyway, once again the enemy was unable to do anything to stop our defence. So everything was saved. As we were saving everything we jumped into their staging area next door and killed some stuff. Nothing major, just the odd ships here and there. Then we heard over our coms that the enemy had taken a fleet of Cormorants (smallish ships that can snipe quite well) and flown them to a gate they knew was camped and lost the enitre fleet. They had been the victim of a type of tactic that works very well against a bunch of small ships together. I won;t explain what it is as quite frankly I've never been on one of those fleets and don't full understand what they do. What I do understand though is the results of it when the fleet works as expected. A lot of ships die very quickly. Now this wasn't actually done by my alliance but by a seperate one who were just there to kill anybody they could. A random third party. However things start to get a bit odd. You see the FC of the previous Cormorant fleet decided to try his luck again, with another Cormorant fleet. He does exactly the same again and the result is just the same. They all die horribly. Two fleets wasted and nothing to show for them. Unless you happen to be the very person who had brought all those ships into the Hophib system for his alliance to buy and use, with a nice profit margin as well. That person was the FC in question. He made his alliance buy and lose ships so he could fleace them for money. Naturally we offer our condolances to our enemy.
  9. I particularly like "I'm gonna tickle your nosehairs with my shoe."
  10. Just for a sampling as to what sometimes happens when people lose their shit in Eve it gives me greta pleasure to show you what CCP would like Eve to be like and what it actually is like All very cool and nice. Good FC's etc. This is what can be the real experience of Eve.... Thankfully I have never had to fly with such arseholes. Most of the voices you here are people I have fought in the past or I am fighting now.
  11. Stealth bomber fleets can be hilarious. You just postion yourself and the fleet off an enemy blob of ships, close to within 30km, decloak, fire your bomb and run as fast as possible and hope you don;t get caught. Then wait and watch the killmails come in.
  12. After the successes of last night it seems that the enemy decided to do exactly what they did before and just pick a quiet time to reinforce the jump bridge in D4KU again, as well as mess around in some other systems. The upshot of this was that the Jump bridge came out of reinforcement earlier this evening. A quick form up by our lot meant that we could jump into the system with a large fleet of crusier sized ships. This allowed us to secure the entrance to the system. While the enemy did so seem that interested in forming a fleet to try and bring down the Jump bridge there were some smallish gangs in the system just trying to annoy us. One of these gangs numbered several dozen ships known as Harpys. They are frigate size and are good at kill smalling stuff quickly. They made a bit of a mistake. They warped somewhere in the system and we warped in on them. A lot of them died and did so so fast that I barely had time to lock targets. I did get two kills though so that was nice. So we waited out the timers and made sure they couldn;t do anything. Heck, we even went to their staging area in Hobhib and blew a number of them up of their station. We even nearly killed a Dreadnaught that someone undocked. If they hadn't have redocked then it would have died within seconds. 200 plus ships at point blank range with the right ammo loaded can cause a lot of problems very quickly. Another evening and our systems are secure. We are still left wondering though. When will the enemy make their big push? Are they hoping to burn us out? The last question is easy to answer. We won't.
  13. I haven't given out anything that is secret. I'm careful with that. As for good guys, well from our point of view yes we are. The opposition though will not agree. A large chunk of them despise the Goons (Less so towards The Initiative). The Goons used to be very controvershal in eve due to them coming from the Something Awful forums and declaring that they want to destroy the game. That was early Goons though and they are now a very differant alliance.
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