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  1. 3 hours ago, Benny said:

    I'm guessing the graphics being a blurry mess is essentially baked in and that there is unlikely to be a patch for that then...

    There's only so much AI upscaling can do if the original content is very low res.  It needs more information for better results.

  2. 2 hours ago, mushashi said:

    You are looking at the high-end parts. The mid-range stuff won't creep up quite as much. Plus, learn the art of the undervolt. It's been a de facto requirement on performance laptops since forever and now will become so on desktop for people who can live with the performance hit.

    Sometimes you don't even get a performance hit!

  3. Okay so what they have done is run all characters at half frame rate, which gives it this odd stop-motion style to their movements. Oddly I quite like it. Appart from that it's not actually a bad port (on an engine which is not good on the switch). It's still perfectly playable.

    One thing I'm not sure on is res. In handheld it seemed pretty good, not native but not Xenoblade 2 either. Was clear enough. Probably around 540 to 600p.

  4. On 19/06/2022 at 11:28, carleton said:

    We always got the full arcade cabinet in the office when we were doing conversions. We had Race Drivin’, APB, Hot Rod and Skull and Crossbones at various points. We never got any more details like source or art assets though. One member of staff recreated the whole APB map by having a Spectrum with a map editor next to the arcade club and painstakingly driving about. It’s a big map. We didn’t even have access to decent video recording equipment back then.


    I worked with some of the Bubble Bobble guys at Software Creations but it was much later so I never really asked them about how they did it.


    There used to be software developer interviews in Sinclair user years ago where such things were said. I think I remember one about outrun with probe software and them having a similar experience.

  5. On 18/06/2022 at 11:53, dumpster said:

    I have no idea how it's done, I just remember those arcade machines in flight cases that Ocean used to give away in Crash magazine competitions.  The programmers would be given the arcade machine and were to told to play it, then covert it to Spectrum.  I don't think there was more to the process than that!

    From what I remember reading it was extremely unlikely for people to be given the source code of the arcade machines (Japanese makers did this a lot). They just had to work it out by playing the games. Which was a bit awkward when you think about given that arcade machines were generally hard as nails and even on freeplay it would be annoying.

  6. You have to remember tat even nintendo is suffering from the chip shortage, and that's on a process that's now quite old. There's also little incentive for them to rock the boat at the moment. Last month the switch was the leader in both dollar value and units sold in America. They are also still selling lot's in Japan and in europe. This gives them plenty of time to see where the market is going and when a new machine is needed. They also haven't ever officially reduced the price to any large degree. A price cut would give the system a healthy boost if needed.

     I bet they would also really like to see it outsell the PS2 over it's life time.

  7. It's not the archers that bother me it's just so utter boring getting to them. At least to me it is. Maybe I just need to grit my teeth and get that lucky run to the bonfire.

  8. I was playing this quite a lot a few weeks ago on switch, never having really given a go. I have managed to get to anor londo but frankly anor londo can fuck off. It's just very boring. Which is a pity as I have enjoyed the game upto that point.

  9. 2 hours ago, mushashi said:


    What specifically is useless about Minecraft RTX? It's the most modern game so far to feature the most advanced form of rendering commercially available and the implementation itself is well done.


    Nvidia should have remade every classic game by now with modern path traced lighting, starting with the original Quake. Their internal studio has been silent for over a year now, but sadly seems to have been given the job of porting ancient games to the Nintendo Switch.

    You say the last part like it's a bad thing! Give more old games on switch!

  10. 17 hours ago, freezycold said:

    So I finally got around to trying F Zero X, which I was really excited for….but it runs like shit? Is it just me? Any time other racers are on screen the frame rate tanks, and every so often it just randomly hiccups up and down over and over. It ran a solid 60 on n64 so this feels really jarring. 

    Also, very twitchy controls! It was quite a challenge to not oversteer. I was having to very very very lightly nudge the stick the whole time I played. 


    That's what it was like on the N64 as far as controls go. The point was that thanks to the resistance on the N64 control stick you could keep it tilted in a very gradual way. If you went and pushed it too far then the cars would skid out. It made you feel like you were right on the edge. Go too far and you paid the price. Of course that doesn't feel too great on controllers with no resistence to movement.

     The way to over come this is with quick "double pumping" of the accelerator. Tapping it repeatidly while going round corners can keep you speed up and helps prevent skidding.

  11. 26 minutes ago, joffocakes said:

    Played the first two cups on Novice. Analogue controls are very, very sensitive as N64 games often are when emulated because modern sticks don't have to grind through a mound of plastic parmesan. Would have been nice if they'd either adjusted it a little or added a sensitivity slider.


    Definite slowdown in a few instances as well, particularly when the entire pack converged on the narrow bridge of White Land. Probably dipped to 40~50fps. I can't remember if this was the case on original hardware because I was less sensitive to it back then (especially on N64 when 20fps wasn't uncommon).


    Anyway it is brilliant and I love it. One of the greatest racing games of all time.

    There were framerate drops on the original. It was 60fps about 90 percent of the time with dips and drops if a lot was going on.

  12. 15 hours ago, bplus said:

    Been playing ridge Racer 64 and the music is excellent, pretty certain it must be playing off the hardware rather than an MP3 if that makes sense. Wipeout 64 which does use mp3 really sounds quite crap, especially if you play it straight after playing wipeout 2097.


    Anyway back rr64, it's really good. In some ways it's better than type 4. For a start there's more than one other car on the screen at a time. (Which I think type 4 didn't do)

    There were some games using MP3 towards the end of the N64 if my memory is right.

  13. Yeah comparrison pictures show it has been somewhat fixed but it's not quite the same as the N64. However the problem looks like it more a case of the game rendering at a higher res than the N64.

     There is a lot of use of the N64 fog effect in early parts of Banjo and it looks fine so it seems more a case of how the effect is used rather than the effect itself. 

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